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Evening Republican
Evening Republican
Contributed by Loren H

Description: Twamley Store

Date: November 18 1929

Source: my granary


There is doubtless a reason why the W O Twamley hardware, plumbing and heating business in this city is holding its own and forging ahead in the face of all modern competition, against which many another retailer confesses himself helpless. In the first place, MrTwamley likes his business, in the second place, he understands his business and in the third place, he pushes his business and devises ways and means of beating competition.
W O Twamley was virtually brought up in the hardware game. He was born on a farm near Martinsburg, Nebraska and was but five years of age when his father engaged in hardware merchandising in Larchwood,Iowa.
After serving for years in his father's store, W O secured a position with the Winchester Simmons Company of Sioux City and had been with that well known wholesale concern ten years when he and his father, Benjamin Twamley who had meanwhile retired from his business at Larchwood, decided to look up a location in which they might re engage in a business partnership.
The Stoefen and Rohde store at Platte was well known to W O who, in his association with the Sioux City wholesale hardware house, was conversant with the volume of business being done by this retail concern. Thus it came about that in 1917, the Twamleys came to Platte, bought out the firm of Stoefen and Rohde and took possession of the business. Five years later the elder Mr Twamley purchased the corner building in which the store is houseed, the south half being occupied by the Gus???. The building is a modern two story brick structure, 50 by100 feet in ground dimensions.
The new owners proceded to greatly improve the store, particularly in fixtures and interior arrangment until it is today one of the most attractive retail hardware stores to be seen anywhere outside of much larger cities. W O Twamley was the originator of the idea of enclosing his side shelving behind neat doors, the shelves contents being indicated by samples attached to the exterior side of the doors. The sceme was so excellent that it was at once adopted by the Winchester Simmons company and thus spread to hardware establishments throughout the country.
Instead of the old style plan of wood counters at the sides of the room, in the Twamley store, modern glass floor cases form a hollow square toward the front center of the salesroom, thus offering the customer a full view of the merchandise and rendering the salesmn's job of service many times more convenient. This plan of interior arrangement likewise adds immensely to appearances.
Four years ago the elder Mr Twamley retired from the business here. W O assuming his interests. The present Mrs Twamley was formerly bookkeeper in the Farmers State bank of Platte, and is therefore an invaluable helpmate of her husband having charge of the accounting department of his business. Mr and Mrs Twamley are among Platte's contented home owners.
The Twamley store carries the celebrated Green furnaces and in the plumbing and heating line, towns throughout the surrounding territory, as well as the city of Plate itself, are covered.
Besides the proprietor and his wife, five people are employed to handle the business.
Mr Twamley is a 32d degree Mason and a member of the Platte Community club, which marks him as one of the leading and most progressive memebers of the community.

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