Salinas Weekly Index
Salinas Weekly Index
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Date: November 15 1894

Newspaper published in: Salinas, Monterey Co., CA

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Thursday, 15 Nov 1894

Born -- GIOTTONINI -- in Salinas City, Nov. 7, 1894, to the wife of F. GIOTTONINI, a son.

Born -- DAY -- in Monterey, Nov. 5, 1894, to the wife of Frank R. DAY, a daughter.

Born -- ENOS -- in Monterey, Nov. 6, 1894, to the wife of Manuel ENOS, of San Ardo, a daughter.

Born -- BERREYESA -- in Salinas, Nov. 13, to the wife of J.D. BEREYESA [spelled 2 ways], a son.

Married -- WIDEMAN-RUSSEL -- in Bradley, at the residence of E. WIDEMAN, Nov. 4th, 1894, by Rev. J.M. PARKER; Eigel WIDEMAN and Sarah M. RUSSELL [spelled 2 ways]

Died -- HOWLIN -- in Salinas City, Nov. 10, 1894, Mrs. Elizabeth HOWLIN, wife of Jasper HOWLIN, a native of County Westmeath, Ireland, aged 67 years, 3 months, 8 days.

Died -- HANSEN -- at Creston, San Luis Obispo county, Oct. 27th, 1894, Annie, wife of Christian HANSEN, aged 46 years.

Died -- LA DUE -- near Soledad, in Reliz cañon, of consumption, Oct. 31, 1894, Rev. William LA DUE of Alameda, a native of New York, aged 29 years, 8 months, 26 days.

Died -- NEWMAN -- at Vineyard Valley, Nov. 3, 1894, infant daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Peter NEWMAN, aged 2 months.

Died -- EDWARDS -- in Salinas City, Nov. 12, 1894, George McCandless EDWARDS, infant son of Dr. and Mrs. T.C. EDWARDS, aged 1 year, 3 months, 20 days.

From last Saturday’s Gonzales ‘Tribune’ -- O.D. MILLS died at his home near Gonzales Monday evening, aged 77 years. He leaves a widow, 2 sons and a daughter.

**A FATAL QUARREL -- While engaged in a quarrel over a roller in Ranchita Canyon last Sunday afternoon, H.M. SHAW, it is alleged, drew a revolver and shot Eugene MASON in the back just above the hip, the bullet lodging in the abdomen. MASON died Tuesday morning from the effects of the wound. Sheriff MATTHEWS brought SHAW to Salinas Tuesday afternoon and lodged him in the county jail, where he will await trial for murder.

-Nov. 8; M.A. LORENSEN of Jolon and Miss A.O. SCHWARTZ of Lockwood, Monterey County
-Nov. 10; Joseph MUSGRAVE and Constanta WILSON, both of Pacific Grove

-W.H. DODGE has resigned the position of councilman of Pacific Grove and E.A. EARDLEY has been elected to fill the vacancy.
-Steve MARTELLA has sold out his interest in the Blanco store to Jerry MARCI and will engage in farming in the vicinity of Blanco.

-Mrs. Fred W. WINHAM has returned from visiting her parents in Mendocino county.

-Andrew LAURITZEN of Creston is visiting his brother J.P. LAURITZEN at the Salinas Hotel.

-Mrs. J.H. McDOUGALL and son Edgar left last Saturday on a visit to friends in Los Angeles.

-Willie HILL went to San Francisco last week to visit his uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. F.W. HARRIS.

-J.L. MEAD, who was here visiting his daughter, Mrs. W.J. IRVINE, took his departure last Monday.

-Mrs. W.M. HOLLENBECK came down from San Jose Tuesday and returned Wednesday. While here she was the guest of her cousin, Mrs. W.J. HILL.

-Mrs. H.L. BRADFORD left last Saturday for Hickman, Stanislaus county, having been summoned thither by a dispatch announcing the dangerous illness of her sister.

-Mrs. John HARGRAVE and her daughter, Miss Sarah HARGRAVE, of Taylorville, Plumas county, are in Salinas visiting Mrs. A.B. HARVEY, who is a daughter of Mrs. HARGRAVE.

**HELD UP -- The Castroville ‘Enterprise’ of Saturday the 10th inst says:
“As Sid ESPINOSA was coming to town last Saturday evening about dark, 2 men sprang up from the shadow of the fence near the grade at the foot of Preston street and ordered him to throw up his hands. A pistol was thrust in his face by the larger of the 2 men while the other rifled his pockets. They secured but $1.50 for their trouble. ESPONOSA is unable to identify the robbers any more than that one was a rather tall man wearing a full beard, while the other was a short, chunky fellow.”

**MYSTERIOUS SHOOTING -- The Watsonville ‘Register’ of Monday says:
“Sunday afternoon about 5 o’clock, Patrick FARREL, accompanied by another man whose name we did not learn, started on foot from Pajaro in the direction of Castroville, traveling on the railroad track. When about 4 miles from Pajaro and while walking leisurely along, 2 men were seen by FARREL to rise up in front of them and fire a charge from a shotgun. FARREL received the contents of the gun in the thigh, arms and hands. In turning around he saw his companion fall, FARREL then ran to Pajaro and notified Constable RILEY, who took the wounded man to the office of Dr. RODGERS, where the wounds were attended to, which were found to be quite serious. The officer accompanied by the doctor and several others, then left for the scene of the shooting and began to search for the man who was seen to fall, but he could not be found. Monday morning Constable RILEY, accompanied by Judge SMITH of Pajaro, again went to the scene of the shooting, but were unable to find out anything further.”

The officers do not take much stock in FARREL’s story of the shooting. He is a tramp and they think it likely that he received the contents of a shotgun while prowling around some farmer’s hen roost.

**GONZALES ITEMS -- from last Saturday’s ‘Tribune’ --
-J.F. SOBERANES has purchased the SANDS place in Reliz Canyon, where he will reside in the future.
-Edward McDONALD pleaded guilty before Justice MILLER Wednesday to the charge of having assaulted Charles JOHNSON of Chualar, and was fined $30, which he paid.

-Mrs. Gussie SOBERANES and son Louie leave this week for Soledad, where they will make their home for the present.
-Mrs. Geo. DUTTON arrived home last week from her visit up country.


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