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The Morning Call
The Morning Call
Contributed by kchen

Description: Police Court, Divorces, Births, Marriages, Deaths

Date: December 22 1888

Newspaper published in: San Francisco

The Morning Call
22 December, 1888

Kid Cummings Arrested for Stealing a Time Piece
Harry CUMMINGS, better knows as Kid CUMMINGS, was arrested in Marysville yesterday, on a telegraphic dispatch from Chief CROWLEY, for grand larceny. About a week ago CUMMINGS visited the Golden Rule Bazaar, ostensibly for the purpose of purchasing a gold watch for his grandfather. He selected a time-piece valued at $90, and in consideration of depositing $15, he was allowed to take the watch to a jeweler and have it tested. After leaving the store he went to Sacramento and swindled a merchant out of $15 on a check purported to be signed by Bancroft & Co. of this city. He then went to Marysville, where he was arrested. Detectives BEE and HARPER brought him to the city last night, and at the City Prison he was charged with grand larceny.

The Stevedores met last night at Irish American Hall. The principle business of the evening was the election of officers for the ensuing term: The following officers were elected: John GRIFFIN, Recording Secretary; W.J. BYRNE, Financial Secretary; Thomas ATKINSON, Corresponding Secretary; John COGHLAN, Treasurer. There was no election for President or Vice-President, as their term of office extends to the end of next June. Eleven new members were initiated and all members reported plenty of work.

Their Preliminary Examination in Police Court
The preliminary examination of William S. THOMPSON and James PUGH, ex-police officers charge with the murder of Charles C. ROSENBROCK, was begun in Police Judge LAWLERS court yesterday forenoon. THOMPSON waived examination, and the prosecution proceeded to ascertain whether or not PUGH should be held as an accessory. The testimony was substantially the same as that given at the Coroners inquest and no features were brought to light.
Charles HARRIS, a hackman testified that he saw THOMPSON fire three shots at the deceased, and Emma WILLIAMS, Police Surgeon MARTINEAUT, Judith DELIMAND, Officer P. CROSBY and Detective John MEAGHER gave the same stories as when examined by Coroner STANTON.
Judge LAWLER will give his decision this morning at 10 oclock.

A Notorious Character on Trial for Robbery
The trial of John HARRINGTON, who is better known as Happy Jack, was begun yesterday afternoon before Judge SULLIVAN and a jury. He is charged with robbing Morris GRIFFIN, a Santa Cruz lumberman, of a gold watch and chain, a galvanized watch and $100 in coin, on September 21st. The testimony showed that HARRINGTON met GRIFFIN in a Mission-street saloon, and after getting the latter drunk conducted him, with the assistance of a friend, to De Boom street. Once there they proceeded in the most approved manner to deprive GRIFFIN of his valuable. While at work they were observed by several persons, who yesterday identified HARRINGTON as the man. He is a noted character in this city, and about a decade ago became a convert to the principles of temperance, and was installed in a Market-street coffee house, but soon fell from grace. About eight years ago he was sent to San Quentin for robbery, and has been at liberty but twenty-two months. After several hours deliberation the jury failed to agree and was discharged.

A Cook Slashed With a Pen-Knife Across the Left Cheek
About 3 oclock yesterday afternoon John MAURICE was brought to the Receiving Hospital by Officers CUMMINGS and LINSKE, suffering from a knife wound in the left cheek. He stated that he had been assaulted by a colored woman on the Barbary Coast, but as he was unable to give her name, the officers were sent out to ascertain her whereabouts.
They returned shortly after, having in charge a young colored woman named Josephine WATTS, alias Topsy, who is quite a well-known character in this portion of the city. It appears that MAURICE, who is an Alsatian, and a cook by occupation, had been in a room in the Tehama House, on the corner of Broadway and Kearny street, in company with woman, when a dispute arose. MAURICE accused her of having stolen $12, and she resented by drawing a large sized pen-knife and slashing him across the face. During the trouble W. BAILEY, the clerk of the house, separated the couple and threw the knife into the back yard.
The woman was arrested in the vicinity of Battery and Pacific streets, and conveyed to the City Prison, where she was charged with an assault with a deadly weapon. MAURICES wound is not of a serious nature, but extends down the left cheek and under the chin.

Preparations Being Made for His Approaching Execution
Preparations are now being made at the County Jail for the execution of Leong SING, who is sentenced to be hanged on next Friday. The condemned man speaks very little English and appears to care very little about his approaching fate. The rope which is to be used is not undergoing the stretching process, and on Wednesday next the erection of the scaffold will be commenced.
The jail is now being painted and renovated so as to be in proper condition.
Leong SING killed his uncle Leong CHUN, on March 30, 1887 and nine days later he was convicted of the offense. The Supreme Court recently confirmed the decision of the lower court, and Judge HUNT passed sentence a second time. Very few applications have been made up to the present time for passes to the jail on the day of the execution.

It Is Denied Probate on Account of the Testators Unsoundness
Judge COFFEY yesterday made an order deny probate of the will of William SHARKEY, who died in May last, leaving his entire estate, valued at $10,000, to Margaret KING, who was his housekeeper. The will was contested by Ann HOLMES and Sara KELLEY, sisters of the deceased, who formerly resided in New York. They alleged that their brother was of unsound mind when he made his will, and that he was unduly influenced by Margaret KING. SHARKEY was a well-known expressman on the water front. The Court held that the deceased was of unsound mind when the will was made. The property will now go to the sisters.

The body of Michael KEENAN, a native of Ireland, about 65 years of age, was removed to the Morgue yesterday, where an autopsy will be made to ascertain the cause of death. The deceased was taken to the County Hospital in an express wagon about 5 oclock on Thursday evening from a house at 621 Broadway. He lingered until 11 oclock in an unconscious condition and died. On his person was found about $400 in greenbacks, 55 cents in cents and a bank book show $1500 to his credit in the Benicia Bank. Death is supposed to have resulted from natural causes.

The hearing of the McGINN will contest was resumed in Judge COFFEYS court yesterday. The entire day was occupied in the cross-examination of Mrs. Emma BYRNES. In the afternoon William WILBUR and Mrs. Mary WILBUR were sworn, and gave testimony relative to seeing the daughters of the deceased undertaker performing certain housework after the death of McGINNS first wife.

William CULLIGAN, head gardener of the Polytechnical College, was arrested on Merchant street yesterday afternoon by Patrick REAGAN, the keeper of Portsmouth Square, who charges that he stole a lawnmower. CULLIGAN claims that he received permission from Mr. McEWAN, the head gardener, to use the mower, and that REAGAN made the arrest through jealousy.

Henry BERG, alias Henry BURNS, the sailor who was arrested Thursday last on a charge of smuggling opium from the steamer Empire recently into this port from Nanaimo, yesterday signed his check for $1000, the required amount necessary to secure his release from custody.

Michael CARR, a young man who entered the room of Julius MARCUSE at 320 Sutter street on Thursday night and stole a valuable watch, and several hundred shares of mining stock, was held to answer in Police Court 1, yesterday on a charge of burglary, with bail in the sum of $3000. A charge of grand larceny was continued until this morning.

Articles of incorporation were filed yesterday by the Electric Laundry Company with a capital stock of $50,000, divided into 5000 shares. The following named persons are the Directors: Otto R. BRANDT, H.E. BRANDT, John P. OBRIEN, J.A. CORKIN and William CHRISTON.

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATIONJohn BOHEN and Patrick EAGEN has applied to the Probate Court for letters of administration on the estate of Michael MURRAY, deceased. His property is valued at $2,000.

PICKETT ARRAIGNEDWilliam PICKETT was arraigned yesterday morning before Judge SULLIVAN on three charges of forgery for having obtained a lot of goods from wholesale houses in October last on orders purporting to have been signed by W.W. Montague & Co.

A BURGLAR SENTENCEDJudge SULLIVAN yesterday sentenced John WILSON to imprisonment at San Quentin for two and a half years upon his confession of burglary in the second degree.

LANGFORDS EXAMINATIONThe preliminary examination of John LANGFORD, charge with the murder of Joseph HAYES in the Bank Exchange was postponed until today in Police Court 1. The prosecution was unable to proceed yesterday, as the complaint had not been made out.

Michael WELCH was tried in Judge SULLIVANS court yesterday on a charge of an assault to murder, preferred by James McGEE. It was shown that one afternoon about election time the defendant got very drunk and was annoyed by a lot of boys, to frighten who he fired a pistol in the air. A verdict of not guilty was returned by the jury without leaving the box.

Two warrants are in the hands of the Sheriff for the apprehension of Louis NATHAN, on charges of embezzlement and grand larceny. These warrants are thought to be the ones issued on two indictments found several days ago by the County Grand Jury.

The Novelty Cloak and Suit Company files articles of incorporation yesterday, with Jennie FRANKLIN, B.N. de LEON, Bertha FORTIER, Edmund TAUSZKY, and Lucius S. SOLOMON as the Directors. The capital stock is $50,000, divided into 100 shares.

Identification of the Body at Masseys Dead-House
Coroner STANTON, acting under instruction from the Board of Health, last night commenced an investigation into the detention of a body in Masseys undertaking establishment on Sacramento street. The Coroner learned that the body was that of a woman who had died in a hotel at 319 Bush street, on October 26, 1879. Her name was Abby ESTHER, and at the request of her husband the undertaker took charge of the remains.
Mr. ESTHER gave instructions to have the body embalmed and be sent to the dead womans relations in the East. He subsequently countermanded the order, and notified MASSEY to preserve the body until he received word from him. ESTHER afterward went East, and since then nothing has been heard from him.
Coroner STANTON will today visit the Health Office to ascertain if the death certificate was filed there. If there is nothing irregular about the case the authorities will let the matter drop.
The United State Grand Jury indicted J.F. PERRENOT yesterday for forgery. PERRENOT was employed as book-keeper for C. A. MALM, a trunk manufacturer on Bush street. He forged the name of his employer to a Postoffice order for $60 and used the money. He was arrested, and let out on $500 bail. Upon the finding of a true bill against him by the jury his bail was increased to $1000.

The Sentence Against C.E. Beach for Timber-Land Frauds Stayed
Last February Charles E. BEACH was indicted for subornation of perjury and in the District Court was tried and convicted and on November 27th was sentence to three years hard labor and to pay a fine of $2000. The counsel for BEACH on the 7th of this month applied to the Circuit Court of the United States in and for the Ninth District of California for a writ of error from the judgment of the District Court, and on the 11th inst. Judge SAWYER allowed the issuance of a writ of error upon the petition and ordered that BEACH be secured, to appear at next term of the Circuit Court at which the writ of error was returnable, under bonds for $20,000.
The necessary bond was filed yesterday, Alexander McCORMICK, John VANCE, William CARSON and H.W. McCLELLAN going as bondsmen.

Gordon and Young Ask the Bar Association to Investigate
The trial of the BIGELOW divorce case has occasioned a small war between the attorneys who represented different sides of the suit. George A. KNIGHT filed several affidavits in the case reflecting on the professional conduct of Gordon and Young, who in torn have come to the front with a lengthy communication to the San Francisco Bar Association, making serious charges against George A. KNIGHT, and asking for a full investigation for their own vindication, and that such other action be taken as the premises will warrant.


Captain T.L. WINN, U.S.A., is at the Baldwin
C.D. FORD, a Portland merchant, is at the Russ House.
Dr. J.J. McLEAN of Salinas is at the Grand Hotel.
General John BIDWELL of Chico is in the city on a visit.
E.L. BARR, a capitalist of Columbus, Ohio, is at the Grand.
Frank E. AUSTIN, of Stockton is stopping at the Grand Hotel.
H.N. OTIS, a Denver merchant, is registered at the Palace.
Lieutenant A.E. CULVER, U.S.N., is a guest of the Occidental.
Frank J. SLEETE, a Philadelphia manufacturer, is stopping at the Baldwin.
R.T. SHANNON, proprietor of the Lathrop Hotel, is registered at the Baldwin.
Walter TRYON, manager of the Tryon mine at Angels Camp, is stopping at the Russ House.
Captain C.T. THOMAS, owner of several whaling vessels, arrived from Portland yesterday and is registered at the Russ House.

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Associated Charities was held yesterday afternoon at 509 Kearny street, there being present: President B.P. FLINT; Mrs. J.S. SPENCER, Jr., Secretary; L.W. LEVY, Treasurer; Mrs. Sarah B. COOPER, Mrs. Dr. C.B. BROWN, Mrs. William HARDY, Mrs. C.A. JACKSON and Mrs. Charles LUX. During the past week forty-two applications for relief were received, which were referred to the different charitable institutions and relief funds in this city.

M.L. MURPHY was arrested yesterday and booked on a charge of embezzlement. The complaining witness, H. ANIXTER, a dealer in dry and fancy goods, at 108 Eddy street, states that MURPHY has been employed during the past nine days as a clerk in the establishment, and has failed on more than one occasion to turn in the proceeds of sales.

T.B. McSHEEHY has applied to the Probate Court for letters of administration on the estate of Patrick McSHEEHY, which is valued at $7600.

Demurrers were interpreted yesterday to the indictments of charging Nellie de GARCIA, S.A.D. BILTY and J. Charles GREEN of the Enterprise combination with libel. The demurrers will be argued on January 4th, to which W.W. KNOTT, who is also similarly implicated, was given time to plead.

James CASSIDY was held to answer in Police Court 1 yesterday on a charge of grand larceny. He is accused of having broken into the store of William SOGERMAN, on the corner of Sixteenth and Noe streets, about two weeks ago, where he stole a quantity of dry goods, valued at about $200. His bail was placed at $3000.

The motion to quash the indictment against Charles J. KEYS, charged with smuggling opium, was argued before Judge HOFFMAN. The Court stated he would take the matter under advisement and give his opinion in writing.

John CASSIDY, a young man convicted yesterday by a jury in Judge SULLIVANS court of the heinous offense of petty larceny, consisting of the theft of 70 cents from one John D. HOOD.

John OBRIEN pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary yesterday in Judge SULLIVANS court and was sent to San Quentin for two years. He is the man who last week, before Judge TOOHY, confessed the charge of burglary. It was afterward discovered that he had been taken to the wrong court and that another person bearing the same name, accused of a like offense, was wanted by Judge TOOHY. The latter then vacated his judgment.

A Jury Find Him Not Guilty of Embezzlement
The forthcoming Christmas will be a very happy one for William P. BULLARD, who has been on trial before judge HOOHY and a jury for two weeks past. Late yesterday afternoon the jury found him not guilty. The charge against him was for having, on January 12, 1884, embezzled $1000 from Bray Bros., while acting as their book-keeper. This, it was asserted, was done by under-adding page 602 of the cash-book, being the folio showing receipts of money by the house between the 12th and 18th of January, 1884. To show this under-adding of the column of figures was intentional, a number of similar instances were proven, whereby $69,000 was claimed to have been abstracted, running over a period of ten years.
Each error in the books was shown to enure to the benefit of BULLARD. Besides under-addition of the receipts there was over-adding of disbursements, and erasures, whereby about $40,000 was asserted to have been stolen. The defense offered no testimony, but contented itself with destroying the evidence produced by the prosecution. The case has attracted widespread attention, owing to the influential position of both the prosecuting witnesses and the defendant, and was ably handled on both sides. Charles B. DARWIN appeared at special counsel for the people, while Henry C. McPIKE conducted the case for BULLARD.
Throughout the trial the defendants wife attended, and seated by her husband displayed the deepest interesting the proceedings. When the verdict of the jury was announced tears filled her eyes in gratitude. The jurors on the first ballot stood ten for acquittal and two for conviction. The second ballot resulted in eleven votes for acquittal, and on the third ballot all the jurors were unanimous. This is the second time BULLARD was tried on the charge, the first resulting in a conviction.

A Recalcitrant Husband Arrested for Contempt
Yesterday was a red-letter day in the Superior Court for divorces.
In Judge LEVYS court, George M. GOICOVICH was divorces from Emma GOICOVICH on the ground of her desertion. Adeline GREEN obtained a divorce from Thomas GREEN on the ground of his extreme cruelty. She was allowed to resume her maiden name. Judge LEVY also granted Frank C. MORGENTHALER a divorce from Elva F. MORGENTHALER on the ground of desertion.
In Judge LAWLERS court, J.W. BURSON obtained a divorce from Elizabeth BURSON on the ground of the wifes habitual intemperance. The children were awarded to the custody of the father. Judge LAWLER also granted Mary ROBERTS a divorce from Richard ROBERTS on the ground of extreme cruelty. H.B. SMITH was granted a divorce from Annie J. SMITH by Judge LAWLER, on the ground of desertion.
In the divorce case of Mary TARPEY against Patrick TARPEY Judge LAWLER ordered the defendant to pay plaintiff $25 per month alimony.
Chin LEE applied to have the divorce granted to Fung LEEN against him set aside on the ground that he was not properly served with papers.
Judge WALLACE has granted C.H. BRICKWEDEL a divorce from Anna M. BRICKWEDEL on the ground of the wifes desertion. The same Judge made an order in the divorce case of Mary RYER against Dr. Washington RYER directing the defendant to pay the plaintiff $700 per month alimony and $300 costs.
Judge LAWLER moreover ordered that Thomas M. SPENCER be adjudged guilty of contempt of court for failing to pay his wife, Josephine SPENCER, certain alimony. He was ordered arrested by the Sheriff and to appear on next Monday.

The Jury Returned a Verdict Against an Illegal Voter
The evidence in the case against Bert CHRISTMAN, alias Chris WILLIAMS, charged with illegal voting, was concluded on Thursday afternoon, and Judge HOFFMAN instructed the jury yesterday morning, before their leaving for the jury-room, to try and arrive at a verdict. It was 4:30 oclock in the afternoon when the jury asked to be taken back into the courtroom, and on Judge HOFFMAN taking his seat, the foreman state that after five hours, although several ballots had been case, they found it impossible to agree upon a verdictthat the last ballot stood six for guilty as charged and six for not guilty. The foreman said they desired further enlightenment on what could be understood as the residence of a party entitled to vote, state that on this question the disagreement rested.
Judge HOFFMAN further instructed them on this point, and the jury again withdrew. Shortly afterward a verdict was arrived at, and upon being asked by the Judge what decision that had arrive at, the foreman stated that the jury had found the prisoner guilty as charged, with a recommendation for mercy from the court.

The Dunphy Family Desire to Take Her Soon to France
Judge COFFEY was engaged yesterday morning in hearing the matter of the guardianship of Viola C. PIERCY, and the long standing quarrel between the PIERCY and DUNPHY families was again brought into prominence. The child is the eight-year-old daughter of Samuel C. PIERCY, the actor who died of small-pox at Boston several years ago. The mother of the child, who was a daughter of William DUNPHY, the large cattle-owner, contracted the same disease while nursing her husband, and did not survive him. After a bitter contest in 1883 William DUNPHY was appointed guardian of the young girl, who inherited her fathers share of the property of John C. PIERCY, her grandfather, amounting to some $40,000. Under the decision of the court the grandmother, Mrs. PIERCY was granted the privilege of visiting the child three times a week.
Yesterday William DUNPHY asked for an order revoking the previous order of the Court allowing Mrs. PIERCY to visit the child three times a week. R.H. LLOYD appeared for Mr. DUNPHY and explained that the application was not made because their was any objections to Mrs. PIERCYS visits, but for the reason that the DUNPHY family proposed making an extended trip to France, and proposed giving the child a European education. All that was desired was a modification of the order, as it would be impossible under the circumstances for the grandmother visiting the child three times a week.
W.H.L. BARNES, who appeared for Mrs. PIERCY, in an extended address opposed the motion, and stated that the child was being reared in such a manner that she cherished inimical feeling against the family of her father.
Mrs. PIERCY was sworn and testified that she had not been allowed to see the child whenever she desired. She did not object to the child going to Europe, if she was allowed to correspond.
Judge COFFEY decided to appoint William DUNPHY as the guardian of the estate of Viola C. PIERCY, and ordered that he file a bond in the sum of $50,000.

Mrs. Isabella McAvoys Death at San Pablo Ranch
Captain Chapmans Will SustainedAn Engine Off the Track Plows Up a FieldCaught With Stolen Buggy Robes

For two weeks past a contest of the will of the late Captain Thomas CHAPMAN of the steamer San Blas has been in progress before Judge GIBSON. The contest came to a termination yesterday afternoon, as was submitted without argument. The grounds were threeunsoundness of mind of the testator, undue influence of the wife exerted upon him, and illegality of the will. The rendered a decision, sustaining the will and dismissing the contest of Mrs. Delia OBARR, daughter of the deceased. The testimony on the probate of the will was continued until Monday next at 10 oclock in the morning. The proponent, Mrs. CHAPMAN, asks to be appointed executrix. The estate is valued at $15,000, of which only $500 is left by the will to the daughter.
Colonel J.P. McELROY yesterday afternoon asked for a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Mrs. Reka HARDING against Mrs. Angie MEYERFELDT and Mabel FORREST for the custody of Laura FERGUSON, a minor, aged 10. The father, Mrs. HARDING alleges, left the child in the care of herself and husband. She allowed the child to visit the parties named, who are sisters of the minor, and she further alleges that they will not allow her to return, but have restrained her of her liberty. Judge GIBSON issued the writ, making it returnable before him this morning.
Mrs. Isabella McAVOY, aged 72, a native of Ireland, and for twenty-nine years a resident of Alameda County, died yesterday at her residence on San Pablo ranch. She was the widow of Bernard McAVOY, and the mother of eleven children, eight of who are yet living in San Francisco and Oakland. Hugh B. McAVOY of McAvoy & Gallagher, San Francisco, is a son, J.C. and Henry B. McAVOY, business men of Oakland, are also sons. Of the five daughter, Mrs. John FAY and Mrs. Gustane LABARGE, live in San Francisco; Mrs. Annie BEAUDRY, Mrs. Mary PALADEARO and Margaret McAVOY in North Oakland. The deceased was a sister of the late Revs. Hugh P. and Joseph GALLAGHER of St. Josephs Church, San Francisco.
Yesterday forenoon one of the light rails of the Alameda County Railroad gave way with the weight of the engine while going round a curve, causing it to jump the track and plow up the field for a considerable distance. The rails ere twisted and ties splintered up for a distance of sixty or seventy yards. As the ground was quite soft it took all of the afternoon to repair the track and get the train on again. On one was hurt and the above was the only damage don.
Charles T. BOARDMAN, County Clerk of Alameda County, has appointed Charles B. OVERACKER of Niles deputy, vice Rod W. CHURCH, who was elected county Recorder last month. Mr. OVERACKER was deputy sheriff and bailiff of Courtroom 2 for two terms under Jerry TYRRELL. He will be courtroom clerk of Department 2.
Henry WARNHOUSE, a baker, and a native of Sweden, 51 years of age, is lying in an unconscious condition at the Oakland Receiving Hospital. He is completely paralyzed, and may die at any moment. The cause is alcoholism. He last worked in Alameda.
On last Thursday evening the buggy-robe of J.L. SCOTCHLER of Berkeley was taken out of the vehicle in Oakland. It was found in a second-hand store on lower Broadway, and while an officer was looking over a number of pawned articles a brawny young fellow came in with two new Mission woolen robes. The officer recognized him from the description, and took him to the Central Station, where he gave the name of John TAAFE, which is evidently an alias, as he could not spell it. He admitted stealing the robes, and said he took the last two out of a two horse carriage near the City Hall.
The trial of Henry CAHN for selling a lottery ticket in November last had in the Oakland Police Court yesterday fore Justice HENSHAW and a jury. CAHN was found guilty and will receive his sentence on Monday. He was not sworn but answered questions, denying a certain conversation with City Attorney JOHNSON.

CLARKIn this city, December 16, to the wife of L.C. CLARK, a daughter.
HOFERIn Oakland, December 21, to the wife of Hermann HOFER, a son.
WILLWEBERIn this city, December 21, to the wife of Henry WILLWEBER, a daughter.
DRESSLERIn Chicago, Ill., September 30, to the wife of E.J. DRESSLER, a daughter.
GRAFFIn San Leandro, December 19, to the wife of R.W. GRAFF, a son.
SALOMONIn this city, December 19, to the wife of Edwin SALOMON, a daughter.
MOONEYIn this city, December 5, to the wife of William MOONEY, a daughter.
DALYIn this city, December 15, to the wife of M. DALY, a son.

LACYOWENSIn Oakland, November 20, Peter LACY and Lizzie OWENS, both of San Francisco.
KOEFOEDHARRISONIn this city, December 20, by the Rev. W.W. DAVIS of St. Lukes Episcopal Church, Charles J. KOEFOED and Daisy HARRISON, both of San Francisco.
JOHNSONPERSONIn this city, December 20, by the Rev. J. TELLEEN, John A. JOHNSON and Pella PERSON.
BRAYEVANSIn this city, December 17, by the Rev. William C. POND, Will H. BRAY of San Francisco, Cal., and Rosina EVANS of Cincinnati, Ohio.
WEIRMcDONALDIn this city December 18, by the Rev. M.M. GIBSON, D.D., John C. WEIR and Grace S. McDONALD.
CUMMINGSSHAVERIn this city, December 13, by the Rev. John HANNON, pastor of Centennary M.E. Church South, Harrison R. CUMMINGS and Mary SHAVER, both of Merced.
MARKSHOLLIDAYIn this city, by the Rev. John HANNON, pastor of Centennary M.E. Church South, Joseph MARKS and Ella HOLIDAY.
EASTONADAMSIn this city, December 19, at Grace Church, by the Rev. W. STOWE, assisted by the Rev. R.C. FOUTE, Ansel Mills EASTON and Louisa, daughter of W.J. ADAMS of Menlo Park.

WHITEIn this city, December 20, Michael WHITE, a native of Ireland, aged 47 years, a member of James A. Garfield Post No. 34 G.A.R.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this day (Saturday), at 2 oclock P.M. from St. Marys Hospital, corner Bryant and First streets. All members of James A. Garfield Post, No. 34, G.A.R., are invited to be present. Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery.
QUINNIn this city, December 20, Edward QUINN, a native of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, aged 39 years.
Funeral will take place this day (Saturday), at 2 oclock P.M., from St. Marys Hospital. Interment Mount Calvary Cemetery.
McAVOYAt San Pablo Ranch, Contra Costa County, December 20, Isabella, relict of the late Bernard McAVOY, and sister of the late Rev. H.P. and J.A. GALLAGHER, a native of County Donegal, Ireland, aged 72 years, 10 months and 19 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sunday), at 9:30 oclock A.M. for her late residence, thence to St. Josephs Church, Berkeley, where a solemn requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, commencing at 11 oclock A.M. Interment at St. Marys Cemetery, Oakland. Please omit flowers.
CHARMARKFriends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the setting of the tombstone of Clarence M. CHARMARK tomorrow (Sunday), at 3 oclock P.M., at the Nineteenth street Jewish Cemetery.
ASMANNIn this city, December 19, Rudolph J., beloved son of Anna and Adolph ASMANN, a native of San Francisco, aged 19 years, 5 months and 7 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Tomorrow (Sunday), at 2 oclock P.M., from his late residence, 910 Washington street. Interment I.O.O.F. Cemetery.
KEYSTONIn this city, December 20, William Donald, youngest son of J.W. and Leila A. KEYSTON, aged 4 years, 3 months and 16 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sunday), at 2 oclock P.M., from 826 Capp Street.
STUMPIn this city, December 21, Emma Angell, wife of Irwin C. STUMP, a native of Clark county, Ind., aged 44 years and 6 months.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services Tomorrow (Sunday), 2 oclock P.M. from her late residence, 1434 Golden Gate avenue.
MONAHANIn this city, December 21, Bridget, beloved wife, of Jeremiah MONAHAN, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 43 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Tomorrow (Sunday), at 1 oclock P.M., from her late residence, 168 Tehama street. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
HARTMANNAt Golden Gate, Alameda county, December 20, Catherine, beloved wife of William HARTMANN, and mother of H.R. HARTMANN, Louisa L. MAU, Minnie HERZOG, and William HARTMANN, a native of Hanover, Germany, aged 56 years, 5 months and 26 days.
Gone but not forgotten.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Tomorrow (Sunday), at 2 oclock P.M., from her late residence, Powell and Fourth street, Golden Gate. Interment Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland.
SWETTIn this city, December 21, Fannie M., beloved wife of Orlo SWETT, a native of England, aged 47 years.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
ROACHIn this city, December 21, Peter William Joseph, beloved son of Mrs. Thomas HOLM, and native of San Francisco, aged 34 years, 8 months and 21 days.
Interment private. No flowers.
WILLETTIn Oakland, December 16, Mrs. Emma IL WILLETT, a native of Laurveg, Norway, aged 47 years and 2 months.
CLINCHIn this city, December 17, Christina, only daughter of Frank and Hattie CLINCH, aged 12 years, 10 months and 24 days.
KNIEFIn this city, December 17, Annie M. KNIEF, a native of San Francisco, aged 6 years, 2 months, and 10 days.
McGOUGHIn this city, December 20, Nicholas McGOUGH, a native of county Louth, Ireland, aged 54 years.
SHOCKENIn this city, Sadie, beloved child of Zick and Adline SHOCKEN, and native of Marysville, aged 7 years, 2 months and 21 days.
CLARKIn Highland Park, East Oakland, December 19, Maryette CLARK, a native of New York, aged 74 years, 4 months and 23 days.
CURLSONIn South Vallejo, December 19, Mrs. J.P. CURLSON of South Vallejo.
City and County Hospital
GREENEIn the City and County Hospital, December 20, John J. GREENE, a native of New York, aged 31 years.
HEENANIn the City and County Hospital, December 20, Michael HEENAN, a native of Ireland, aged 65 years.
City and County Almshouse
HOWARDIn the City and County Almshouse, December 20, William HOWARD, a native of Sweden, aged 76 years.


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