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Date: July 16 1873

Hon. J.T. STONEMAN was at the picnic.

Work is progressing on the residence of Mr. Chas. EASTON.

Headaches were too numerous to mention yesterday morning.

All those indebted to H.P. DAWES must call and settle.

Mr. C. DRESSER has returned from his visit to the east and is looking well.

We are glad to see our enterprising townsman Mr. I.F. HAZLETON around again.

A.W. KRAMER is Post Master at Castalia. The selection could not have been better.

POESCH is feeling happy, its a boy, weight 10 pounds.

Ditto KOEVENING, 2 times, one boy and one girl.

As we go to press we learn that Mr. W.G. SAWYER had his foot severely cut yesterday by a mower. We could not get the particulars. Later--We have just been informed that Mr. SAWYER will have to lose his foot.

The German ball in the Fair buildings the eve of the Fourth was not a "base ball" affair, but one of the most pleasant parties ever given in this section of the country. The dance at BEUCHERS's hall on last Thursday eve, under the management of Mr. N.G. CLARK, was a very pleasant affair.

The Fourth was celebrated in good style at Frankville, Rev. CAMERON, was their principal speaker.

Haying has commenced in this vicinity. The crops are very good. The recent storms knocked the grain down in some places, though not enough to hurt it seriously. The crops look very good.

Still they come! Those reliable statements, telling of the great saving of grain by cooking, and the entire success of the Bradford Steamer. W.I. CHASE, proprietor, Postville.

Remember, Rev. C.A. MARSHALL will have services at the Congregational Church once in two weeks.

When at Waverly, be sure and stop with MASON & PARKS, Bremer avenue. It is not necessary to make our readers acquainted with Mr. J.J. MASON, formerly of Waukon. All know him to be one of the best and most accomodating landlords in the west.

We are obliged to give our readers an account of a fearful accident that happened to a little son of Mr. Ed. CLARKE, the latter part of last week. After dinner on that day Mr. CLARKE took his little boy who is about four or five years of age, to the hay field with him, the little fellow became tired and the father placed him by the side of a bunch of hay, the boy fell asleep and the fathers attention was called to another direction, and before he returned his hired men that were engaged in drawing hay, came to the bunch of hay where the child was sleeping, and mostly covered with hay, the man that was pitching not seeing the child, ran one tine of the fork into his throat and another in the side of the neck. The bleeding was stopped as soon as possible, but we are informed that hopes for his recovery are doubtful. Mr. CLARKE resides about three miles north of Postville.

Strayed or stolden from the subscriber at Postville, one 3 year old Sorrell Mare with strip of white in the face, some white on the hind feet, on the off side the second rib from the shoulder is stove, was stove in when a colt, is perceivable now. Any one giving information as to where said mare can be found, shall be liberally rewarded. Geo. W. WEBSTER, Postville.

Mr. C. VanHOOSER of the National Hotel, has been confined to his bed a number of days since our last issue, but we are pleased to inform our readers that he is able to be out again. Mr. V. had a very severe attack of fever.

Mr. Thomas BRIGHAM of Decorah, has bought Mr. M. BENEDICT's interest in the store and now has entire charge of the establishment.

Mr. Frank NEFF, formerly of the National Hotel, has leased the Union Hotel of this place. All know Frank to be a good young man, and one that understands the hotel business.


COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. Incorporated Town of Postville. June 3d, 1873.

A.W. McDANELD was the appointed marshall, and H.P. DAWES, treasurer. Each being required to give bonds in the sum of five hundred dollars.

John S. MOTT, mayor; D.T. SMETHURST, recorder.


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