The Cork Examiner
The Cork Examiner
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Date: October 3 1861

The Cork Examiner, 3 October 1861
Right Rev. Dr. Delany £1 0 0
Very Rev. Dean Murphy 1 0 0
J. J. Murphy & Co. 2 0 0
Rev. Maurice Power, P.P. 2 0 0
Dr. Lyons, M.P., D.L. 1 0 0
Mr. Thomas Hayes 1 0 0
Mr. Martin Hayes 1 0 0
Very Rev. Neal M'Cabe 1 0 0
Mr. John Nicholas Murphy, D.L. 1 0 0
Mr. James Murphy, Ringmahon 1 0 0
Very Rev. John Falvey, P.P. 1 0 0
Mr. David Cagney, J.P. 1 0 0
C. and T. O'Sullivan, Butter Exchange 1 0 0
Rev. Augustine Maguire 1 0 0
Mr. Jeremiah Buckley, Butter Exchange 1 0 0
Miss Mary Russell, Mallow-lane 1 0 0
Mrs. Catherine Hallissy 1 0 0
Mrs. O'Connor, North Main-st. 1 0 0
Rev. P. J. Conway, St. Mary's 1 0 0
Mrs. Quin and grandchildren, Great George's-street 1 0 0
Mrs. Mark O'Brien, King-st. 1 0 0
Miss O'Brien, do. 0 5 0
Miss Mary C. O'Brien, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Timothy Duff, Mallow-lane 1 0 0
Miss Drinan, George's-quay 1 0 0
Mr. Cornelius Cremen, Middle-road 1 0 0
Mrs. Mary Mahony 1 0 0
Mr. Patrick Scannell, Douglas-st. 0 15 0
Very Rev. Archdeacon O'Shea 0 10 0
Mr. Dominick Cronin, Butter Exchange 0 10 0
Mr. Cornelius Moynihan, T.C., do. 0 10 0
Mr. Daniel Mahony & Son, do. 0 10 0
Mr. D. O'Connor, do. 0 10 0
Messrs. Daly, Brothers, do. 0 10 0
Rev. Canon Browne 0 10 0
Mr. Terence M'Mahon, Butter Exchange 0 10 0
Mr. Alexander M'Carthy, T.C., do. 0 10 0
Mr. Wm. O'Keeffe 0 10 0
Mr. James Dwyer, Great George's-street 0 10 0
Mr. Thomas Moffit, do. 0 10 0
Mr. Wm. M'Carthy 0 10 0
Mr. Denis B. O'Connor, M.D. 0 10 0
Mr. Murphy, Butter Exchange 0 10 0
Mr. M. F., Watercourse 0 15 0
Mr. James O'Connor, South-terrace 0 10 0
Mr. Mr. Charles Daly & Co. 0 10 0
Mr. Michael Daly 0 10 0
Mr. Stephen M'Kenna, T.C. 0 10 0
Mr. John O'Mahony, South Main-st. 0 10 0
Mr. Wm. Hegarty, T.C. 0 10 0
Mr. John Finn, T.C. 0 10 0
North Convent 0 10 0
Mrs. D. Burke 0 10 0
Mr. Sutton, Waterloo-road 0 10 0
Mrs. O'Brien, Douglas-street 0 10 0
Mr. Still, Gas-works 0 15 0
Mr. Riordan, Mallow-lane 0 10 0
Mrs. Riordan, do. 0 10 0
Mr. William Hackett, Charlotte-quay 0 10 0
Mr. Edward Eames 0 10 0
Mr. Michael Dunn, Watercourse 0 10 0
Mr. Doyle, Prinses-street 0 10 0
Mr. James M'Donnell, National Bank 0 10 0
Mr. Henry Roche, Old George's-street 0 10 0
Mr. Dooly, Douglas-street 0 10 0
Mr. Reid, Barrack-street 0 10 0
Mr. Cornelius O'Sullivan, Great-George's-street 0 8 6
A Friend 0 7 0
Mr. P. Shea, Duncan-street 0 7 0
Miss Coleman, Myrtle-hill Terrace 0 7 6
Mr. Curtayne 0 7 0
Mrs. Alton, Goulnaspurrah 0 8 0
Mr. E. Murphy, Mallow-lane 0 6 6
Mr. T. T. Murphy, Sydney-place 0 5 0
Mr. Michael Gould, Alderman 0 5 0
Mr. John M'Namara, South-terrace 0 5 0
Mr. James Harding, Butter Exchange 0 5 0
Mr. Thomas Forrest, do. 0 5 0
Mr. John Desmond, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Timothy Flavin, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Thomas Cahill, do. 0 5 0
Mr. David Fitgerald [sic] do. 0 5 0
Mr. John Mahoney, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Edward Mahoney, do. 0 5 0
T. and D. M'Carthy, do. 0 5 0
Mr. C. O'Regan, do. 0 5 0
Mr. E. O'Sullivan, do. 0 5 0
Mr. P. T. Riordan, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Richard Foley, Merchant's-quay 0 5 0
Mr. Florence Sullivan, Church-street 0 5 0
Mr. Michael M'Auliffe, Sunday's-well 0 5 0
Mr. Egan, Union-quay 0 5 0
Mr. Cussen 0 5 0
John George MacCarthy, Ald. 0 5 0
Mr. Baily, South-mall 0 5 0
Mr. Cremin, Old George's-street 0 5 0
Mr. Cornelius O'Leary, Mulgrave-road 0 5 0
Mr. John Harding, Butter Exchange 0 5 0
Mr. Daly, Salt and Lime Works 0 5 0
Mrs. Bridget O'Regan, Fair-lane 0 5 0
Mr. O'Connor, Sunday's-well 0 5 0
Mr. Ramade, Warren's-place 0 5 0
Mr. Buckley, Henry-street 0 5 0
Mr. Tinnam, Shandon-street 0 5 0
Mr. Hennessy 0 5 0
Mr. Cleary, Market-street 0 5 0
Mr. T. O'Callaghan, Mallow-lane 0 5 0
Mr. Slattery, do. 0 5 0
Mr. E. Buckley, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Crowley, Patrick-street 0 5 0
Mr. P. Ahern 0 5 0
Mr. Barry M'Mullan 0 5 0
Mr. Sylvester O'Sullivan 0 5 0
Mr. Shea, Barrack-street 0 5 0
Mr. Thomas Cavanagh, Market-place 0 5 0
Mr. Owen Ahern, Sullivan's-quay 0 5 0
Mr. John Madden, Bridge-street 0 5 0
Mr. Bartholomew Daly, Patrick-street 0 5 0
Mr. Mulcahy, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Shea, South-terrace 0 5 0
Mr. James Brown, Warren's-place 0 5 0
Miss Wall, George's-quay 0 5 0
Mr. Twomey, English-market 0 5 0
Mr. Mahony, do. 0 5 0
Mr. Daly, Butter Exchange 0 5 0
Mr. M'Mahon 0 5 0
Mr. O'Connor 0 5 0
Mr. Vuille, Marlborough-street 0 5 0
Mr. Francis Staunton, do. 0 5 0
Mr. John M'Sweeney, Old George's-street 0 5 0
Mr. Bury 0 5 0
Mr. M'Donnell, North Main-street 0 5 0
Mrs. Riordan, do. 0 5 0
Miss O'Regan, Patrick's-hill 0 5 0
Mr. James M'Sweeney, Kyrl's-quay 0 5 0
Mr. Fitzgerald, Adelaide-street 0 5 0
Messrs. Beamish and Crawford's men 2 5 0
Messrs. J. J. Murphy's men 2 0 0
Messrs. Hegarty Brothers' men 1 3 6
Mr. John Hegarty's men 1 0 0
Vegetable and English Markets 4 10 0
Clothes and Meat Market, North Main-street 1 18 0
Messrs. J. Carmichal and Co.'s Assistants 1 11 6
Cork and Passage Railway men 0 9 6
In smaller sums 42 0 0
BANKRUPTS.—John Halligan, of Cocklehill, near Loughgall, county Armagh, linen manufacturer and farmer, to surrender on Tuesday, the 15th of October, and on Saturday, the 2d Nov. George Williamson of Sligo, county Sligo, seedsman, to surrender on Tuesday, the 15th of October, and on Saturday, the 2d Nov.

LURGAN, 1ST OCT.—To-day being Lurgan petty sessions day, and it having been rumoured that summonses would be applied for against a large number of Roman Catholics for riot, assault, and participation in the fatal affray on the 12th July, 1860, at Derrymacash, the court-house was densely crowded. Mr. Sheals, of Belfast, appeared on behalf of the Catholics, but the Orangemen were not represented, although it is believed that two legal gentlemen had been employed by them. Only five of the Orange party appeared, and after having been examined by the presiding magistrates, summonses were granted against Charles M'Cann, Terence M'Ilduff, James Doon, Alice M'Ilduff, Catherine Doon, Denis Stewart, and Murtagh M'Ilduff. It is worthy of remark that Charles M'Cann is the man who was seriously wounded and crippled for life, and that the individuals who have now come forward after a lapse of 15 months acknowledged having been in the procession, and two of them are only a short time out of Armagh gaol, after having been convicted at the assizes of riot and unlawful assembly. After some deliberation, the bench decided on issuing the summonses on Thursday next, when a special day will be appointed for hearing. The magistrates were—Messrs. Miller, R.M., Hancock and Greer. The renewal of the affair has caused considerable excitement here. —Freeman.
BURGLARY.—Yesterday morning the establishment of Mr. Joseph Wright, at the corner of Patrick-street and Grand Parade presented the appearance of having been broken into the previous night, and a cash box in the office containing 15s. 10d. was found to have been carried off. A pane of glass had been removed from over the hall door leading into Patrick-street, and another pane from a small window over that, through which it was supposed the burglar had entered, and the staple of the door on the way from thence to the shop was found to have been wrenched away. Head-Constables Roe and Mills examined the place closely yesterday, and came to the conclusion that no burglary had been committed, and that the party who had committed the robbery was inside. The principal manager of the establishment had placed a large sum in the desk in the office the day before, but had taken the precaution of removing it in the evening, but whether the guilty party or parties had been led on by the hope of obtaining this or not is not quite certain.
A portion of the Channel fleet is expected shortly at Plymouth to make good defects. The screw steamship Hero, 89, Captain Alfred P. Ryder, has lost canvass, and some of the others are deficient of spars. There is a dock vacant at Keyham Steamyard should any of the ships require docking.
A BOY BITTEN BY A DOG.—Yesterday several boys were playing about Church-street, when the cap of one of them was thrown by another into a yard belonging to Mr. Fitzgerald. A little fellow named Edward Naughton undertook to recover the cap, and got over a wall into the yard for that purpose, but the minute he reached the ground at the other side he was attacked by two ferocious bulldogs, and before he could escape, the calf of one of his legs was severely lacerated by their teeth. He was conveyed to the North Infirmary.
Sept. 26, at North Brixton, London, the wife of Robert H. Boyce, Esq., Royal Engineers Department, War office, of a son.
Sept. 30, at 12, Herbert-street, Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. M'Evoy, of a daughter.
Sept. 30, at Pembroke-road, the wife of John Wakely, Esq., Ballyhurly, King's County, of a son.
Sept. 20, at Plymouth, the wife of Captain Priestly, 32nd Light Infantry, of a daughter.
Sept. 25, at Match-street, Dublin, the wife of A. H. Grayton, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.
Oct. 1, at the Cathedral, Marlborough-street, John J. Jones, Esq., Constabulary, to Maria Theresa, only daughter of James Dwyer, Esq., Q.C.
IN July last, at the Propaganda, Rome, of tertian fever, THOMAS, son of Mr. GEORGE LUCAS, of this city. The deceased was a young student at the College, and in that capacity had won the respect and esteem of all who knew him. His superiors speak of his docility and unexceptionable conduct as only being equalled by his application to his studies. As a marked compliment to his memory, the CARDINAL PREFECT of the College wrote the Right Rev. Dr. CONNOLLY, Bishop of Halifax, on the mission under whose care the deceased was destined to be, an account of the circumstances of his death, in which he speaks of him as a bereaved father of his dearest child. In all relations of life he obtained the love of those with whom he came in contact, and he is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.—R.I.P.
At his residence, Cloyne, James Cahill, Esq., after a long illness.
On the 2d inst., at Ballymartle, the residence of his brother, Horace Townsend Newman Meade, Esq., M.D., of Queenstown.
On the 28th ult., at Clonakilty, in the 40th year of her age, Margaret, the wife of Mr. Charles Walsh. May she rest in peace.
On the 28th ult. at Rathcoony-house, Captain John Michael Aylward, aged 81 years, of Balnagar, county Galway, and formerly of H.M.'s 5th Dragoon Guards.
On the 27th September, at Blackrock, Dublin, Jane, relict of Captain Theophilus Patterson, R.M., late of Great George's-street.
Sept. 30, at his residence, No. 47, Dawson- street, Dublin, Mr. A. Torkington, after a painful illness.
Sept. 30, at Monsktown, near Dublin, Anne, widow of Richard Kelly, of Weston, county Meath, Esq., and formerly Lieut.-Col. of the 34th Regiment.
Sept. 29, at Arbutus Cottage, Marino-avenue, Clontarf, Barbara Mary, wife of Valentine Wall, Esq., and daughter of the late H. d'Esterre, Esq., of Limerick.
At three o'clock, yesterday evening, before Mr. Tarrant and Captain Martin, Richard Wake, a sailor on board the Great Eastern, brought a charge against the commander, Captain Walker, of ill treatment. Mr. P. Barry appeared for Wake, and Mr. H. H. O'Bryen for the defendant. The particulars of the case were that, on Monday, Wake asked the chief mate for liberty to go on shore to see a magistrate, and he was refused it. The following day he repeated his request, and was then put in irons from eleven o'clock in the day until seven o'clock on Tuesday, and subsequently threatened to be put in irons again if he did not go about his business. He did not ask the Captain the liberty he required, because it was an understanding amongst the crew that the Captain could only be communicated with through the officers. For the defence the chief mate, John M'Allister, stated that the complainant could, if he had chosen, have addressed the Captain. The magistrates considering the charge against Captain Walker was not maintained, dismissed it. Afterwards the complainant swore informations against John M'Alister, chief mate, and Robert Hayes, boatswain, of the Great Eastern, for having, without justifiable cause, placed him in irons. The case will be heard on Monday next.
MADE of Plain and Fancy DOESKINS, in
great variety, ready made to order,
3 2, P A T R I C K - S T R E E T.
Corps of Royal Marines—Captain and Brevet Major Charles Ogilvy Hamley, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Spalding, to be retired full-pay ; First Lieutenant John Cobb, to be Captain, vice Hamley, promoted ; Second Lieutenant William Rolt Triscott, to be First Lieutenant, vice Cobb, promoted.
NAVAL APPOINTMENTS.—Surgeon—E. M'Sorley (additional), to the Nile. Assistant Surgeons—Francis Greene, to the St. Vincent ; James A. Skene, to the hero ; Benj. Crabbe (additional), to the Fisgard ; E. H. Evans, to Greenwich Hospital ; R. E. P. Lawrenson, to Plymouth Hospital ; M. M. Mugrath, to the Chatham Division of Marines ; George F. Elliott (additional), to the Wellesley ; Dr. James Paterson (additional) to the Victory. Midshipmen—Francis R. H. Yorke, to the Trafalgar ; Horatio N. S. Hood, to the Revenge. Naval Cadets—W. Henn, George S. Smith, Allan R. Woodriff, Alfred S. White, Charles B. Neate, to the Trafalgar ; Arthur J. Hamilton, to the London ; Sidney M. E. Wilmot, to the Emerald ; Hay A. P. Probyn, to the Narcissus ; George G. Crompton, to the Aboukir. Naval Cadets (Nominated)—C. E. Grissell and F. O. D. Wright. Naval Cadets as Supernumeraries—Hugh G. Gough, Archibald O. Hill, and J. S. L. H. Mackinnon, to the Marlborough ; Charles C. Wood, J. H. Symons, Frederick Papillon, Sidney G. Smitt, Alexander J. Leith, to the Nile.


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