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Salinas Weekly Index
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Date: March 3 1892

Newspaper published in: Salinas

Thursday, 3 Mar 1892

Born -- GALLAWAY -- near Estrella, Feb. 21, 1892, to the wife of Stephen J. GALLAWAY, a 10-pound daughter.

Born -- GARDNER -- near Valleton, Feb. 19, 1892, to the wife of B.A. GARDNER, a son.

Born -- LYNN -- at King City, Feb. 26, 1892, to the wife of James LYNN, a son.

Born -- ARNOLD -- at Jamesburg, Feb. 24, 1892, to the wife of Henry ARNOLD, a son.

Born -- IVERSON -- in Salinas City, Feb. 28, 1892, to the wife of Louis IVERSON, a daughter.

Born -- CHRISTENSEN -- in Chualar, Feb. 29, 1892, to the wife of P. CHRISTENSEN, a daughter.

Born -- TRAGANZA -- in King City, Feb. 19, 1892, to the wife of Thomas TRAGANZA, a daughter.

Born -- RIANDA -- in San Lucas, Feb. 18, 1892, to the wife of A. RIANDA, a son.

Born -- BIZZINI -- near San Lucas, Feb. 24, 1892, to the wife of Charles BIZZINI, a daughter.

**Death of a Good Man -- William S. HUNT, native of New Hampshire, aged 49, a well known citizen of the county, died at Jolon last Sunday, of consumption. His remains were brought to Salinas Monday and interred from MULLER’s undertaking parlors by his comrades of J.B. STEEDMAN’s post, of which he was a member. He enlisted at the breaking out of the civil war in the Second Kansas infantry and again at the end of 3 years’ service in the Ninth Kansas cavalry, coming out as a sergeant at the end of the war. In 1879 he was married to Miss Mary GRIMES in Kansas and shortly after removed to California, settling in Salinas. After the passage of the arrears-of-pension act, he received $1,800 back pension and bought a farm on the Carneros. Two or three years ago he sold his Carneros farm and returned to Salinas where he engaged in merchandising. Failing health compelled him to relinquish business, and he has spent the past year in San Antonio valley, in the hope that the climate there would restore him to health; but the seeds of the disease, acquired in the service of his country, had made too great progress to be relieved only by death. He was a man of culture and superior intelligence. He leaves a widow and son 8 years old. He was a member in good standing of the A.O.U.W., and his widow is the beneficiary in his policy, entitling her to $2,000. Mr. HUNT was a pensioner of the general government, and his widow has made application through U.S. Circuit Court commissioner PARKER to be entered on the pension rolls as a veteran’s widow, which will entitle her to $8 a month and $2 a month for her son.

**Marriage Licenses --
-Feb. 26; William M. SITTON, resident of Adelaide, San Luis Obispo Co., and Lucinda ALM, resident of San Antonio valley, both natives of California.

H.E. TITAMORE has moved his family from his mountain ranch across the river to what is known as the old GARDNER place on the Monterey road, 2 miles south of town, and will leave next Monday for his home in the Province of Quebec, accompanied by his sister-in-law who will take with her the embalmed body of her late husband, Merrill TITAMORE, for interment at their old home. Mr. TITAMORE expects to be absent about 6 weeks. The ‘Index’ wishes him a pleasant journey and safe return.

**Another Hung Jury -- After being out 40 hours the jury in the 3rd trial of C.W. HAWES, charged with the murder of E.W. WAGNER at Monterey, were unable to agree upon a verdict and were discharged, the case being continued for future [several lines illeg] According to information furnished the ‘Index’ by end of the [illeg] the jury stood 7 for conviction and 5 for acquittal, as follows:
For conviction -- Carl DECKER, R.J. VIERRA, Peter S. ERICKSON, T.N. A-REE, J.D. HALL, T.H. LANG and E.J. ROBINSON.
For acquittal -- B.P. HUNTER, T.J. CLAPP, J.H. LOUDON, J.H. CLAPP and J.D. HARRIS.

**Brevities --
-Peter TORMINI, a native of Switzerland, was admitted to citizenship last Monday.
-Francisco SOUZA was invested with the rights and privileges of citizenship last Friday.
-B.B. CHANDLER & Co., have sold their stationery and notion business to H.H. MASON from New Whatcom, Wash.
-Roadmaster BARLOW is doing some good work on the road on the south side of the river along the Buena Vista rancho.
-J.P. BENGARD, a native of Denmark, was admitted to citizenship last Saturday; also Constantine SCHWABE, a native of Germany.
-Judge DORN has appointed J.W. ROWLONG, James BRAFFET and L.H. GARRIGUS appraisers of the estate of Matilda HARRIS, deceased.
-Henry WILSON won the lot in DEXTER’s addition to Salinas, raffled off at BERGES & GARRISSERE’s store last Saturday, his throw being 48.
-Under Sheriff PYBURN left yesterday for Whittier, Los Angeles county, with the 2 younger FREEON boys, committed by Judge DORN to the reform school at that place.
-3 of the miscreants who beat Trinidad PERES nearly to death at Gonzales on Wednesday night of last week, are in jail. Their names are “Pegleg” LUGO, Chico LUGO and Cipriano HIGUERA.
-John OLSEN of Chualar has purchased the Clydesdale stallion Tiptop, imported by John SCOTT from Australia. Tiptop is 3 years old, a handsome blood bay, 17 hands high and weighs 1,855 pounds.
-Judge DORN admitted the following named natives of Portugal to citizenship last Tuesday: Frank CARDOZA, Manuel J.S. DIAS, Joseph Antonio SILVERA, Antonio J. SILVA; also John H. AHRENKINI, a native of Germany.

**Personal & Social --
-Ex-supervisor MONORE [as written] is in town from Peach Tree.
-J.N. BESSE and F.W. SCHROEDER are in town from King City.
-J.W. LEWIS and Chris ANDERSON were in from Jamesburg last Friday.
-L.A. MASSOP, of King City, was in town Monday, on his way to Monterey.
-Mrs. E.T. HUBBACK is reported dangerously ill at her home on Central avenue.
-Judge J.D. THOMPSON and his sister, Mrs. H.[or B.] B. CRAFT, went to San Francisco Tuesday.
-J.J. DONAHUE, the artistic plasterer, returned Tuesday from a trip to Mendocino county.
-Miss Belle BURDICK came up from King City last Friday on her way to take charge of the Tassajara school.
-John R. CROSS, general superintendent of the Central Milling Company, arrived from San Francisco last evening.
-Duncan McKINNON has been quite seriously ill for the past few days, but is now reported to be convalescing.
-W.J. MARTIN and wife, of San Francisco, spent Sunday to Salinas with Mrs. MARTIN’s sister, Miss Dessie HAMILTON.
-Miss Minnie STOCKING, of San Luis Obispo, is in Salinas this week as a guest of her cousin, Mrs. G.A. DAUGHTERTY.
-Jesse B. IVERSON and George J. BOYSEN of Salinas entered Chesnutwood’s Business College as students this week.
-Mrs. R.F. JOHNSON left last Friday for her home in El Paso, Texas, accompanied by her father, Alberto TRESCONY.
-Rev. J.C. SIMMONS, pastor of the M.E. Church, South, in Salinas, has been actively engaged in preaching the gospel for 40 years.
-Mr.&Mrs. M.H. MERRITT are guests at the Jeffery house. They are thinking of renting a house and taking up their abode in Salinas.
-Ben WOOD, of Long valley, who has been “courting” in Salinas for the past week, went home Tuesday to endeavor to make it up with his wife.
-Captain H. HENDERSON of Australia, who has been visiting his cousin, S. OLLASON, near Natividad, returned Monday to his ship in San Francisco harbor.
-Alex. R. UNDERWOOD, of the Corral de Tierra, has been appointed to a position at the Agnews asylum, and he and his wife have taken up their residence there.
-W.H. HORD, brother-in-law of Dr. T.C. EDWARDS, visited him Saturday, returning Monday to his home in Paso Robles where he is engaged in the real estate business.
-A.M. McCOLLOUGH is down from Tacoma, Wash., visiting his uncle I.K. BROKAW and family at Pacific Grove. Both of the gentlemen made the ‘Index’ a pleasant call this morning.

**Pajaro Items -- ‘Pajaronian’ Feb. 25th --
-Rev. F.L. NASH has received a call from the Presbyterian church of Virginia City, Nev., and he expects to accept it.
-The Pajaro river is continuing to wash away the Camp Goodhall hills. The present mouth of the river is at least 100 yards west of where it was a year ago.
-The case of Joe DAY, charged with disturbing the meeting of the Salvation Army, was tried before a jury in Judge SWANK’s court last Thursday. A verdict of guilty was rendered and the defendant was fined $30.

**Castroville Items -- from last Friday’s ‘Enterprise’ --
-Steve CASTRO was complimented with a surprise party last Monday evening.
-A girl not far from here who in the matter of beauty and affectionate exuberance, not to say “fresh as first love and rosy as the dawn,” was asked why she did not get married, and this is what she said in reply: “I have a parrot that swears and a monkey that chews tobacco, so that I have no need of a husband.”

**Pacific Grove Notes -- from last Saturday’s ‘Review’ --
-Miss Alice MOREHEAD bade us all farewell today and betook herself to San Benito, where she goes to accept a position in one of the schools. The members of Del Monte Lodge, No. 357, I.O.G.T., gave the young lady a farewell social Wednesday evening.
-Several friends of Miss Lola LAWERY were entertained by that young lady at her residence Monday evening. Progressive euchre was the order of amusement, interspersed with music, luncheon, etc.

**Gonzales Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Tribune’ --
-Roadmaster FILLERUP of Chualar is doing some good work on the road between here and that town.
-Road Overseer Chris ASSMUSSEN and his deputy, J.W. DRAKE, have started in to repair the roads of this district.
-Jake WORKINS has cut down all the gum trees around his house for stove wood, and others are following his example.

**King City Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Settler’ --
-Mr.&Mrs. BOULTON, brother-in-law and sister of C.H. KING, where were here on a visit, started for their home in Chicago Monday.

Templeton ‘Advance’: Sylvester NONELLI shot D. FIRANZI with a Winchester rifle, near Cayucos, on the coast west of here, Monday night. The bullet entered the ear and passed out at the back of the neck. He may recover. There had been trouble between them for some time on account of remarks said to have been made by FIRANZI about NONELLI’s wife. The men are said to have been drinking when the quarrel occurred. NONELLI is the man who killed a Spaniard named HIGUERA there 16 months ago.

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