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The Frederick News-Post
The Frederick News-Post
Contributed by Susan

Description: Important Local Events of the Year - September 1925

Date: September Various 1925

Newspaper published in: Frederick, Md.

[Transcriber's Note: In 1926, The Frederick News and Post issued a yearbook that republished a brief summarization of local events that they reported during the year. This transcription does not include all items selected by the News and Post for republication. It does, however, include those items that mention individuals or businesses, that are historically significant, or otherwise worthy of mention.]

Important Local Events of the Year - September 1925

Sep 1: Elks' Home dedicated as annual convention opens.

Sep 2: Mrs. Angeline Delphia HALLER, College Park, found dead in kitchen after inhaling gas.

Sep 6: Lester H. SINGER, 22, of Johnsville district, dies in Frederick City Hospital after automobile accident near Union Bridge.

Sep 12: Mrs. Jennie RUNKLES, about 72, of Kemptown, dies as result of alleged beating.

Sep 13: Rev. P. J. WADE, retired Lutheran clergyman, dies.

Sep 14. Dr. Henry Boteler GROSS, retired doctor, dies at his home at Jefferson.

Sep 22: Sheriff ALBAUGH frustrates jail delivery.

Sep 22: Ernest WARD, colored, takes five lashes for wife-beating.

Sep 24: Third improved highway between Frederick and Washington, via Frederick Junction, Urbana, and Hyattstown, formally opened.

Sep 26: Frank McDONALD, Mt. Airy, dies on injuries after automobile accident.

Sep 28: Water shortage acute in city with only 6,000,000 gallons in storage reservoir.

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