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Albuquerque Morning Journal
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Description: Tomich Slayer Held

Date: September 16 1910

Source: my granary

Save Mororutzitsch, the Montenegrin, arrested in Chicago by Sheriff Hixenbaugh,charged with the recent murder of Tomo Tomich in this city has been held to the grand jury under $5,000 bond by Justice Bayne wllowing a preliminary hearing here.
The accused entered a plea of not guilty through his attorneys L S Wilson and E E Studley. Henry Gerizino, proprietor of the Pacific lunch room where the murder occurred and Peter Smirzich the other eye witness to the shooting, were called upon the witness stand and asked to describe in detail the events leading up to the shooting of
No witness was entered by the defendant, who has denied that he is the man wanted for the deed. The attorneys for the defense moved for a dismissal of the case on the ground that neither of the eye witnesses identified the prisoner positively. The witnesses stated tht the man before them looked like the man wanted and would commit themselves to nothing more definite. The circumstantial evidence is all against the prisoner and no question exists in the minds of the officers as to his being the man wanted. The motion of the attorneys for the defense was overruled by Justice Bayne.

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