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Carrizozo Outlook
Carrizozo Outlook
Contributed by Loren H

Description: Land Fraud

Date: July 6 1905

Source: my granary

A Roswell dispatch of June 24th: B H Tallmadge was later arrested on another charge of subornation of perjury in connection with alleged fraudulent land entries and was placed under bond on this charge of $2,500 making bond $7,500 in all.
The alleged tools he used in the alleged fraudulent entries is T M Rabb, a well know blacksmith of this town.Rabb will be immune from prosecution by the government.Tallmadge furnished both bonds with out trouble and left today for Chicago.
It is rumored tonight that several prominent real estate men have mysteriously disappeared during the last 24 hours. E J Bates a well known ex newspaperman was placed under $500 bond as a U S witness.
Governor Clarkson,the special agent of the U S General Land Office who has been here for the past three months conducting the examination at the land office will not talk for publication, but it is certain other arrests will follow.
Tallmadge has brought hundreds of prosperous land seeks to Roswell and the valley and is held in the highest regard by the great majority of the citizens who believe he will prove his innocence of any fraud at the proper time.

Submitted: 09/09/06

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