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Maui News
Maui News
Contributed by cherishah

Description: IRENE REGO Wins New Ford Tudor

Date: May 23 1928

Newspaper published in: Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Source: Own collection

Page/Column: Page 1

MISS IRENE REGO Wins New Ford Tudor - Price of Spare Tire Marked Difference Between Some of Leading Contestants, TUCKER Says

Clean Rivalry Marks Race: Reserve Vote of Ten Leading Candidates for Capital Prizes Plays Big Part in Determinign Winners in Closing Hours

In a whirlwind finish, and working right up to the last minute, Maui News' contestants came under the wire Saturday night, bunched so closely that it took a careful and painstaking audit of votes on the part of a committee of judges consisting of MR. W. A. BALDWIN, MR. J. A. GIBB, and MR. A. D. GORDON, to determine the winners.
There was plenty of excitement around Maui News' office all day Saturdsay, first inquiry as to "who won" coming in by phone at 11:20 a.m. Saturday, some six hours before the campaign ended.
Good natured rivalry marked the race throughout, even though it was a closely contested, nerve-rackjing battle, with a hair-raising finish.

Judges Report:
In this paper is found the judges report, showing _______ up to last Saturday's issue, which contained the final information given out to the public, prior to the close and this report, and based on votes as cast at discretion of contestants up to Friday noon, with the reserve votes listed next following, and the final total votes cast by the twelve contestants found in the finish. Ten of the contestants held reserve votes ranging from 150,000 to 4,820,000. The winner of the $1355 Nash Landau was MRS. EVA M. ROBINSON, clerk in the District Court, while MISS IRENE REGO came in only 285,000 votes behind MRS. ROBINSON, to take down the $788 Ford Tudor Sedan.
Well Balanced Campaign
As a rule, some one contestant stands out head and shoulders above the others. This campaign saw the workers evenly balanced, and the island covered in all sections by live-wire contestants. Between first and second there was a margin of but 285,000 votes, while between third and fourth, the margin was but 95,000 and between fourth and fifth workers, only 50,000 votes. Contestants were advised time after time that the price of a spare tire marks the difference between various workers, and it was the truth, as final standings demonstrated.

All Deserve Praise
Two years ago contestants had hundreds of dollars in back accounts as a nucleus to begin with, but this campagin was virtually fought out on the lines of new subscription solicitation. As a result, Maui News today has by far the largest circulation in its history, and the largest circulation of any publication in the Hawaiian Islands with the exception of the Honolulu daily papers. This is something for advertisers to think about when they make up advertising budgets.

Took Half Day Off
Tuesday MRS. EVA M. ROBINSON took a half day off from court work, and msiling happily, started in to try out her new $1355 Nash Landau. This car is all one's heart could desire, and MRS. ROBINSON surely deserved to win. She not only covered Wailuku, but ranged far and wide over the island from Lahaina to Hana in her subscription getting efforts.

MISS REGO a Close Second
For a time it looked as though MISS IRENE REGO would surely win the Nash. she is busy at the Alexander House each day, but found time to put up a wonderful fight, and especially a tremendous last minute fight. MISS REGO surely deserves the $788 Ford Tudor Sedan.


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Submitted: 09/13/06

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