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The Lewis County Gazette
The Lewis County Gazette
Contributed by dhuner

Description: Local News

Date: July 16 1869

Newspaper published in: Canton

Source: Microfilm

The dead body of a boy apparently 10 or 12 years old, was found in the river in some drift wood near Tully, this morning, floating down the stream, and was brought to this city by some men in a skiff. A Coroner's jury was at once summoned by Justice PLEDGE, and a verdict given which we publish below, in order that the description therein contained may enable his friends to identify the remains. The body was swollen and the features distorted, which would indicate that it had been in the water some days:
County of Lewis
We the jury do find that the unknown boy found floating in the Mississippi river on the 15th day of July, 1869, at or near Tully, in said county of Lewis, came to his death by drowning; and he (the said unknown boy) having nothing on his person by which he could be identified. The said boy had on a grey sack jeans coat, brown pants with a large patch on the seat, high shoes, without socks, and black necktie with red flowers near the end; hair white, supposed to be between 10 and 12 years old; and the said boy came to his death by drowning and not otherwise.
Given under our hands this 15th day of July, 1869.
Attest. JOHN FRYER, Foreman

ELIAS MITCHELL, a free American citizen of African descent, was arrested for disturbing the peace and quiet of the M. E. colored congregation on last Sabbath day, and fined by his honor Justice PLEDGE the sum of ten dollars. ELIAS produced the "stamps," and went his way.

WM. HOGAN, and two other sons of the "Emerald Isle," were arraigned on Monday last before the court of Justice PLEDGE, for creating a disturbance at the M. E. German Church during services last Sabbath night. They were duly fined but not having the wherewithal to liquidate, were sent to the Calaboose to sober off and make atonement for their sacreligious conduct.

Mr. R. J. EMERSON was severely injured a few days since. He was driving his horse to a wagon, when the horse took fright at some object and threw him from the wagon, severely, but not dangerously, bruising him.

A raft of logs anchored just above town, the property of Mr. WM. KEISER, was on the morning of the 14th inst., broken loose by reason of the sudden rise in the river, and several portions, which were detached from the main raft, went floating down the stream at a rapid rate. The Grey Eagle came to the rescue and succeeded in saving nearly all the stray logs. We think much credit is due the officers of the Eagle for their alacrity and promptness in thus saving the property of others. Such acts never go unrewarded. We learn that Mr. KEISER is about to build a Saw and Planning Mill here, for which this raft is intended, and we welcome him to our town.


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