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Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: May 16-21, 1864

Date: May 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 16 MAY 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, May 13th, to the wife of Edward MOORE, of a son.

BIRTH - in this city, May 14th, to the wife of James BROWN, of a son.

BIRTH - in Aurora, May 5th, to the wife of Washington EVANS, of a son.

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 12th, to the wife of Richard FOWLER, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 11th, to the wife of R. CLEMENTS, of a daughter.

MARRIED - at the residence of bride's father, San Andreas, Robert EPROSON to Miss Mary F. HOSKINSON, all of Calaveras county.

MARRIED - at Salt Spring, Calaveras county, May 2d, Jacob S. TOWER to Miss Sarah E. HOWARD.

MARRIED - at Rich Gulch, Calaveras county, W.O. CRAIG to Mrs. Fanny FIFIELD.

TARGET SHOOTING YESTERDAY - There was a great amount of enthusiasm exhibited yesterday among sportsmen at the William Tell Gardens - far more zeal than really good shooting. Nearly 600 shots were fired and only 4 struck the bull's eye. The shooting was off-hand, and the target 180 yards distant. The nearest shot was about 1 ½ inches to the right of the center, fired from a rifle manufactured by Mr. VAN VLEAR of this city. The steady finder that drew the trigger belonged to Mr. E.O. JUDD, a member of this office. Mr. JUDD takes much pride in rifle shooting, and he informed us that VAN VLEAR's guns class among the best manufactured in the State. The twist, or what sporting men call the "lead" of these rifles is what is known as the "Weston Lead," nearly the same as the "Remmington." The 1st prize was a silver fruit basket valued at $8 - a trophy promptly and cheerfully handed over to the winner.

-Estate of L.D. HOLDEN, deceased; motion for allowance of settlement of final account granted; also motion for decree of confirmation of sale of real estate granted
-Guardianship of Alvin ELLIOTT; continued for the term

>>TUESDAY, 17 MAY 1864<<

BIRTH - in Mariposa, May 6th, to the wife of Dr. W.W. WARD, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Mariposa, May 7th, to the wife of Winslow GALLISON, of a son.

BIRTH - in Mariposa, May 13th, to the wife of John McGRANN, of a daughter.

BIRTH - on Upper Fresno, Fresno county, to the wife of Robert LARAMORE, of a son.

WANTED - A blacksmith at Warren's Ferry, Stanislaus River, Mariposa road. Apply to Warren & Co., freighters, forwarders and commission merchants, Levee street, Stockton, or on the premises, to:

COMMON COUNCIL - The Council met last evening pursuant to adjournment; Alderman T.J. KEYES in the Chair. The following members were present:

-Petitions of Jerome MYERS, Thomas M. BRADLEY, Bernard McMAHON, J.F. TASKER, Joseph WILEY and James M. WHITE, to be appointed special policement, on motion of Alderman MILLS, were referred to a special committee to report at the next meeting. Aldermen MILLS, HICKMAN and LANE were appointed said committee. Mr. LANE asked to be excused, and Alderman HODGKINS was appointed.

-Estate of A.B. SHAW, deceased; letters of administration were ordered to be issued to T.B. DAY on his filing a bond in the sum of $1200. E. HARRISON, C.C. SPERRY and Jesse S. LEWIS were appointed appraisers.
-Guardianship of G.H. and Frederick N. HEDGE; annual accounts of guardian allowed
-Estate of Sophia PLATT, deceased; will admitted to probate and letters testamentary ordered to issue to R.W. BRUSH and James CROZIER.

MORTUARY - The number of deaths in this city, from January 1st to May 1st, was 51 - 24 of whom were interred by Alfred N. BLAKE, undertaker, Hunter street, and the balance by H.M. BOND, County Coroner and undertaker, Weber Avenue.

BLACKWELL, the man in prison awaiting sentence upon a conviction of assault with intent to rape, has appointed C.P. CROW guardian of his children. The oldest is a girl 8 years of age and the youngest 4 years.

-Josiah J. WATSON, Ex-Chief of Police at Sacramento, who was hopelessly ill of consumption, committed suicide on Saturday evening last by shooting himself through the left breast. It is believed that the deed was committed to avoid the hopeless suffering and lingering daily death of his complaint.
-A German named MEYERS committed suicide in Petaluma, on the 8th instant, by cutting his throat from ear to ear. No cause given.

DOINGS of a GRIZZLY - One night week before last a grizzly bear entered the cabin of a Mr. OSTRANDER, hear Yo Semite valley, through the roof, into which he made a hole. He ate up all the provisions, tore open a straw bed, and lodged there for the night, decamping next morning. His tracks were a foot long by 8 inches wide.

MURDER - P.T. HEFFERNAN and George CLARK have been indicted for murder by the Merced county Grand Jury. These are the men charged with having killed a Frenchman on the Stanislaus river about 5 weeks ago, for which they were arrested in Sonora.

>>WEDNESDAY, 18 MAY 1864<<

SERENADE - On Monday about midnight the Stockton Union Band, at the instance of the members of Eureka Engine Company, took a position under the chamber windows of a newly married couple who were stopping at the Magnolia House, and discoursed soul-stirring music, arousing Mr. Charles JENKINS from his slumbers. Mr. J., the honored recipient of the serenade, is a member of the Eurekas, who, with a commendable spirit of gallantry, adopted that manner of testifying their esteem of their comrade and of paying their respects to his young wife. It was certainly a pleasant affair, and must have been highly gratifying to all parties concerned.

RUSSIAN GOVERNOR - The Czar has appointed Prince MAXSONTOFF Governor of the Russian Possessions on the Pacific. He arrived at San Francisco a few days since, and left for Sitka on Saturday last on a Russian war steamer.

ANOTHER SUICIDE - A religious monomaniac named Frank L. McKINNEY, committed suicide at San Francisco on Sunday evening. Deceased was aged 42 years, and his mania was imagining himself to be an inspired prophet.

MILITARY - Captain Alfred MORETON, Company K, Col. LIPPITT's regiment of infantry, C.V., formerly of the 'Union' office, Sacramento, passed through this city yesterday en route to Fort Miller, where his company is now stationed.

>>THURSDAY, 19 MAY 1864<<

ASSAULT and BATTERY - A warrant was issued yesterday by Justice Baldwin for the arrest of Samuel FIPPS, charged with assault and battery on the body of an old woman. Constable Horn found FIPPS on the top of a house, corralled him and took him into Court, where he plead guilty. He will be sentenced this morning at 10 o'clock in Justice Baldwin's Court.

HARK FROM THE TOMBS - A vagrant named Jacob SCHRODER, was arrested the other day in San Francisco for the practice of sleeping among the tombs at Lone Mountain - that is for being illegitimately among the "dead heads." SCHRODER should join the press gang. He could then hang up anywhere without fear of the police.

CAPTAIN HARRY LOVE, who it will be remembered, was leader of the party of rangers that killed the robber and murderer JOAQUIN, had his house in Santa Cruz county burned down last week, by an incendiary. Perhaps some of the old band did it in revenge.

>>FRIDAY, 20 MAY 1864<<

GONE EAST - Yesterday afternoon, when the Cornelia left for San Francisco, more than 200 persons assembled on the wharf to say "good-bye" to friends who started for the Eastern states. Mr. M. COON, Mr. McCOY, formerly Supervisor at the Insane Asylum, Mr. N.H. TAYLOR, of the firm of TAYLOR & THOMPSON, Mr. E. WEEKS and Master W.S. BAKER, all started en route to New York. Master BAKER goes in charge of Mr. WEEKS to Boston, for the purpose of becoming a machinist.

FOR THE TULE - W.H. LYONS, of this city, has chartered the sloop Amelia to carry lumber to Potato Slough, for a dwelling house. Mr. LYONS owns an extensive tract of land in that district and means to improve it. The sloop is managed by James SHARROT, who is familiar with every slough and stream in the western part of the county. A mechanic goes along to superintend the building, and several others go to rusticate, among whom is Joshua POD, of Podville. They leave this morning.

VAMOSED - Sam PHIPPS, the man arrested on the top of a house by Constable Horn, and taken before Justice Baldwin on Wednesday on a charge of assault and battery, failed to appear for sentence yesterday. It is stated that he left very early yesterday morning for parts unknown. As he has added contempt of Court to his other iniquities, it will probably be the best thing he can do to remain in parts unknown. A man who would assault a woman should certainly remain aloof from society.

RETURNED - The Nevada 'Transcript' says that the Hon. J.R. McCONNELL and wife returned form the East on the last steamer and passed through that city on the 13th instant on their way to Nevada Territory. About a year ago Mr. M[rest illeg] took the remains of his deceased wife back to her old home in Kentucky.

BRUTAL ASSAULT - At the Ophir mine, N.T., on Saturday last, John HEALEY cut one Michael MURPHY's head open with an axe.

>>SATURDAY, 21 MAY 1864<<

CIRCUS LAST NIGHT - The circus was well attended last night, and the performances were excellent and loudly applauded. The riding by a little girl - a daughter of Mr. LEE, one of the proprietors - was esteemed the chief feature of the performance. The audience number about 500 persons, at least 1/3 of whom were ladies. The auditors were well pleased, and the canvas will undoubtedly be filled again this evening, when the programme will be completely changed. For the accommodation of ladies and families, performance will be given this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

NOTABLE DEATH - The Virginia City 'Enterprise' of May 18th, has the following: Last evening we heard from a perfectly reliable source of the death of Judge RALSTON, formerly a resident of this city [Virginia City], and well known to the majority of our citizens, and well known in California. A letter was received in this city from Mrs. RALSTON last evening, from Austin (the late place of residence of the Judge), stating that some days since he left his home to visit a ranch owned by him some distance in the country; and upon his not returning as soon as was expected, search was made and his dead body found, when it appeared that he had fallen chilled and had frozen to death. This is about all we were able to learn. He had been dead several days when his body was found. We presume that he lost his life during one of the late snow storms in that region. He was a feeble old man.

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