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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: March 2-7, 1863

Date: March 1863

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 2 MAR 1863<<

BIRTH -- in this city, on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 28th, to the wife of William GEDDES, of a daughter.

MARRIED -- at Spring Garden Ranch, Calaveras county, Mr. Andrew BLOSSOM, of Stockton, to Miss Laura B. SANDERS, of the former place.

CHIVARARI -- On Saturday evening, horns and trumpets and the cracking of whips were heard in the streets, which interpreted, meant that Andy BLOSSOM, a fine gentleman and a good teamster, had got married.

DIED -- at his residence in Bristol county, N.Y., Sept. 17th, 1862, Rev. Abner REE, aged 66 years. [Deceased was born in Hartford, Conn.; was converted in 1812, and joined the Methodist E. Church, emigrated to New York in 1812, and married in 1819. He was licensed to preach in 1836; ordained Deacon by Bishop SOULE in 1831 [typo? 1841?], and Elder by Bishop WAUGH in 1857. He was several times employed to travel under the Presiding Elder and preached more than 300 funeral sermons.]

NIGHTINGALE -- Mr. James RUDDICK is preparing to build a new saloon opposite the "Nightingale" on Mr. LOSEE's land, near the race track. Connected with the saloon will be an elegant and commodious ball-room, and the building will be arranged in a manner suitable for the accommodation of visitors. The object of erecting this 2 story building is especially as a depot -- a way station for parties who wish occasionally to take a ride out of the city.

RESCUED -- Capt. BRATT fell in the slough yesterday and was rescued from drowning by Mr. Wash HAVENS, who also saved a bottle that floated from the pocket of the Captain's coat. Both the bottle and the man were saved and the world at large may congratulate itself that his accident was neither attended with the loss of property or life.

NOT GUILTY -- The jury in the case of C.M. CREANER and Henry FISHER, who were jointly charged with obstructing the highway and tried on the charge in the Court of Sessions, brought in a verdict of not guilty at half-past 12 o'clock on Friday night.

SOLDIERS -- Capt. P.B. WHANNELL, of Company G, 1st cavalry, will bring 28 men to this city on Tuesday night, to go into quarters at the camp selected by Col. BROWN, which, we are informed, will be called "Camp Stanford."

A DEAD PIONEER EXHUMED -- A San Francisco paper says some boys, digging in the sand hills near Mason street school house on Wednesday evening found an old fashioned metallic burial case (Fisk's patent), embedded in the sand, the box in which it was originally enclosed having rotted away. Word was sent to Atkin Massey's undertaking establishment, and the coffin was removed to his rooms and opened. Upon the outside of the case is a plate inscribed, "Henry MONTGOMERY, died Nov. 18, 1850, aged 24 years." The body was found to be in a remarkable state of preservation, in fact the features were still so distinct as to readily recognizable by any one who had known the deceased in life.

>>TUESDAY, 3 MAR 1863<<

DIED -- at Martin's Ranch, on Dry Creek, Stanislaus county, March 1st, Rosa Alice, only daughter of Wm. H. and Adelaide MARTIN, aged 2 years, 6 months, 3 days.

DIED -- at Martin's Ranch on Dry Creek, Stanislaus county, Feb. 25th, Edward Milton, only son of Henderson and Tennessee WILLINGHAM, aged 2 years, 10 months, 12 days.

COMMISSIONED -- James GORMAN, Captain of the San Andreas Light Infantry Company on Friday last received his commission from Governor Stanford as Captain of Company L, 1st Cavalry, C.V. He will immediately open a recruiting office at Mokelumne Hill, and is, we think, likely to present the 1st full company for the new regiment.

-Owing to the absence of Justice Brown, Justice Brush acted as Police Judge yesterday and fined Mary HENRY $5 and $3 costs for being drunk and disorderly. She admitted the charge and paid the cash.
-Petro DIZRA was fined $4 and $3 costs, which he also paid.

CEMETERY ASSOCIATON -- The Stockton Rural Cemetery Association held their annual meeting and elected V.M. PEYTON and Samuel FISHER trustees for the ensuing 3 years. Mr. BIVEN tendered his resignation, and B.W. OWENS was elected to fill the vacancy thus occasioned by the unexpired term -- 2 years.

CHANGE of TIME -- The whistle at the Globe Foundry, which is pretty generally recognized in Stockton as the true time, has changed its time of blowing. It now sounds at 7 in the morning; at 1 p.m.; and at 6 in the evening.

-Estate of A.J. GOLDING, dec'd -- T.K. HOOK and B. FRANKENHEIMER appointed administrators on filing bonds in the sum of $3000. John McMULLEN, Thomas PAIN and Joseph HOLDEN appointed appraisers. Administrators ordered to give notice.
-In the matter of the guardianship of Geo. HEDGE and Frederick HEDGE, minors -- Petition of guardian for discharge granted, and hearing of his account herein continued for 2 weeks from Thursday next. W.J. GRAVES appointed attorney to represent infant heirs in said settlement.
-Estate of Henry BENCKE, dec'd -- petition for final distribution filed and order granted for publication of notice.

>>WEDNESDAY, 4 MAR 1863<<

MARRIED -- in Coulterville, Feb. 27th, Mr. Thomas MYLER to Miss Sarah S. BRADFORD.

DIED -- at the Insane Asylum, Feb. 27th, John J. MILLER, committed from Stanislaus county.

DIED -- at Copperopolis, March 2d, 1863, of scarlet fever, Abby Ann, daughter of W.A. and Mary M. KING, aged 7 years, 10 months. [Mariposa ‘Gazette' and ‘Free Press,' please copy.]

DIED -- in Coulterville, Feb. 25th, Mr. Rolla POWERS, aged about 35 years. [Mr. P. was a native of New York, and a nephew of ex-President FILLMORE.]

DIED -- at Bear Valley, Feb. 19th, Smith PRICE, aged about 35 years.

CITY MORTALITY -- The mortality in this city during the month of February last past, as registered by M.H. BOND, County Coroner, is as follows:
-A.J. GOLDING, aged 40 years, from Texas
-Mrs. GOLDING, native of Sonora
-Pedro, age not give, a native of Sonora
-SANTERO (boy) aged 11 years, California
-Peter FRITZNER, aged 40, Germany
-Mrs. Almeda CASTLE, aged 21, Wisconsin
-W.J. SCOTT, aged 5 months, California
-Infant of Wm. F. FREEMAN, aged 3 weeks
-Still-born child
-J.H. CAMERON, aged 20, Iowa
-Mary McKee BROWN, aged 11 months, California

4 of the number were murdered; 1 died of chronic bronchitis; 1, 1pleuresy; 1, consumption; 1, still born; 1, diabetis; 2, cause of death not ascertained. 5 of the number were buried in the Catholic Cemetery; 3 in the Rural Cemetery; and 3 in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery.

JUSTICE BALDWIN'S COURT -- The trial of a case entitled the People vs. S.S. LEWIS, charged with stealing a harrow valued at $12, from Wm. ROBBINSON, in Union Township, near Mokelumne City, was commenced in Justice Baldwin's Court on Monday at 2 o'clock p.m., and continued until 11 o'clock p.m. when the Court adjourned until yesterday at 10 o'clock, at which hour the trial of the case was resumed and continued until 5 o'clock p.m., when it was given to the jury, who retired and in a few minutes returned with a verdict of not guilty. H.B. UNDERHILL and John C. BYERS appeared in behalf of the People, J.H. BUDD and H. DOYLE for the defense. The trial caused more interest than is usually manifested at trials in the Courts of the Justice of the Peace. The value of the implement alleged to have been stolen was but trifling. Defendant admitted the taking, but claimed the property as his own, stating that it had been purchased by him together with a piece of land from one FRANCIS, in 1862.

SAN FRANCISCO DISPATCH, March 3 -- Louis BARROW was run over by St. Francis Hook & Ladder truck. He lies in a critical situation.

>>THURSDAY, 5 MAR 1863<<

DIED -- in Sacramento, March 3d, Robert E., son of Thomas and Catherine O'BRIEN, aged 1 years, 5 days.

>>FRIDAY, 6 MAR 1863<<

DIED -- at Copperopolis, Feb. 5th, J.W. SAWYER, aged 23 years, a native of New Sharon, Maine.

DIED -- in this city, on the 5th inst., Joseph S. BELCHER, aged 34 years. [The funeral will take place from the 1st Baptist Church today at 2 o'clock p.m. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.]

SUICIDE -- Last evening, shortly after sundown, quite a commotion was created in the streets by the tidings obtaining currency that Joseph S. BELCHER, a well known, highly respected, steady and industrious carpenter, had committed suicide. He had been afflicted with erysipelas and had been under the charge of a physician for some days, but had so far recovered as to be left alone. His brother usually occupied the same room -- which is in the adobe building, opposite the Weber House, on Main street -- but had gone off during the day and was the 1st to find on his return, his brother lying in bed and dead. The jugular vein on the left side was severed, and the blood had spurted a distance of several feet on the wall. He was lying on his back with the right arm hanging over the side of the bed and a razor lying on the floor near his hand. Deceased was from Providence, Rhode Island, and came to California in 1849. He has been a resident of Stockton since 1850. Who knows the workings of the human soul? Poor fellow! He is gone -- gone to his eternal rest and the physical suffering and agony of soul that induced him to commit the decisive act that terminated his earthly career, who can describe? The Coroner summoned a jury and after examining several witnesses, the following verdict was rendered:

State of California, San Joaquin county
Stockton, March 5, 1863
We, the Jurors, find the deceased to be Joseph S. BELCHER, aged 34 years, occupation, carpenter, and that he committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor, between the hours of 1 and 7 o'clock p.m., Thursday, March 5th, in his room in the adobe building on Main street, below Center. The Jury find from the evidence adduced that the deceased was laboring under a slight aberration of mind at times previous to his death.
George R. ROOT
Ferdinand ROSEMAN

RUNAWAY BOY -- A boy about 8 years old came to this city on the Cornelia yesterday morning, having got on board at Benicia. Officer Clarkson, who was escorting 2 insane patients to the Insane Asylum, took charge of the lad, and on his arrival he was given up to the officers, who kept him safely in prison until the time the boat left, when he was sent back. He called himself Willie SMITH, and said he ran away from his parents in Benicia because they whipped him. He appeared to be a bright and a bad boy.

GOING AWAY -- Mr. A.A. SANDERS, long and favorably known as a teacher of dancing in this city, gives his last social party at the City Hall on Tuesday evening next. He will leave the city shortly afterward with his family, designing to follow his profession in San Francisco, where we trust he will soon make as many friends as he leaves behind. Of course the party on Tuesday evening will be a bumper.

REPAIRING -- S.H. GORHAM has, for several days past, been repairing the old wooden tenements on Channel street, belonging to H.M. GAGE. These houses heretofore have been in a very rickety state, and it is wisdom to expend a few nails on the property to prevent the wind from stealing the boards.

LAS MARIPOSAS -- John PARROTT, assignee of Thomas DRAKE, of New York, has brought suit against John C. FREMONT and others, for the foreclosure of a mortgage on the Mariposa tract. The mortgage was given in 1857, to secure the payment of $65,000, with interest at 7 per cent, per annum.

A GIANTESS -- Miss Silvia HARDY, 23 years of age, and 7 feet in hight, is to arrive from the East on the next steamer. She is spoken of as a beautiful and accomplished little creature, born and raised in Tioga county, New York. She has been certainly well raised.

FORTUNE of the GWINS -- The Marysville ‘Appeal' says that C.L. WELLER, recently returned to this State from the East, reports that Dr. Wm. M. GWIN is lying sick at Vicksburg, while his wife is living at a poor cheap boarding house in the suburbs of Baltimore.

A MURDERER ARRESTED -- H.F. SWAZEY, who killed Mr. DERRICKSON, proprietor of the Washoe ‘Times' newspaper, some 2 months ago, and who after his arrest, escaped from the Ormsby county jail, was re-taken on the 26th ult., at Long Valley. HANK and ROBINSON are the parties who caught him. They will get a reward of $1000.

>>SATURDAY, 7 MAR 1863<<

PERSONAL -- Mr. James L. SPERRY, proprietor of the Calaveras Big Tree Grove, paid us a visit yesterday. He remains a day or 2 in the city on business.

FOR SALE -- The residence of the undersigned in the City of Stockton. The house is brick, with 8 rooms, and hard finished throughout. The Lot is 150 by 300, or half a block, with all the necessary improvements.

A BRUTE -- Between 9 & 10 o'clock yesterday forenoon, near the corner of Washington and Commerce streets, a man, whose name we did not learn, got a woman on a dray that he was driving, threw her violently on the bottom of the dray, stood over the prostrate woman with 1 foot on each side of her, drove his horse, or held the reins with 1 hand and pounded the woman with the other. Although not married, he lives constantly with the woman, who, it appears, is frequently found in almost a helpless state of intoxication. He got her at a store yesterday in an inebriated state, and handled her in the brutish manner above stated. Those who are acquainted with the reputation of th woman, say that she is one of the Furies, and perhaps her mean and doggish, illegitimate lord and master, finding his temper as infernal as his pride is low, undertook to batter a little of the fury out of her.

HEAVY WAGONS -- Mr. Geo. DAHL, wagon maker, Main street, has finished 2 wagons to the order of T.L. GREIGSBY of Napa City, who had them made expressly for hauling rock at Washoe. The hind wheels are 5 feet 10 ½ inches high, and the felloes 4 ½ inches deep and the tires 1 ¼ inches thick. The hubbs are 16 inches in diameter, the axles are made of hickory wood and the boxes of the hubbs are 6 ¼ inches. Every part of the wagons are in keeping with the strength of the wheels, and it is calculated that it will carry as much as 18,000 pounds. They will be shipped to Benicia in a few days [rest cut off]

MURDER -- A man named PIERCE stabbed and killed one Frank WHITE, at Daylor's bridge, on the Cosummes river, on the night of the 2d instant. They quarreled over a game of cards, when WHITE struck PIERCE and the latter stabbed him.

DEATH of an ACTOR -- The comedian, Alonzo Park CHAPMAN, died at Howland Flat, Sierra county, Feb. 22nd. Deceased was a son of George CHAPMAN, and a member of the somewhat celebrated Chapman Family.

RECRUITING -- Captain Jose Ramon PICO, of San Jose, who is recruiting a cavalry company of native Californians for the field, as volunteers, has already 50 members enrolled.

SAN FRANCISCO DISPATCH, March 6 -- W. WORCESTER committed suicide last night at the Original House, Sacramento street, by cutting his throat.

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