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The Frederick News-Post
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Description: Important Local Events of the Year - March 1925

Date: March Various 1925

Newspaper published in: Frederick, Md.

[Transcriber's Note: In 1926, The Frederick News and Post issued a yearbook that republished a brief summarization of local events that they reported during the year. This transcription does not include all items selected by the News and Post for republication. It does, however, include those items that mention individuals or businesses, that are historically significant, or otherwise worthy of mention.]

Important Local Events of the Year - March 1925

Mar 2: Mrs. Benjamin F. REICH, Rockwell Terrace, died at her home.

Mar 4: Many from Frederick attend inauguration of President Calvin Coolidge and Nice-President Charles G. Dawes, in Washington.

Mar 4: GLADHILL property, consisting of the Buffalo Hotel building and three farms, sold for $32,342.39 today at public sale. Hotel property was purchased by W. N. JOLLIFFE for $24, 481.39

Mar 4: $189,000 cost of improvements to Frederick county schools in 1924.

Mar 7: Frederick Elks Home Association incorporated.

Mar 7: North Market street property of Ella V. HOUCK purchased for $41,700 by Drs. James A. LONG, B. O. THOMAS, R. W. BAER, Charles H. CONLEY, and David G. EVERHART.

Mar 9: Robbers enter and loot City Opera House, BISER's Coal Yard, Standard Oil Company, and Pennsylvania Railroad offices during night.

Mar 9: Ernest BANTZ home, West Patrick street, again looted by thieves.

Mar 10: Three boys admit five city robberies.

Mar 11: Fifteen city employees go on strike for higher wages.

Mar 11: Arthur A. DETTINBURN of Knoxville twice shot in head late Monday night, brought to Frederick City Hospital.

Mar 12: $1,000 worth of loot from BANTZ home recovered.

Mar 14: Blue Ridge Transportation Company buys bus lines of William V. WOLFE and Oscar C. GLADHILL.

Mar 14: Miss Edith S. BAKER and Miss Mary Dean McQUEEN, instructors of Hood College, almost instantly killed when their automobile is struck by a B. & O. train at Gaithersburg.

Mar. 16: Homer SHRADER, 35, charged with shooting Arthur A. DETTINBURN, released on $1,000 bond.

Mar 16: Dr. William E. HOY, returned missionary from China, speaks at Hood College.

Mar 17: Nathan COHEN, about 28, of Baltimore, sentenced to seven years in Maryland Penitentiary for participation in Pearl Bargain House robbery.

Mar 18: Twenty persons, convicted at present term of court, now serving terms; 10 convicted on liquor charges.

Mar 18: Signal lights at railroad crossings under discussion; charge green flashed at Hood teachers at Gaithersburg cause of fatal accident.

Mar 20: Law prohibits dip net fishing, reveals hearing of Victor ALEXANDER of Middletown.

Mar 20: Complaint as to use of green light as danger signal at railroad crossings filed with Public Service Commission.

Mar 22: Ernest CHANEY, 40, of Ridgeville dies at Frederick City Hospital after fall from horse.

Mar 21 (Mar 23?): William C. YINGER, North Market Street, almost instantly killed within a block of his home when struck by automobile late in the evening.

Mar 24: Jacob NOTNAGLE, South Market Street, dies after heart attack.

Mar 25: Use of green light as danger signal at railroad crossing again misunderstood; causes near accident at Lime Kiln as auto stalls on tracks.

Mar 25: Sixty-second annual conference of African Methodist Episcopal church opens in Frederick, Bishop W. F. McDOWELL of Washington, DC presiding.

Mar 25: Parole papers signed for nine of eleven men connected with Myersville tar and feather case.

Mar 27: Edward D. GROVE property, 7 West Second Street, purchased for site of new Elks' Home.

Mar 30: Vincent SEBOLD, of Emmitsburg, member of Frederick County Bar, dies in Washington.

Mar 31: William M. JARDINE, Secretary of Agriculture, speaks at Tri-State Packer's Association meeting.

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