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The Idaho Post
The Idaho Post
Contributed by Kathleen Peck Probasco

Date: August 30 1918

Newspaper published in: Moscow, Idaho

Source: University of Idaho Library

David Walker, one of the prosperous farmers of this neighborhood [Cove], died at a Moscow hospital Saturday afternoon [August 24]. His death was very sudden and was a distinct shock to his many friends in the neighborhood.


Mrs. Mary Burt, sister of R. Hodgins, died at her home in St. Maries Tuesday evening [August 27]. Mrs. Burt was formerly Miss May Hodgins and was very well known in Moscow. Mr. Hodgins and Gerald left last night by auto. Mrs. Hodgins and Bayard will go this afternoon.


A romantic story comes from Camp Lewis of the wedding there of one of our Moscow girls and a Pullman college boy.

Saturday, August 17, Miss Mary Kidwell and Mr. Harold McWhinney were united in marriage at the First Christian church at Tacoma. The bride is a daughter of D.P. Kidwell, a pioneer rancher of Cora, Idaho. She is well known in Moscow, having completed the high school course here and having since taught in the schools of Latah county. The groom is a student of Pullman college, and would have graduated this year. He with others spent the summer at San Francisco taking officers' training.

Before going to Camp Lewis the young man spent a fortnight visiting his fiance, but they very sensibly acted upon the advice of their friends and he got away to camp without having become entangled in the meshes of matrimony. But when they met at Camp Lewis cupid saw that there was no one present to interfere with their happiness.

Mrs. McWhinney will return soon, having been engaged to teach the V in the Viola school. The groom, of course, will share the fate of all brave soldiers and may start to France any time.


Mrs. Celia A. Rowland, wife of W.D. Rowland, died at the family home on West Main street yesterday. The funeral will be held from the Grice Chapel on Third street at 10 o'clock Sunday forenoon. Rev. Mr. Cole, of Lewiston, an Adventist minister, will conduct the services. Interment will be in the Moscow cemetery. Mrs. Rowland was 74 years, three months and 8 days old. She is survived by her husband, five sons and three daughters and a host of friends.


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Neely are the proud parents of a 9-pound baby girl, born this morning.


Chris Anderson received a telegram from his son, Earnest E. Anderson, of American Falls, stating the arrival of a daughter.


Mr. and Mrs. F.C. McGowan of Pocatello are the proud parents of a son, George William [McGowan], born August 20. Mr. and Mrs. McGowan formerly lived in Moscow.


A.L. Morgan has received the following letter from E.C. Boom, who was formerly in Mr. Morgan's law office here, but went to France, where he was severely wounded and was invalided home and spent several months in a hospital near Washington,D.C. The letter will be of great interest to Mr. Boom's many friends here. It follows:

"Dear Morgan:

I have been intending to write to you for some time past but have really been too busy.

Just how busy I have been you can perhaps realize when I announce the fact that I was married on August 1. In addition to the attention that little matter required, I have had to make two trips to Philadelphia for the procurement of a brace for my crippled leg, and only returned from the last trip a couple of days ago.

You do not know, and I am sure you never heard me speak of the lady I married, but it was simply the culmination of something I started twenty or more years ago in California.

She arrived here at 4:30 p.m. on August 1, and at 5:15 it was all over.

It has been frightfully hot here for the last three weeks, and only the last two nights have been so one could sleep at all. That sort of business certainly takes the 'pep' out of one, especially when you have put in a good hard day's work from 8 or 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Although this is Sunday, friend wife and myself have agreed we will stay in, and that is a perfectly agreeable proposition to me, for I overdid the exercise with my new leg, and my foot is so swollen that I doubt if I could get the shoe on anyway.

Let me hear from you some of these days at your convenience.

Sincerely yours, E.C. BOOM."


Mrs. C.J. Hugo has received a telegram from the war department announcing the death of her brother, Alan R. Nichols, who was killed in Italy. He was in the naval aviation service and had been in Italy two months. He has been writing very encouraging letters telling his sister that the end of the war is nearer than we at home think it is, and he seemed very optimistic about the future. He had been in France until two months ago when he was sent to Italy and was killed while flying there. After receiving the telegram Mrs. Hugo received a letter from her brother written several weeks ago.

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