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The Frederick News-Post
The Frederick News-Post
Contributed by Susan

Description: Important Local Events of the Year - December 1924

Date: December Various 1924

Newspaper published in: Frederick, Md.

[Transcriber's Note: In 1926, The Frederick News and Post issued a yearbook that republished a brief summarization of important local events that they reported during the year. This transcription does not include all items selected by the News and Post for republication. It does, however, include those items that mention individuals or businesses, that are historically significant, or otherwise worthy of mention.]

Important Local Events of the Year - December 1924

Dec 1: Eel law controversy breaks out anew in city; question of whether an eel is a fish or not is again raised.

Dec 1: $15,000 fire sweeps farm of Harry C. HICKMAN, Point of Rocks, Md.

Dec 3: Ice on Monocacy River from bank to bank.

Dec 3: Epidemic of mild form of grippe sweeping city.

Dec 5: George C. RHODERICK, Sr., of Middletown, co-publisher of the "Valley Register," dies at his home.

Dec 5: Plans accepted for a $50,000 trades building at Maryland State School for the Deaf.

Dec 5. Berkeley WARD dies in Baltimore hospital.

Dec 7: Rev. E. L. HUMMELBAUGH, former pastor of U. B. Church, this city, dies at Mount Alto, Pa.

Dec 9: SALTER livery stable property, South Market Street, sold to Daniel Z. STULL, for $22,000.

Dec 12: Newton M. ZENTZ dies.

Dec 12: Blue Ridge Transportation Company organized with Emory L. COBBLENTZ chairman of board, and M. F. RILEY, president.

Dec 13: Announcement made that Frederick was chosen one of Army Remount Service concentration depots as war emergency, to be used whenever necessary.

Dec 13: Damage from forest fires put at $10,000 by forestry department; burned over 4,000 acres in Frederick County.

Dec 14: St. Timothy's Chapel, at Schleysville, consecrated by Rev. John G. MURRAY, Bishop of Maryland.

Dec 15: John William NEIGHBORS found dead in mountains near Hamburg.

Dec 17: Milton MAIN, West Patrick Street, bound and gagged for the fourth time.

Dec 18: Benjamin Ellsworth PHEBUS, real estate owner, dies.

Dec 20: Aaron ROSENSTOCK, canned goods manufacturer, died at Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore.

Dec 22: Trial of Littleton C. POOLE, accused by Irene MELLOTT, 14, removed here from Rockville, opened in Court.

Dec 25: Inmates of Montevue hear first program over radio purchased through public donations.

Dec 29: Three of best known residents of Frederick died over week-end: Miss Ella V. HOUCK, and Mr. and Mrs. F. Columbus KNOTT.

Dec 30: Will of Miss Ella V. HOUCK, makes bequests of approximately $150,000.

Dec 31: Odd Fellows Home, North Market street, formally turned over to Grand Lodge of Maryland.

Dec 31: Net earnings of Frederick County Agricultural Society for 1924, $10,735.75.

Dec 31: A. W. HERBERT, for seven years superintendent of Ox Fibre Brush Company, resigns.

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