The Gettysburg Times
The Gettysburg Times
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Description: Excited Over Oil Find on Broadkiln River

Date: February 22 1910

Newspaper published in: Gettysburg, PA

Source: on line archives

Milton, Del., Feb., 22, 1910:
Oil Scum Found on Broadkiln River:
Excitement in Milton over reports of an oil find. For the past few days, at low tide, the water of the upper Broadkiln River have been covered with a thick oil scum, plainly distingushable on the water. First thought to be a naphtha discharge from docked launches covering the waters until the oil was traced to a point above the mouring place of these boats. Many believe the oil comes from a natural well in the lowlands above the city hall but efforts have failed to locate it. There is supposition that it may be marsh petroleum similar to that discovred on the marshes near Milford many years ago, except that this oil is thick and shows every appearance of being of the best. A rumor is that the flow has been discovered by a Milton and the location being kept secret by him.

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