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Amador Dispatch
Amador Dispatch
Contributed by kchen

Description: Marriage Licenses for 1896 and Teacher's certificates

Date: January 1897

Newspaper published in: Jackson

Amador Dispatch
January 1897
…certificates to teach in Amador county were issued to the following named applicants: Primary grade, Mary BILLAION of Oleta; grammar grade, Nellie M. BURNES of Georgetown, El Dorado county; Charles E. L. DICKEN of Volcano; Mabel G. ROBERTSON of Ione. Charles TAYLOR of Amador county received sufficient number of credits to entitle him to a grammar grade certificate, but being under age the Board could not grant him one. Mrs. Carrie L. TIFFANY of Plymouth was granted a grammar grade certificate on her State Educational diploma, as was Miss Mattie SMITH of May. M.C. DOW of Ione was granted a grammar grade certificate upon his California life diploma, and Mrs. Carrie L. TIFFANY was recommended to the State Board of Education for a life diploma. Eighth grade promotion diplomas were issued to Bayard BARTON of Antelope school, Effie AMICK, Josie MILLER, Lizzie RAWLINGS and Herbert WOOLSEY of Ione school.
RUST—In San Francisco, December 28, 1896, to the wife of Judge R.C. RUST, a daughter.

Marriage licenses were issued by the County Clerk's office during the year 1896 to the following name persons:

Smith, Willie E.- Ludekens, Alice M. 4-Jan-1896
Mocan, Marko- Germoies, Annie 6-Jan-1896
Butarovich, John- Kephart, Zadie 11-Jan-1896
Churchman, Dewitt C.- Chitwood, Mary J. 14-Jan-1896
Esloa, Giusseppe- Regeletto, Louisa 18-Jan-1896
Bartlett, Carlon F.- McCulloh, Frances 25-Jan-1896
Kidd, William R.- Foster, Alys M. 27-Jan-1896
Joy, Frank- LeDoux, Rose 14-Feb-1896
Endicott, E.E.- Sutherland, Emma 18-Feb-1896
Hartwick, Abel Sage- Cook, Agnes 29-Feb-1896
Barney, Elmer D.- Smith, Martha E. 10-Mar-1896
Puckett, William- Lenck, Mollie 13-Mar-1896
Toop, James- Rule, Phemie J.S. 18-Mar-1896
Seamans, Geo. H.- Childester, Florence 18-Mar-1896
Gonlach, Carl Wm. Hugo- McCoy, Lizzie V. 18-Mar-1896
Schnable, Martin H.- Smith, May L. 23-Mar-1896
Herrell, Willard F.- Lawson, Etta May 3-Apr-1896
Dickens, Wm. Abner- Murphy, Ella 14-Apr-1896
Wheeler, Wm. Henry Votaw, Nellie 20-Apr-1896
Downes, Wallace Ephraim Campbell, Elsie 21-Apr-1896
Morrow, George C.- Walker, Mabel 25-Apr-1896
Tregaskis, Martin B.- Collings, Sarah G. 27-Apr-1896
Gebbairdt, George- Meakel, Pauline 27-Apr-1896
Casey, John- Nuner, Blanche A. 29-Apr-1896
Haney, G.W.- Camans, Ruth 2-May-1896
Wheeler, Stephen C., Jr.- Clark, Alice 6-May-1896
Williams, William S.- Taylor, Mary J. 12-May-1896
Leam, John W.- Thomas, Louisa 19-May-1896
Phipps, James F.- Turner, Sarah 26-May-1896
Fithian, E.E.- Morrow, Jennie E. 29-May-1896
Clark, Wm. D.- Mooney, Sarah 2-Jun-1896
Olver, Charles- Crocker, Lillie 9-Jun-1896
Huberty, John R.- Flaherty, Mary 9-Jun-1896
Moon, Lewis H.- Barker, Mary E. 10-Jun-1896
Morris, John Henry- Dugan, Goldie Augustus 15-Jun-1896
Gray, Dudley L.- Gray, Amelia 22-Jun-1896
Stewart, Wm. W.- Baker, Luella 23-Jun-1896
Fregulia, John Angelo- Furenza, Mary 27-Jun-1896
Peck, P.N.- Sappinton, Elvira J. 1-Jul-1896
McLaughlin, Wm. F.- Fenton, Louisa 1-Jul-1896
Davelle, Frank- Baldocchi, Louisa 6-Jul-1896
Glavich, Peter- Bane, Annie 17-Jul-1896
Bonham, J.H.- Dean, Della 18-Jul-1896
Gray, Vivian V.- Young, Lizzie 27-Jul-1896
Hipkins, Wm. A.- Tarr, Estella 29-Jul-1896
Leahy, Thomas- Smith, Annie 30-Jul-1896
Burley, Robertson- Griffin, Sarah E. 4-Aug-1896
Angove, D.J.- Smith, Dorie M. 6-Aug-1896
Tonzi, Joe A.- Norton, Ida L. 17-Aug-1896
Amick, Jas. M.- Hutson, Katherine 27-Aug-1896
Hurst, Ewd. M.- Dwyer, Annie 1-Sep-1896
Lewis, Joseph- Buyck, Flora 5-Sep-1896
Harrell, U.G.- Lessley, Mary E. 7-Sep-1896
Wallace, William- Renn, Ettie 14-Sep-1896
Henderson, Elles- Isaminger, Gracie 18-Sep-1896
Sanborn, Byron S.- Hughes, Julia A. 21-Sep-1896
White, John T.- Chamberlain, Annie R. 3-Oct-1896
Mitchell, Thomas- Eva, T. 6-Oct-1896
Liddicoat, Wm. R.- Thomas, Lottie M. 12-Oct-1896
Marini, Victor A.- Cardinali, Lizzie 15-Oct-1896
Manning, Peter- Mahoney, Margaret A. 15-Oct-1896
Serra, John- Canepa, Mary 19-Oct-1896
Burdisso, Domenik- Matulich, Mandina 24-Oct-1896
Ruoff, Fred- Crain, Susie 27-Oct-1896
Moon, Richard L.- Bitter, Elizabeth M.D.H. 31-Oct-1896
Barber, George H.- Fossett, Katie V. 2-Nov-1896
Mattley, Albert- Podesto, Richetta 6-Nov-1896
Weyel, Earnest- Sharon, Leah 6-Nov-1896
Teasdale, (no first name)- Trask, Ceneth 11-Nov-1896
Swithenbank, Joseph- Ortiz, Fannie 19-Nov-1896
Davis, John F.- Parks, Lillian C. 25-Nov-1896
Church, Thomas M.- Culbert, Mary Gertrude 8-Dec-1896
Thompson, Henry- Ray, Florence Edith 9-Dec-1896
Richards, Peter- Shealor, Myrtle Bell 14-Dec-1896
Isaminger Frank S.- Vose, Lizzie J. 21-Dec-1896
Bearco Lloyd A.- Kimball, Myrtle 22-Dec-1896
Mason, Warren Q.- Heath, Ada E. 22-Dec-1896
Bonti, Eugen- Cavallero, Mary 26-Dec-1896
Phillips, William B.- Hodge, Mary E. 29-Dec-1896
Goodman, Phillip S.- Foster, May V. 30-Dec-1896

Submitted: 11/23/07

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