Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: October 26-31, 1863

Date: October 1863

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 26 OCT 1863<<

MARRIED - at Beal's Ranch, Calaveras county, on Saturday, Oct. 24th, Mr. J.V. MARTIN to Miss M.L. BEALE [spelled 2 ways].

BURNED DOWN - at Muletown, 2 miles from Ione City, Amador county, on the 20th of October, Mrs. C. JOHNSON was making a fire in an open fire-place in her house, when her dress caught fire. She ran into the street, but before assistance could be procured suffered such injuries as to cause her death a few hours afterwards.

OLD RIVER BED - At D.W. BRIANT's - the Spring Valley House - 7 miles from San Andreas, on the Stockton stage road, they have struck at the depth of 80 feet, an old river bed rich in gold, and presenting the appearance of that which for several years yielded so largely to the miners in San Andreas. The depth is about the same. Mr. BRIANT is preparing to place a steam engine in his mine to keep it clear of water, which has always been the great trouble in claims on the old river bed.

COMMISSIONED - George HEWSTON has been appointed Surgeon on the staff of Major Gen. L.H. ALLEN, California Militia. The following officers have been commissioned, belonging to the Mokelumne Light Dragoons, Lockeford:
G.C. HOLMAN, Captain
Robert TAYLOR, 1st Lieutenant
J.M. HENDERSON, Senior 2nd Lieutenant
E. PLUMMER, Junior 2nd Lieutenant

FIRE at HORNITOS - On the morning of the 23d instant a fire broke out next door to the wooden hotel of E.G. HALL, in a stable, owned by D. GHIRADELLI. The hotel and stable were both destroyed. Mr. HALL saved none of his furniture, and his loss is severe, as none of the property was covered by insurance. Incendiarism is thought to have been the cause of the fire.

>>TUESDAY, 27 OCT 1863<<

MARRIED - near Linden, Oct. 22d, by the Rev. W.C. CURRY; Mr. John T. PHEGLY to Miss Adelia G. BRICE, both of San Joaquin county.

MARRIED - at Aurora, Oct. 20th, by the Rev. J.B. SAXTON; C.H. CAURADA to Anna E. MURPHY, both of Aurora.

SCALDED to DEATH - A few days ago, at the Mountain House, Livermore's Pass, a child aged 5 years, belonging to Mr. ZIMMERNAN, accidentally fell into a tub of hot water and was scalded so that it died shortly afterward.

BOUND OVER - John GRANT, arrested for beating his wife, has been bound over in the sum of $200 to keep the peace for 6 months.

AN ARRIVAL - A man named William HOLDEN arrived in this city yesterday from Pike's Peak direct, having tarried a few days at Reese River. He reports that his funds gave out at Clifton, and there he took to tinkering and mending kettles, repairing clocks, etc. He traveled with a donkey and brought the animal the entire distance, using it as a pack animal to Virginia City, where he procured the shaft and front wheels of a 4-wheeled buggy. Manufacturing a set of harness from thongs and straps, such as he could pick up, and breaking the shafts off short enough to suit the
"----- foal of an oppressed race,
With melancholy languor on his face."
he succeeded in getting as far west as our city, averring that the farther west he went the less money he could make. He had certainly the rudest rig ever before seen on the Pacific coast, and declared that Jehovah had used him roughly on the plains. When it was intimated that the Saviour of mankind entered Jerusalem on an ass, he shrugged his shoulders and express an aversion to Christ's way of traveling. Mr. H. studied theology in his younger days.

HOMICIDE - George LLOYD, who about a year ago shot and killed F.N. SMITH, at Sacramento, for having killed LLOYD's brother, was on Saturday night last, shot dead at Aurora, Mono county. No particulars are given.

-Estate of Amasa VANNER, deceased; letters of administration granted to C.R. MONTGOMERY, on his filing bonds of $2000. G.C. HOLMAN, T.A. ATHEARN and E. WHIPPLE were appointed appraisers. Administrator ordered to give notice to creditors.
-Estate of J.E. THOMPSON, deceased; on filing supplemental account the administration herein, on motion, was ordered discharged and his bond examined.
-Estate of Frederick SHAFER, deceased; letters testamentary granted to C.F. WURSTER on filing a bond of $4000. Will ordered admitted to probate. W.H. VAN VLEAR, Henry SAUNDERS and Lewis M. CUTTING were appointed appraisers. Notice to creditors ordered.

INCORPORATED - The "Mineral Point Copper Mining Company," filed articles of incorporation yesterday, with the County Clerk. The capital stock of the company is $300,000, and the number of shares 6,000. The claim is situated in Salt Spring Valley, Calaveras county. The trustees for the 1st 3 months are P.L. SHOAFF, I.V. LEFFLER and Thos. B. MOSELEY.

REWARD FOR a MURDERER - Shasta Lodge No. 57, I.O. of O.F., has offered $250 reward for the arrest and delivery to the proper authorities of Tehama county, California, of Vincent E. GEIGER, who on the night of the 13th of October, 1863, at Red Bluff, California, murdered Captain A.S. WELLS, a member of Shasta Lodge No. 57, I.O. of O.F. Description: Vincent E. GEIGER is about 40 years of age; about 5 feet 8 inches in hight; very heavy set; weighs probably 215 pounds; has brown straight hair; blue or gray eyes; florid complexion; very short neck; wore long whiskers and mustache; has a careless, lazy gait; and chews tobacco incessantly. He has at times been a lawyer and editor by profession; somewhat prominent as a politician and stump speaker, and formerly Indian Agent at Nome Lackee Reservation, Tehama county.

>>WEDNESDAY, 28 OCT 1863<<

BIRTH - in Visalia, on the 19th instant, to the wife of Samuel DINELEY, of a daughter.

BIRTH - at Princeton, Oct. 21st, to the wife of Ben CONDRESS, of a son.

MARRIED - at Woodbridge, Oct. 27th, by Rev. Dr. HAPPERSETT; Frank T. BALDWIN, Esq., of this city, and Miss Mary RANKIN, of Peoria, Illinois. [Sparkling champagne accompanied the above notice, and as the flowing bumpers were filled to the brim, many warm and earnest wishes for the future joy and welfare of Judge Baldwin and his amiable bride, were expresses. We wish them all happiness in their new relationship.]

MARRIED - at Kings River, on the 14th instant, by Rev. Mr. WOODS; Lieut. D.W. LEVERGOOD, Co. I, 2d Cav. Cal. Vols., to Arvilia BINGHAM, all of Visalia.

DIED - at Princeton, Oct. 21st, Allen, son of Mr.&Mrs. W.R. SMITH, aged 12 years.

DIED - at Visalia, Oct. 16th, Augusta, wife of O. REINSTEIN, aged 38 years, a native of Prussia.

>>THURSDAY, 29 OCT 1863<<

DIED - at the County Hospital, Oct. 28th, James CRAWFORD, a native of Scotland. [His funeral will take place today at 10 o'clock from Mr. BLACK's coffin warerooms, on Hunter street. All friends are respectfully invited to attend.]

CIDER APPLES - Between 30 and 40 bushels of apples were brought in yesterday by Mr. Amos GOVE, from the farm of Mr. Thomas DAY, on the Calaveras, to Mr. BARNES on the Levee, between El Dorado and Hunter streets. Mr. BARNES has contracted for a large quantity of apples this Fall, for the purpose of making cider. The load of fruit that came in yesterday was one of many Mr. BARNES has had brought to him this season. Mr. DAY, we are informed, has 18 acres of land in apple orchard which has yielded a heavy crop this past Summer, and he has a great quantity of fruit on hand for the market, much of which he disposes of to the cider mill. We believe Mr. BARNES' cider manufactory is the only one in the city. He keeps sweet cider constantly on hand to quench the thirst of the dusty and weary traveler and a very pleasant beverage it is. He also makes an excellent article of cider vinegar.

BURNED to DEATH - A little girl named THORNTON was burned to death at Vallejo on the 26th by her clothes taking fire from the stove.

ARREST of a MURDERER - A young man 26 years of age, named John DONAHUE, late a law student with Judge QUINT, of Aurora, was arrested by the Chief of Police in San Francisco, on Monday evening, on a charge of having murdered one James McGUIRE at Aurora, some 3 weeks ago. A writ of habeas corpus was sued out in his favor, but the hearing under it has not yet transpired. DONAHUE is said to be a man of fine talents.

DROWNED - On the 29th September W.H. TAINTER, Sheriff of Mendocino, was drowned, while attempting to cross Elk Creek, on the coast, near Novarra Mills.

>>FRIDAY, 30 OCT 1863<<

DEATH on THE RIVER - A man named Jas. JOHNSON, a hand on the schooner Kosta, died suddenly on board the vessel on the 21st inst., while on the passage up from San Francisco to Sacramento. The body of the deceased was taken on shore and buried, it being impracticable to hold an inquest. Deceased was about 25 years of age, and from papers found on his person is supposed to have been a German.

FATAL ACCIDENT - While 2 children, sons of Sylvester RODGERS, were recently playing in Willow Spring creek, Amador county, a huge boulder rolled down the bank on the children. The youngest, 5 years old, was terribly mangled, living about 1 hour after the accident. The other was but slightly wounded.

FOR REESE RIVER - Judge BUDD, of this city, in company with Mr. J. RAY and Mr. William NICHOLS, of Mokelumne City, start this morning en route for Reese River. We hear of quite a number of our citizens intending to start for the same place in a short time.

>>SATURDAY, 31 OCT 1863<<

DIED - near French Camp, San Joaquin county, James SMITH, aged 57 years. [The funeral will take place from his residence on Sunday, Nov. 1st, at 10 o'clock a.m.]

ON THE 24th October a young girl named DONOHUE, about 12 years of age, who resides in Sacramento, came near losing her life by eating the berry of the deadly nightshade.

HORACE SMITH, who killed a man a year or 2 since at San Francisco, was shot on the 28th instant, at Virginia City by a client of his, named JOHNSON, from whom SMITH was endeavoring to collect a fee after JOHNSON had settle his case. SMITH's wound is said not to mortal.

A HORRIBLE MURDER - Insanity - The Virginia 'Enterprise' of Oct. 28th, gives an account of a most horrible massacre of an entire family, including the wife and mother with her 6 children, and the subsequent suicide of the murderer, who was the husband and father of the family. His name was Philip HOPSKINS, his residence in Ormsby county, N.T., and the cause of his horrible conduct was insanity, superinduced by misfortune in the sale of some valuable mining stocks. The wife was murdered and then scalped, and the children had their brains beaten out. After this HOPKINS but his throat from ear to ear, mounted a horse and rode into Carson City, falling dead in a few minutes.

ATTEMPT to ROB and MURDER - Mr.&Mrs. LANGDON, of Sacramento, were on Thursday held to answer the charge of an attempt to rob and murder a man named POTTS, who was sleeping in their house, and against whom, as a shield to their won infamous [illeg], they conspired, and had brought in a complaint of assault with intent to commit rape on a woman. POTTS was robbed of $500 and then badly beaten by LANGDON.


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