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Date: October 6 1899

Newspaper published in: Dallas

The following article refers to the historic "First Automobile Trip in Texas" which took place on 5 October 1899. Edward H.R. Green, president of the Texas Midland Railroad purchased a 2-cylinder, 6-horsepower vehicle from the St. Louis Gas Car Company. The trip was from Terrell, Kaufman County, to Dallas, passing through Forney. While in Forney, the water tank was damaged and they had to stop for repairs. Tradition says that a local African American blacksmith named Reeves Henry was able to make the repairs quickly and Mr. Green was on his way again. There is even a historical marker in Forney to commemorate the day. The following article quoted Mr. Green:

It was amusing to notice the reaction our appearance caused along the road. Cotton pickers dropped their sacks and ran wildly to the fences to see the strange sight. And the interest was shared by the farm animals, too. One razor-back sow that caught sight of us is running yet, I know. At least a dozen horses executed fancy waltz steps on their hind legs as we sped by and but for the fact we went so soon out of sight, there would have been several first-class runaways. We did not put on full power on the country roads because it would have been too dusty for comfort.

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