The Highlander
The Highlander
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Description: Prizes For Neatness

Date: September 27 1913

Newspaper published in: Shelby, NC

Source: The Sun, Rutherford County

Page/Column: Page 2/Column 1

Dateline: Bostic, Sept. 11, 1913
To the Public School, Bostic, N.C.:

To stimulate and encourage your children of the Bostic, N.C., public school, I, of my own free will, offer you the following prizes:

First prize for Professor Bell's room, a gold medal; second prize for Professor Bell's room, a silver medal.

First prize for Miss Crawford's room, $2.50 in gold; second prize for Miss Crawford's room, $1.00 in silver.

The above prizes are offered for the greatest improvement in books, conduct, both in and out of school, cleanliness of both body and clothes, obedience to your teachers, being on time, when the bell rings to begin school and neatness in your work.

In deciding this contest, fine clothes shall have no weight with the judges, as calico no more than silk, nor broadcloth any more than overalls; but to be clean and neat, hair combed, teeth clean and white, knowing your lessons well, prompt at school and good behavior shall depend everything.

I shall visit the school from time to time, and later decide the way in which you shall be judged. I may leave this for you children to decide by casting your vote.

If there is any way I can help any of you, don't hesitate to call on me. I am always glad to help any one trying to improve their children.

Very Respectfully,
Robert L. Leckie

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