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Description: The Fourth of July Celebration...

Date: July 2 1873


-50 guns at sunrise, then the procession will form on Green St. opposite the elevator at 9 a.m. headed by the Spillville cornet band. Immediately behind the band will follow 20 boys dressed in white, then comes the Grand Chariot drawn by 4 horses with 36 young ladies dressed in white, the Goddess of Liberty, bearing the flag. The procession will march up Green St. down Reynolds, across Tilden, down Lawler, across Post, across Military and up Lawler then to the Fair ground where we will find the grove nicely fitted up, and will listen to speeches both German and English. All kinds of refreshments can he had on the grounds and dinner on the european Plan. Plenty of music.

Crist LEITHOLD, marshall, John THOMA, assistant marshall.

-Grand German Ball in fair building, to commence at 3 o'clock p.m. Tickets $1.00.

Floor managers, M. WELCH and W. KNODT.


Its a ten pound boy at RAGAN's [possibly Regan's] and Ela is happy.

Mayor MOTT and lady expect to start next Monday upon a visit to relations and friends in the East, to be absent about two months.

Mr. P.M. McCLELAND, who has been attending school at the University in Iowa City, is among us again, looking as hearty as ever.


Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that on the 30th day, June 1873, the undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of Joseph LULL, deceased, late of said county. By George LULL, adm.


Dr. KELLOGG is in town.

Corn is looking good. Potatoe bugs are flourishing.

The editor still remains abroad.

If you want a glas of fresh Prairie du Chien Beer, go to KELLER's.

Street commissioner CLARK is doing some good work on our streets.

Mr. BURLING has gone to West Union, will spend the fourth with his sisters and numerous friends.

"Sherm" BLANCHER's cow collided with an engine on the M&St.P.R.R. She has gone over for repairs.

Mr. Frank NEFF, who has filled the office of clerk at the National Hotel for so long a time and so acceptably, has gone to Ossian in the employ of Mr. KENNEDY of the Kennedy House.

Waukon is making preparations to celebrate the fourth in the "good old way," they know how to do it over there. Hon. L.E. FELLOWS, of Lansing, will orate, and he can do that thing.

We are sorry to learn that Mr. KEEFE, the gentlemanly telegraph operator, seriously contemplates leaving the postville station. Jimmie is a good boy and we should be sorry to have him go.

I.F. HAZLETON has been suffering for some time with agus, and is now at home unable to attend to business, his countenance shows that he has had a hard time of it.

Mr. A. STAADT has just completed an extensive addition to his drug store.

BAYLESS DOUGLASS & Co. will draw you a most refreshing glass of "sweetened wind" from their soda fountain.

The nurseries of Mr. J.T. MOTT, half a mile east of town, will repay anyone for a visit.

No paper next week.

BAYLESS & DOUGLAS are successors to N.W. STILES -- look out for a new advertisement.


--visited No.6, Post twp; Miss Patience FRANKLIN, teacher. On roll, 26; present, 23. This school is located in the village of Myron, and is a fair specimen of village schools. This is the first term Miss FRANKLIN has had charge of this school. I think it will make rapid progress under her suppervision.

--visited No.8, Miss Mary DALTON, teacher. On roll, 24; present, 17. This school has not had the advantages of many others, and consequently, is not so well advanced. Miss DALTON seemed to be doing her very best for its improvement.

Tuesday, June 17.

--visited No.1, Miss Lydia COWLES, teacher. On roll, 18; present, 11. This small atendance is caused by the destruction of one of the Yellow River bridges. The pupils present made a good display.

--visited No.9, Miss Celia TITUS, teacher. On roll, 8; present, 7. This school, like most small schools, is not very well advanced, Miss TITUS is, however, doing her utmost for its advancement.

Wednesday, June 18.

--visited No. 3, Miss Mary MARSTON, teacher. On roll, 23; present, 19. I found this school in the condition I would like to find all country schools. It is evident from the proficiency of the pupils that this district has been fortunate in having good teachers. I was very much interested during my stay in this school.

--visited Hardin Independent school, Miss Jennie HOOKER, teacher. On roll, 43; present, 36. The pupils of this school passed a very creditable examination. I consider it a good school, and Miss HOOKER a very good teacher.


MEDICAL SOCIETY.[article abstracted]

The North Iowa Medical Society held its 13th annual meeting in the city council rooms, in McGregor, on June 4th. The president and vice president being absent, D.W. CHASE of Elkader was elected chairman pro tem.

L.A. MARRIAM and J.J. CLEMMER of Cresco, H.N. SILL, of Strawberry Point, and A. TRUMAN, of Kendalville, were duly elected members of the society. H.H. CLARK read a lenghty paper upon obstetrical, gave some advice when and how to use forecept, had used them twice in his practice. Dr. J.T.H. SCOTT then read a well written report of his practice for the last year and reported a very interesting and unusual case of hemmorage from the rupture of anurism in the throat. Dr. D.W. CHASE, of Elkader, gave a history and treatment of a lady who had recently died at that place. After much discussion it was decided that the disease was puerperal insanity and the immediate cause of death was the excessive use of Chlorofom administered by well meaning friends, against the advice of the physician. Dr. J.S. GREEN, reported a case of amputation of the thigh for bone necrosis of nine years standing. Dr. ANDROS read a paper on the treatment of fractures by the immovable dressings.

Monona was selected as the place to hold the next annual meeting. J.S. GREEN M.D., secretary.


Castalia is prospering, and using her means to make herself happy and all others who visit there. We have recently nearly completed a side-walk from the depot to the east end of town.

The Drug Store has changed hands and is now under the gentlemanly care of J.W. PRESTON.

Our Hotel has recently changed hands and is now in the care of Joseph CLOSE, a gentleman from the Western part of the state.

Dr. KNOWLS may be found at his old office ready to attend the wants of all.

Dr. WILLIAMS holds his office next door west of Drug Store.

The past week our citizens have succeeded in forming a joint stock company for a foundry, those having money to invest can't do better than to purchase stock in said company.

The lecture of Mrs. POWERS, of Postville on education and duties of women was well spoken of by those competent to judge who attended it, the extreme weather prevented a great many from going and the failure to have it noticed by hand bills, are the only reasons why the church was not crowded.

Hans WINDEN the big man at C.K. SMITH's clothing store, feels so puffed up since taking stock in the Iron Foundry, that his uncle in Norway has sent him a Mecreschaum Pipe, the finest on I have ever seen, worth twenty-five dollars, in order to blow off his surplus gas.

The threatening look that I get occasionally, is a warning to me not to say anymore about Lawyers CAROM being a porket game, consequently I have to back down.


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