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Stamford Tribune
Stamford Tribune
Contributed by dorholub

Description: Personals, Weddings

Date: January 1 1909

Newspaper published in: Stamford

Source: Private

The Stamford and Northwestern
Dirt broken yesterday for the construction of this road and work will be pushed with all possible speed to completion

Published every Friday
James A. Greer, editor and publisher
$1.00 a year in advance

All aboard for Dickens City via Aspermont, over the Stamford and Northwestern.

The Callahan County News published at Baird. The initial number was received at this office this week. Ralph Shuffler is editor.

Last week the Tribune mentioned a lemon being pulled from a bush weighing 1-1/4 pounds. W.H. Schiller of the Commercial Club had a lemon weighing 1-1/2 pounds.

Wallace Building
I want your produce.

The Citizens National Bank
Stamford, Texas
J.S. Morrow, president
F.E. Morrow, cashier
C.M. Pattillo, vice-president
A.L. Putnam, assít cashier

Our best - $1.45 per sack
Our better - $1.00 per sack
Stamford Mill & Elevator Company

Central West Drug Co.
H.P. Rush, prop.

G.W. Bosse was in Haskell Saturday on business.

See William Crow & Company for snaps.

C.J. Koonce was in Haskell.

Miss Ella Andrews spent Saturday in Haskell.

C.B. Baggett of Munday was in Hamlin.

The Panhandle Abstract Co. of Anson wants to make your abstracts.

T.N. Moran of Anson was in Lueders collecting taxes.

Mrs. Mollie Morris of DeLeon spent Christmas with relatives at Munday.

Mrs. Lucy Buckhannan of Commerce spent Christmas at Weinert.

C.E. Wallace, wife and baby of Haskell came to town.

G.H. Cooper of Clifton was in town.

H.V. McElreath of Munday passed through to Hamlin.

Mrs. Nellie Lee of Stephenville spent Christmas here.

Horton Phelps of Stephenville returned home from Haskell.

H.V. Nabors of Waco spent a few days with his son, Van Nabors of Stamford.

M/M J.H. Sample of Shawnee, OK, spent a few days with Judge J.L. Fisher and wife.

Fred Grimsley of Chickasha, OK, spent a few days with his parents, M/M J.B. Grimsley.

M/M Joe Smith of Rule spent Christmas with Mrs. Smithís parents, M/M J.B. Grimsley.

W.T. Gresham and daughter, Miss Mollie returned to their home in Dublin after visiting relatives in Munday.

J.A. Lambdin spent Christmas in Waco.

E.J. Taylor and sister, Miss Tonie of Buckhots arrived in town.

Mrs. W.F. Bullington and children spent the weekend with friends at Weinert.

Mrs. Alice Upham of Hico was in Haskell.

Dan Crow of Belton, deputy sheriff of Bell County, passed through to Anson with a prisoner.

M/M S.C. Barr, of Cross Plains passed through going to Aspermont.

Adcock Grocery Co.
Robertson & Hepler
West side of Square
Stamford, Texas

Cisco Steam Laundry represented by H.C. Womack

G.W. Oliver and family of Munday spent Christmas in Stamford, the guests of W.J. Rosamond. Mr. Rosamond had the pleasure of having all of his children present. There were 24 present, including his mother, who resides with him.

T.T. Kuykendall has bought L.J. Valentineís wagon and is prepared to move pianos, furniture, and do all kinds of hauling. He ran a wagon in Stamford three years, and most everybody knows him.

B.E. Sparks & Sons
Stamford, Texas

Earl Berryhill visited Abilene.

Mrs. J.F. PíPool visited Anson Christmas day.

M.L. Sanders spent Christmas with family in Waco.

R.C. McDonald went to Abilene.

J.C. Haskew visited relatives in Anson.

M/M Sterling Saurers and little babe spent Christmas with relatives in Anson.

Misses Annie and Allie Cargill spent a few days visiting the family of W.J. Hoyle in Anson.

M/M W.W. Sample of Lueders spent Christmas in Stamford, the guests of Judge J.L. Fisher.

We are on the north side of the square and the only exclusive paint and paper store in Stamford.
J.D. Curd & Company
Stamford, Texas

Haskell Happenings
Judge S.W. Scott left for Austin to attend the funeral of his father who died very suddenly at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Key of that city.
Saturday night, Dec. 16, Mr. Jack Simmons, of Haskell and Miss Pearl Vernor of Rule were married.
Mr. Clyde Williams and Miss Harde Erskine were married last Sunday night.

Jones County Court Proceedings
1. J.M. Thurman vs. Wichita Valley Railroad company, suit for damage to stock
2. Woln Bros. Shoe Co. vs. Smith Bros. & Burns, account
3. J.D. Anderson vs. Texas Central Railway Co.
4. John T. Gilbert & Son vs. G.W. King
5. J.T. Smith vs. F.A. Arnold, suit for half interest in law library
6. State vs. J.V. Burks, violating local option law (2 cases); jury waived and trial before judge; guilty with fine of $25.00 and 60 days sentence. Burks had previously plead guilty to one similar offense and got $25.00 and 20 days in jail, making a total of $75 in fines and 140 days.

Anson Enterprise
Born Tuesday, to Jim Allen and wife, a girl.
Judge Minter died at his home in Abilene.
On Thursday, Dec. 17th, Sidney Womack was married to Miss Tommie McKenzie; near Lamesa in Dawson County, and the newlyweds arrived in Anson accompanied by the groomís father, Rev. A.G. Womack.
At the home of the brideís parents, M/M J.F. Huie, Anson, Tuesday afternoon, Mr. E.L. Russell led to hymenís altar Miss Annie Lela Hule, one of Ansonís most charming belles; charming more especially on account of her Christian character and sweet pure disposition. Rev. W.K. Johnson officiated.

Dr. Aleck Spencer
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
Glasses Correctly fitted
Office over Citizens Nat. Bank

T.H. Frey, M.D.
Specialist on diseases of women and surgery
Office over First State Bank
Stamford, Texas

Dr. I.D. Walker
Surgery and general medicine
Office over State Bank

R.W. Harris
Leavitt Bldg.
Stamford, Texas

Next to Marble Works

Nelson & Pool
Walter Nelson
R.B. Pool
Office upstairs over the Patillo Hardware Store
Stamford, Texas

G.L. Davenport
Stamford, Texas
Leavitt building

B.B. Greenwood
Stamford, Texas

The First National Bank
R.V. Colbert, president
H.S. Abbott, vice-president
J.C. Bryant, vice-president
A.J. Swenson, vice-president
Walter L. Orr, cashier
J.D. Shackelford, assít cashier
Directors: W.D. Reynolds, C. Hamilton, G.T. Reynolds, R.V. Colbert, H.S. Abbott, A.J. Swenson, James A. White, R.M. Dickenson, J.C. Bryant, T.W. Robertson

Dr. E.P. McKinney
Physician and surgeon
Officer over Citizens National Bank
Stamford, Texas

Dr. S.S. Callicoatte
Veterinary Surgeon
Stamford, Texas

Dr. E.O. Brewington
Resident dentist
Office over Citizens National Bank
Stamford, Texas

H.H. Sagebiel
Office in Bunkley building
Stamford, Texas

House Moving
Crawford Bros.

G.L. Davenport
Stamford, Texas
Leavitt building

B.B. Greenwood
Stamford, Texas

W.T. Andrews
Leavitt building

J.H. Rutherford
Resident dentist
Office north side of square over Pattillo Hardware Company
Stamford, Texas

Drs. Rush & Rush
Office upstairs in Pattillo building
Stamford, Texas

Drs. Smith & Davis
Osteopathic Physicians
Leavitt building

Will Hannah and wife, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Hannahís mother of Belchville, returned from a visit to Moran.

M/M J.W. Byars of Waco have been guests of Miss Minnie Burelsmith at the College.

M/M J.F. Taylor of Wichita Falls returned home from Albany.

Mrs. W.C. Tucker returned from a visit to relatives at Heath. She was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. G.A. Vince.

Rosamond gin will operate only thee days in the week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Alma Roberts, of Lueders returned home from visiting to Anson.

W.A. Bergfield of Seguin, returned home from Weinert.

Miss Annie Westbrook of Chickasha, OK is the guest of her sister, Mrs. O.P. Harlan.

Miss Amelia Pechacek of Crowell was in Anson.

Miss Lee and White Turney of Smithville are the guests of M/M Homer D. Wade.

M/M J.D. Willis of Moran returned home from Sagerton.

Miss Stella Cunningham and M/M E.L. Hallford and daughter, Ada were in town.

Mrs. Ella Frits and brother, T.D. Ferguson left for Iredell to live.

Mrs. A.E. Sturdivant of Cisco returned home from visit to Seymour.

M/M Jim Staples of Shawnee, OK has been visiting in this city after being a Lueders.

S.H. Hunter, who was once a resident of Stamford, has been in Mississippi for three years and is back in Stamford.

Miss Tonie and E.J. Taylor of Cameron returned home.

M/M W.L. Cross of Clairmont, returned home from Abilene.

Mrs. M.E. Owens of Whitney has been the guest of her son, Willis, left home.

Mr. Rosamond asks us to stake that in the future the Rosamond gin will gin three days.

M/M C.R. Welch of Dallas returned home.

Mrs. G.K. Holloway and children of Oakwoods, arrived in Stamford to make their home.

The marriage of A.W. Bean and Miss Rosa Futrell at the Baptist parsonage on the evening of the 24th, Thursday of last week, solemnized by Rev. F.S. Groner. M/M Bean live a few miles form town.

Stamford has what may be termed as automobile lot. C.E. Binnings first sold the lot and used the proceeds in the purchase of an automobile. Afterwards Sammons & Taylor sold the same lot and bought an automobile. A few days ago we are informed Dr. Bunkley sold the same lot and has purchased an automobile.

Mrs. F.G. Rice and son, of Walnut Springs, who have been the guests of Mrs. U.C. Howard returned home.

Dr. C.E. Stevens, of San Antonio have property in Anson.

M/M B.E. Hudson of Mart have been in town.

W.D. Kight of Avoca is erecting a building opposite the union depot.

Resolution of Respect
We grieve our sister, Mrs. Nellie Brewington.
We the Pythian Sisters of Grace Temple No. 15, stand over ready to help the bereaved family.
Mrs. Blankenbeckler
Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Taylor

A.F. Ferguson of New Hope was in Stamford last Friday.

Claude Hinds returned home last week from Stevensville.

Liberty Happenings
Elbert Lovern returned home.
Henry Bass of West Station is visiting his brother, Eugene Bass of this place.
John Clark of Plain View was in Stamford.
Alfred and Charley Harris returned home from Austin.
Louis Bass, who has been visiting his brother, Eugene Bass of this place returned home.
Arthur Short, of Avoca was in Stamford.
Bamy Copeland was in Stamford.
W.F. Fenson and son, Hugh are here from Coleman county.
L.B. Ryburn and family spend Sunday in Sunnyside community.
Rufus Little of Avoca was in Stamford.
Jake Shipman of near Salls, was in town.

M/M T.D. Humphrey left for Rising Star and Waco for a visit.
Cash Testerman left for Mexia where he goes to claim his bride. He was married about six months ago to Miss Fannie Hardin.
W.C. Campbell and Joe Samples were in San Angelo on district court business.
C. Halbrooks and family visited their old home in East Texas before returning home to Fisher County.
Hardy Carter, Coleman Tunnell and Coleman Phillips visited Cisco. Mr. Tunnell will meet his wife and visit relatives in Rising Star.
A. Moore of San Angelo is in town visiting relatives
Miss Marguriete Floyd came in from Hawley.
Rev. C.D. West was down from Hamlin
Entertainment at M/M C.W. Williams at the home of M/M H. E. Culwell and at the home of M/M Gribbsby.
Avoca homestead No. 193 elected the following officers: Pres. E.E. Grimes; Vice-pres., Soren Hansen, Sec. W.B. Griffith; Treas. J.W. Starkey; Chaplain, R.C. Hamblett; Marshall, M.R. Sitton; M-A-A, Will Harris, Herald, W.C. Starkey; L. of E., Mrs. Anna Culwell.
Miss Nellie West of Hamlin is visiting friends.
Rev. C.D. West was down a few days from Hamlin.
Marshall Berryhill and wife, Miss Susie Berryhill and Houston Brown are spending the holidays with old friends in Hill county.
Miss Nora Matthews, of Rising Star, came up Friday for the holidays.

Rev. J.S. Zeran, of Dublin was called to pastor the Central Christian Church at Stamford, which called was accepted. Mr. Zeran will preach his first sermon at the church Sunday, January 3rd.
Rev. Zeran has been pastor of the Dublin Christian church for the past year. He is regarded as one of the strongest men of that denomination. He and his family will be located in the north part of town, and his entire time will be given to the work of the Central Christian church in Stamford.
He is also a vocalist of considerable ability and he and his wife were for a long time the singing evangelists with Rev. Northcutt, now deceased, who was one of the greatest evangelists of the country.

Capt. J.A. Lambdin was in Abilene.

Ed Howard of Weinert left today for Gorman on business.

H.C. Daken spent a few days with his brother in Oklahoma.

T.M. Richardson returned from Oklahoma City, OK.

Miss Vera Kirkes of Abilene returned from a visit to Rotan relatives.

Dr. Aleck Spencer returned from a visit to his parents at Temple.

M.L. Sanders, the photographer, was called to his family in Waco.

Miss Golda Bullington is teaching at Munday and spent the holidays with her parents, M/M W.F. Bullington of Stamford.

Last night the usual whistle of the gins and the ringing of the bells announced the beginning of the year.

Miss Alti Nelson of Anson went to resume her teaching job at Avoca after spending the holidays with her parents.

Visit the Vandette and enjoy fun for 10 cents.

Mrs. S.M. Fannin of Abilene visited her friends in Hamlin.

Claud Mann of Roby was in town.

F.S. Hastings was in Kansas City on business for S.M. Swenson & Sons.

It costs only a dime to see the moving pictures at the Vandette.

T.M. Baxter, Sr.ís barn burned.

A.H. Davidson and family returned from a visit to relatives in Hamilton county.

L.A. Johnson from near Roby, returned home Sunday after a visit here. Mr. Johnson said that Roby suffered a disastrous fire Friday night. The Corner Drug Store, opera house and Davis Livery, stable were destroyed. A dance was in progress when the fire broke out. The loss was about $10,000 and only a small insurance.

Mrs. Dave Adams of Dallas passed through to Tuxedo to visit his father-in-law.

Miss Nannie Smith of Goodman arrived in Stamford to take charge of the Liberty school.

Mrs. B.B. Alford of Plainview, NM is the guest of her parents, M/M Aaron Wood of Stamford.

M/M Johnson of Haskell spent time with M/M Aaron Wood of Stamford.

Prof. J.H. Crabb of Abilene left Tuesday to return home after a visit to his parents, Prof. W.J. Crabb and wife of Stamford.

R.W. Scurry has moved to the building occupied by the Vandette. Vess Jones will move his tailor shop in the place vacated by Mr. Scurry.

Work began paving West on McHarg avenue.

Cap Cargill and Bee Norvell spent Sunday visiting friends in Haskell.

Judge James P. Stinson of Anson was in Stamford.

Man Suicides
Wednesday of this week Justice G.W. Dakan was called to the C.N. Humphrey farm near town to hold an inquest over the remains of a man who had committed suicide. The man proved to be B.F. Young, who was camped in the Humphrey pasture. Tuesday he borrowed a shot gun and it seems from the position he had loaded the gun and had tied a piece of wire to the trigger and laid down attaching the wire to his foot, and placing the muzzle of the gun under his chin ended his life. The only cause assigned for the rash act is that the man had been separated from his wife for three years and brooding over this perhaps induced him to end his miserable existence. In his hat, which had been placed near him, was found his knife, some tobacco and $26.60 also a letter addressed to J.E. Osborne, instructing him to sell his mules, use what money was needed for his burial expenses and send the remainder to his wife. The deceased was a man of about 35 years of age, and had only recently come to Jones county from McLennan county.

A.B. Carson, one of the engineering corps of the Stamford and Northwestern, is suffering from a broken arm sustained in a runaway Monday evening. Mr. Carson was thrown from the wagon and fell under the wheel.

Wednesday afternoon as Leonard Sadler was grinding sausage at the City Meat Market his hand was caught in the grinder and before he could withdraw it, four fingers of the hand were severed. Walter Baggett suffered almost identically the same kind of accident six months ago.
Mr. Sadler is bearing his misfortune in a cheerful way, though he is suffering from the wound a good deal.

Miss Lola Robert of Albany is in the city.

M/M J.E. Wyatt of Carbon returned home from a visit to Munday.

M/M R.G. Wiswell of Cisco returned home from a visit to Munday.

Mrs. Katie Brockman of Breckenridge has been visiting in Stamford.

William E. Fisher and wife of Hamlin returned home from Roswell, NM.

Miss Kate Anderson of Hawley has been the guest of Miss Jim Barnes.

Mrs. A.G. Erwin of Anson passed through to Santa Anna to make that place her future home.

Tom Pope and Jack Dial were in Lueders.

J.H. Soctt was in Monday.

J.E. Gorman was in Haskell.

S.F. Bethel was in Haskell.

Miss Ora Leach of Albany returned from a visit to Abilene.

E.H. Trawick was in Waco.

A.J. White of Waco returned home from Anson.

Miss Pearl Ray was in Avoca.

Dress making at Mrs. M.B. Goodwin, 393 East Moran, St.

Mrs. E.H. Trawick has been visiting friends at Marlin.

Mrs. S.F. Bethel and Miss Sallie Brewer are visiting in Anson.

Mrs. J.H. Jenkins of Albany have been the guest of Mrs. U.E. Baker of Stamford.

M.B. Smith of Moran passed through Stamford going to Belchville where he will make his future home.

Miss Nova Waggoner of Anson passed through Stamford going to Bailey to begin work at the school.

M/M R.E. Barnett of Shreveport, LA, has been visiting in Anson.

Mrs. Emma Sebastion of Terrell spent Christmas with her sister, Mrs. Lema Harris.

Mrs. P.R. Masters of Anson left for Whitney to visit relatives.

Mrs. B.F. Condon of Anson was in town.

Sam Clemmons of the Spur Branch was in town.

M/M Marvin Morrow of Jayton were guests of J.S. Morrow and family in Stamford.

M/M J.E. Dodson of Avant went home.

Mrs. D.T. Jinks of Dresden has been visiting her sister, Mrs. W.A. Jinks of Stamford.

Mrs. Della Floyed went to Munday to have her eyes treated.

Miss Hannah Caton of Avoca returned home from a visit to Anson.

M/M G.F. Terses of Abilene went to Avoca.

H.R. Rich pays the highest prices for cattle and hogs. See him at the Star Meat Market.

Mrs. Lottie Winship of Abilene is the guest of M/M J.U. Johnson of Stamford.

Fairview News
M/M E.E. Gardner spent Sunday with M/M G.J. Benham.
M/M Luke Foote spend Sunday with M/M M.A. Anderson. M/M E.E. Gardner were in Stamford.
Miss Marla Gardner spent Sunday with Mrs. Walter Peters.
M/M M.H. Godfrey of Abilene visited Stamford.
Andy Johnson of Rule visited his brother, J.H. Johnson.
Brother Watts and family and C.W. Proctor and family took dinner with M/M Gardner.
Johnson Sullivan and family, Mr. Dave and Miss Laura Sullivan, Willie Lyles and family had dinner with M/M Ed Sullivan.
M.G. Stanford and family visited H.R. Stanford house near Anson.
G.J. Benham and M.G. Stanford were in Stamford.
Fred and Harold Graves left for Arlington to spend the holidays.
Miss Pernia Huling was the guest of Mrs. Bert Peters.
Miss Johnson of near Neinda is the guest of Misses Tredwellís.
M/M Will Harrison of Stamford were the guests of M/M E.T. Sullivan.
W.A. Huling has gone back east to visit his mother.
Mr. Wilson of Abbie is putting a huller in his gin and will soon be ready to hull the bollar.


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