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The Frederick News-Post
The Frederick News-Post
Contributed by Susan

Description: Important Local Events of the Year - February 1925

Date: February Various 1925

Newspaper published in: Frederick, Md.

[Transcriber's Note: In 1926, The Frederick News and Post issued a yearbook that republished a brief summarization of local events that they reported during the year. This transcription does not include all items selected by the News and Post for republication. It does, however, include those items that mention individuals or businesses, that are historically significant, or otherwise worthy of mention.]

Important Local Events of the Year - February 1925

Feb 5: City Park Board formed to study conditions in city.

Feb 5: Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs pledge share of $1,200 to start work on new municipal park.

Feb 7: R. Ames HENDRICKSON elected president of Young Men's Bible Society.

Feb. 8: County Commissioner Warren E. DUDDERAR, Oak Orchard, dies.

Feb 9: Judge URNER stresses enforcement of prohibition to Grand Jury in charge at opening of February term.

Feb 10: James H. GAMBRILL elected president of new City Park Board.

Feb 11: $2,000 cost of removing snow from city streets thus far this winter.

Feb 11: Frank M. STEVENS of Creagerstown district recommended by Democrats as successor to late County Commissioner Warren E. DUDDERAR.

Feb 21: Grand Jury finds 95 indictments and recommends jail sentences for drunken autoists.

Feb 24: Frederick's ninth annual automobile show formally opened.

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