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Postville Review
Postville Review
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Description: Died. Henry Glines, of Hardin...

Date: August 13 1873

Died. Henry GLINES, of Hardin, Aug. 5th. aged 59 years and 24 days. Of Mr. GLINES it may be said he was an exemplary Christian man. Among his last words were these: "There is not a cloud" and soon aferward he fell asleep in the arms of his Saviour. He leaves to mourn his loss a kind Christian companion, which is to her a severe blow, may God's grace sustain her in this her time of affliction and she has the sympathy of scores of friends, who share with her in her sorrow. The village in which he lived has lost one of her best and most worthy citizens. The Church of which he was a member, have lost a power and a worthy christian. He was always ready to discharge his duty in the cause of his Maker; and his kind words, example and exhortations live with us, though he rests from all his labors. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. R.D. McCORMACK, text -- II Timothy, IV Chapter 6,7 and 8 verses.

Died. S.W. ORCUTT, of Plainfield, Bremer county, Iowa, departed this life July 23d, 1873, age 44 years, 2 mos. and 3 days, disease consumption.

He died in great peace having made a timely preparation for his change, he leaves a faithful christian companion, a little daughter, one brother and a number of sisters and kind friends to mourn his loss. His loss is deeply felt in the community where he lived, but he rests with the Christian God, and dwells in a land "that is fairer than day."

Died. Mr. George HELMER, of Castalia, on Tuesday Aug. 5th, aged about 60 years.

The circumstance of his death were of such a nature that it caused considerable alarm, and spread over our neighborhood with utmost lightning rapidity, carrying saddness to the hearts of all who knew him. On Aug. 1 and 2d, he worked in the harvest field keeping up his station whith the young men throughout the entire day, and drank considerable water. Saturday evening he worked very hard to get his grain in shocks and was unusually tired. On Sunday he seemed to be in his general health and remained at home to rest for the next weeks work, he ate his food as usual, rested well Sbbath night, until about 4 o'clock in the morning which he was taken with sickness of the stomach and severepains in the bowels, that continued abut two hours, the arms and legs becoming deathly cold. Dr. KNOWLES was called, and found at impossible to save him. In the meantime the cramps set in, commencing at the toes, and the limbs and body. His sufferings were extremely severe.

Dr. DRAKE was called but could not render help. He lived until Tuesday and passed away sick only abut 28 hours. Both physicians believe it to be a specie of Asiatic cholera.

Mr. HELMER was born in the state of New York, moved to Illinois, then to Wisconsin and finally to Iowa, about 1854, just as the Red Man was being removed by the government farther west. He has lived here about 22 years, one of the very oldest settlers in our county and township, during all of these long years has been one of the hardest laborers and was just arriving into circumstances of comfort and ease. He leaves a sorrowing widow to lament and mourn his loss, he leaves 11 children the youngest about 12 years old, who all seem to reslize that they have lost one of the kindest and most indulgent fathers. Mr. HELMER was a large whold-souled man that won the respect and love of those who knew him. [remainder cut off]

While at Waukon a few days ago we stepped into the Agricultural Warehouse that is owned and conducted by Mr. H.C. GRATTAN. This is certainly one of the best agricultural establishments we know of west of the Mississippi. The building is 22X50 feet, and two stories high, it has a very handsome front. The building is very well constructed, basement room completely filled with machinery.

We had the pleasure a few days since of visitng Mr. B.H. WELLS, who resides about three miles north of Postville, and while there he showed us about his premises. Mr. WELLS is considerably engaged in the dairy business and has on hand some of the best cheese we ever tasted.

Let every person that has fast horses, come to Postville to train them on the track of the N.E.I.A.S. Fairgrounds as C. Van HOOSER has put the track in a better condition than it has ever been heretofore.

The new livery stable just south of the Union Hotel, of which we spoke of some two weeks ago, is in running condition, and displays some of the best horses and carriages we have yet seen in this part of Iowa. The proprietor, Mr. C.P. RATHBUN is one of the right kind of men to do business with.

For Sale. One threshing machine, in good running order, will be sold on one or two ears time, good security being given. The machine is a 10 horse power. Also for sale with the machine is an extra Horse Power. For particulars, inquire of H.C. MEYER or Earnest RUCHDARBEL [Ruckdaschel], first farm south of Springfield.

Strayed or stolen from Postville, June 30th. One small 4 year old chestnut sorrel mare, with strip of white in the face, some white about the feet. Anyone giving information as to where said mare can be found shall be liberally rewarded. J.C. BATESON.

A training school will be organized at Clermont on the 18th of August, continuing four weeks, for the benefit of teachers and all others wishing to attend. Exercises will be conducted by Co. Supt., W.W. QUIVEY and A.C. RIPLEY formerly of Postville, in all the common school branches. Physiology being now required special attention will be given to this branch. Tuition $2.50 for the term, or 75 cents per week.


To Margaret LOUGHMAN. You are hereby notified that htere is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Allamakee County, Iowa, a petition of Michael LAUGHMAN, claiming of you a divorce, and you forever be stopped from claiming title to any property of said Michael LAUGHMAN. M.B. HENDRICKS, attorney.


We learn from Mr. A.M. PERRY that an accident of a serious nature occured last week at Burr Oak. from playing with a shotgun. A son of Mr. John ERWIN (brother of S.B.) was playing with the gun near the stable. In some manner the gun was discharged and the contents struck a little sister. a girl about 10 or 12. The shot scattered widely and she was hit in the breast, abdomen and feet. Dr. STARR is attending and no danger is appreheaded unless it be from the shot in the abdomen, the effect of time will determine.

The following list of accidents we take from the Decorah 'Republican':

Last Saturday, while Mr. H.H. HORN was driving down to Freeport, his team undertook to change from one track to the other of the road. There happened to be quite a difference in the hight of the two roads. In consequence it was overturned and Mr. H. thrown out, his leg badly sprained and one of the tendons badly injured. Mrs. H. was with him and also thrown out, without injury.

A week ago Monday, while at the driving park, witnessing a race that had been gotten up on the spot, Miss Emma HEIVLY, daughter of Henry HEIVLY, was the victim of a serious accident. The team behind which she was riding, commenced to buck. The driver, Mr. Frank FIELD [illegible]one horse with the whip twice, when the horse jumped and broke one of the traces. This loosened the neck yoke and the tongue fell to the ground, with the team running Mr. FIELD was drawn out of the carriage and the pole catching in the ground overturned the vehicle with Miss HEIVLY underneath. She was dragged several feet and sustained severe injuries. Drs. BOLIS [?] and McMERCANY [?] were called and found the leg had a comminuted compound fracture of the tibis and a fracture of the fibia. She is now doing quite as well as could be expected.

A week ago Wednesday, Capt. T.R. CRANDALL was the victim of an accident. While sitting close to the rear door in Finn Brothers store, his chair slipped and he was thrown out of the door, falling a distance of 10 feet. His right arm was broken just below the elbow and his elbow joint was dislocated.


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