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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: May 23-31, 1864

Date: May 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 23 MAY 1864<<

STOCKTON CITY GUARD - The commissioned officers of a new military company, organized in this city, May 5th, who were appointed a committee to report a name for the company, have named it "Stockton City Guard." The Company now numbers 47 members. At a recent meeting the following non-commissioned officers were elected:
Robert SEDGWICK, First Sergeant
[1 line name damaged & illeg]
Aleck THRESHER, 3d do
Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 4th do
George KROH, 5th do
1st, Geo. H. SANDERSON
3rd, -- MEACHAM
4th, G.C. HYATT
The commissioned officers are:
N.E. ORR, Captain
C.H. COVELL, 1st Lieutenant
W.W. HATCH, 2nd Lieutenant
John NICHOLS, Junior 2nd Lieutenant
L.W. YATES, Secretary

ATTEMPT at SUICIDE - Judge KENNEY, of Angels Camp, Calaveras county, attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a carpenter's chisel, on the 14th instant. His wound was attended to by Dr. JONES, of Murphys, and there are hopes of his recovery.

FATAL ACCIDENT - Wm. O. THOMPSON, a native of Pennsylvania, was fatally injured by the fall of a rock in this mining claim at Chili Gulch, Calaveras county, on the 17th instant. Deceased was aged 35 years.

>>TUESDAY, 24 MAY 1864<<

DIED - in this city, May 23d, Bedelia, wife of Edwin HICKINBOTHAM, aged 33 years. [Funeral from the First Baptist Church at 1 o'clock today (Tuesday). Friends are invited to attend without further notice.]

ASSAULT and BATTERY - On complaint of John HARTLEY, a warrant was issued yesterday by Judge Baldwin for the arrest of S.H. RIPLEY charged with assault and battery, by the unlawful beating, bruising and wounding of said HARTLEY. The accused was arrested by Constable Horn, brought into court, plead guilty and was ordered to appear for sentence this morning at 10 o'clock.

PELTRIES - 370 beaver skins and 36 otter hides were sent to the Bay by the Hensley, yesterday afternoon. DYKEMAN captured 190 of the beaver and 36 otter in the tules in a little lest than 2 months time. Levi PHILLIPS secured the balance. The price of the skins ranges from 90 cents to a dollar each.

QUICK TRIP - The passengers who left San Francisco April 23, on the Opposition Line, for New York, reached their destination in the short period of 22 days. Mrs. HAVENS, Mrs. DELANO and others who left this city, telegraph back to their friends that the trip was a delightful one.

>>WEDNESDAY, 25 MAY 1864<<

BIRTH - at Chili Gulch, May 14th, to the wife of Martin COLEMAN, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Sonora, on the 11th inst., to the wife of John SHAW, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Coulterville, May 7th, to the wife of N.G. BIDELY, of a daughter.

MARRIED - in Calaveras county, May 15th, Mr. Wm. CANNON to Miss Amanda E. HATTEN.

MARRIED - in Tuolumne county, May 13th, Rev. John MOYLE to Miss Elvira SAVAGE.

MARRIED - in Sonora, May 17th, Mr. W.S. COOPER to Miss J.S. DARLING, both of Sonora.

MARRIED - in Sonora, May 15th, Mr. Robert H. FINNEY to Miss Welthe M. ADAMS, both of Tuolumne county.

DIED - at Mokelumne Hill, May 18th, Wm. O. THOMPSON, of Pottsville, Pa., aged 37 years.

DIED - at Gold Springs, Tuolumne county, May 19th, Sarah L., daughter of Henry S. and Mary A. MONROE, aged 20 months.

DIED - in Mariposa, May 19th, Charles C. MEYER, a native of Luxemburg, Germany, aged 43 years.

DIED - at the County Hospital in Mariposa, May 16th, Bernard KRUSE, a native of Germany, aged about 50 years.

A NEW CHURCH - The erection of a new church at Linden will be completed in about a month, and its dedication is expected to take place July 10th, when Rev. E. THOMAS, editor of the 'Christian Advocate,' will conduct the services. The building is 44x30 feet, and 16 feet from floor to ceiling. It is the property of the Methodist Episcopal persuasion at Linden, and Rev. W.B. PRIDDY is the Pastor. The debt on the building, when finished, will be but a trifle, and will probably be wholly liquidated by the sum collected on the day of dedication, if not by individual subscription before that time.

ASSAULT and BATTERY - A warrant was issued yesterday by Justice Baldwin for the arrest of John Doe, (real name unknown), a butcher, charged with assault and battery upon the person of Charles TERRY, an old, white headed negro, commonly known as "Uncle Charley." The butcher is said to have relieved, by a rather violent process, the old man of some of his teeth. Charley was formerly the slave of Judge TERRY, who brought him to this State at an early day. The old fellow felt very indignant at the idea of being struck - averring that no man had lifted his hand in violence toward him during the last 50 years.

>>THURSDAY, 26 MAY 1864<<

PLEAD GUILTY - Lewis WEINGARTH plead guilty before Justice Baldwin yesterday to a charge of assault and battery upon Charley TERRY, an old peaceable negro. WEINGARTH was ordered to appear for sentence this morning at 10 o'clock.

WOOL FROM THE CALAVERAS - Mr. J.W. JOHNSTON, a farmer near the Calaveras, south of the Camanche road, brought about 5000 pounds of wool into market yesterday. It was purchased by Mr. GILLINGHAM.

A YOUNG MAN named HOOPER, a native of Maine, was drowned in Sonoma creek on Tuesday night, May 17th.

NOTABLE DEATH - Dr. W.H.R. WOOD, formerly Secretary of State and compiler of "Wood's Digest" of the laws of California, died on the 22d instant in the San Francisco County Hospital, at the age of 52 years. Mr. WOOD was a native of North Carolina, and had in the course of his residence in California, been the editor of several daily newspapers.

INFANTICIDE - Murdoch and Mary McKENZIE, of Tomales, Marin county, are under arrest, charged with the murder of their infant child, about 3 weeks old. Each accuses the other of the crime. The offence was committed on the 13th.

ESCAPED - Bob DURKIN, somewhat known to fame, and Joe COFMAN escaped from the station house in Marysville May 23d. DURKIN left an unexpired term of service in the chain gang, and COFMAN is the man who was arrested a few weeks ago at Oroville, and has been lying in the station house waiting the arrival of Sheriff WORDEN, of Mendocino county, where charges were pending against him.

>>FRIDAY, 27 MAY 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, May 26th, to the wife of Louis HANSEL, of a son.

DRISCOLL and TAYLOR, Alias the DeLACYs - James DRISCOLL, alias Charles W. DeLACY, convicted in this city some time ago of burglary and grand larceny, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for a term of 3 years, was recently removed to Sacramento from San Quentin, at the instance of the Chief of Police, Mr. BURKE, and Officer DEAL, of that city. It appears that these officers had become satisfied, after a thorough investigation of the matter, that DRISCOLL had figured in the Fiddletown stage robbery, and they therefore had him taken to Sacramento, where the Grand Jury found a bill of indictment against him for grand larceny. He was taken into the County Court on Monday last for trial and plead guilty to the charge, and was sentenced on Wednesday to 7 years in the State Prison. When asked by the Court whether he had anything to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon him, he replied that an innocent party had been sent to the State Prison from another county for doing what he himself had done. According to the Sacramento papers, he stated that George TAYLOR, alias George DeLACY, was innocent of the robbery of which he was convicted at Jackson. It will be recollected that the latter individual was arrested in this county for burglary at the same time DRISCOLL was arrested; but as it appeared probable that he could not be convicted, he was taken to Jackson, and there tried and convicted on another charge. As the driver of the stage that was robbed swore positively to the identity of TAYLOR, it is more than probable that DRISCOLL's averment of TAYLOR's innocence is only 1 of the means villains use to shield and favor each other when they have an opportunity of so doing. It was in relation to the trial of George W. DeLACY, whose real name appears to be George TAYLOR, that J.G. GIBSON published a card in the 'Independent' of April 28th, and which was replied to by the officer who arrested TAYLOR. GIBSON stated, among other things, in his card, that he was told at Jackson by the officer who sent for him (GIBSON) to testify that if he did not swear that G.W. DeLACY (TAYLOR) was in the Fiddletown robbery, his testimony would be withheld from the Court. GIBSON did not testify, according to his own statement - a part of the card which is admitted by the officer in his card printed 2 days afterward, wherein it is stated that the prosecuting attorney refused to put him (GIBSON) on the stand on account of his bad reputation. Inasmuch as DRISCOLL takes the crime upon himself for which TAYLOR was tried and condemned, and the fact that GIBSON's testimony was refused at the trial, the man TAYLOR's innocence may be possible, and it therefore might be well to give the matter a further and thorough investigation.

INSANE - A German named John DERNO was brought into this city from a short distance south of French Camp yesterday, examined by Doctors SHURTLEFF and SPOSATI, pronounced insane and by order of Judge UNDERHILL, was taken to the Insane Asylum by Constable HORN.

FINED - Lewis WENGARTH was fined $22 yesterday be Justice Baldwin. The fine was imposed as a revenue the law claimed from Lewis for committing assault and battery.

>>SATURDAY, 28 MAY 1864<<

DIED - in this city, May 27th, George H. OSBORN, formerly of Portage, Wis., aged 30 years. ["The good died not."] [The funeral will take place from Lindsey's Point on Sunday morning at 9 ½ o'clock.]

>>MONDAY, 30 MAY 1864<<

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 9th, to the wife of John REEN, of a son.

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 17th, to the wife of Mr. McCALIFF, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 17th, to the wife of R. KERRAN, of a son.

BIRTH - in Copperopolis, May 22d, to the wife of Dr. McLEAN, of a son.

BIRTH - at Smith's Flat, May 16th, to the wife of Thos. BLAIR, of a son.

BIRTH - at French Gulch, May 18th, to the wife of Joseph CARLEY, of a son.

BIRTH - at Angels, May 18th, to the wife of Michael COSGROVE, of a son.

DIED - at Placerville, Idaho Territory, May 8th, Albert S. SWENDSON, a native of Smoland, Sweden, aged about 30 years. [>Iowa papers please copy.]

DIED - at French Gulch, May 13th, the son of Mr. ALLREAD, aged 2 years.

DIED - at Angels, May 21st, G. KENNEY, aged about 50 years.

SKULL of a GRIZZLEY - Franklin R. ALLEN recently found at Hospital Canyon the skull of what must have been a huge old grizzly bear. Hospital Canyon is about 7 miles south of Corral Hollow, in a mountainous range of country which grizzly bears inhabit to the annoyance of pastured herds. The big bear killed in Amador county some years ago was but a baby in comparison to what the monster must have been whose skull Mr. ALLEN recently found, it having been unearthed by the late heavy rains causing torrents of water to rush down the mountain gorges. It measures about a foot across the face at the sockets of the eyes and is of greater length; but the exact figure of length was not ascertained on account of a piece of the snout having been broken off. The tusks in the lower jaw are ¾ of an inch diameter and have been worn down nearly to the jaw bone.

NEW SWAMP LAND DISTRICT - H.P. HANDY, County Surveyor of this county, has been appointed Engineer by Swamp Land Commissioners, to examine and report upon a new Swamp Land District, in this county, and which has been petitioned for by Ross C. SARGENT. The new district spoken of is about 12 miles NW from this city and due west of the farm of Mr. SARGENT, Mr. TREDWAY and John WHITE. The line of telegraph to Mokelumne City passes about a mile east of the eastern boundary of the proposed new district.

FOR IDAHO TERRITORY - Messrs. J.R. SAYRE, S. BURGIN, L. BERTRAND, C.T. WHALE and Angelo OLIVA, all pioneers having arrived in this State early in '49, and who, for many years, have been residents of this city, leave this morning for East Bannock, Idaho Territory. They go by way of Amador and Silver Mountain, to Carson Valley. They have many friends in this city who regret to say "good-bye" but who heartily wish them all the prosperity, comfort and joy that good fortune can yield.

>>TUESDAY, 31 MAY 1864<<

MARRIED - at Coulterville, May 20, 1864, by the Rev. W. DAVIS; Mr. Joseph JACOBS, of Snellings, to Miss Rebecca GOLDSMITH, of Coulterville.

DIED - in Fresno county, Friday, May 20, 1864, after a short illness, Mrs. Agnes REA, wife of Jonathan REA, aged 26 years.

MRS. LOUISA CURTIS, wife of N. Greene CURTIS, died at her home in Sacramento on the 28th of May and was buried on the 30th.

DECEASED - Major Jesse THOMPSON, of Campo Seco, an old and well known citizen of Calaveras county, died at his home on Wednesday, May 26th. His age was about 60 years.

RETURNED - Mr. A.B. GOFF, formerly proprietor of the Magnolia House, has returned from Idaho City, where he has spent the past few months. He says that there are many there who would gladly return to California had they only the means to do so. The climate is uncongenial to Californians and the working season altogether too short to enable even those fortunate enough to have good claims to lay up cash for a rainy day. He prefers San Joaquin county to any other county he has visited since he left our city.

ACCIDENT - A Californian named Hilario RUIZ, of Santa Barbara, in traveling over the San Marcos Pass, near the Petra Rancho with some cattle for Los Angeles, lost his life by a fall from a young colt which ran away with him in coming down the mountain. He was about 35 years old, and formerly lived near Gilroy's.

FOUND DEAD - A man named James FORTE was found dead in his sleeping apartment at Petaluma, May 24th. His death was probably from natural causes. He left a wife and 2 daughters residing near Springfield, Massachusetts.

SEVERE BLOW - Cornelius VAN NESS struck Edward MANDEVILLE on the head with his fist at San Francisco last Friday and Edward fell and remained in convulsions for nearly 12 hours. He has since recovered. As but 1 blow was struck, its serious effect can only be accounted for by the fact that VAN NESS being a bellows maker, understands all about the art of hard blowing.

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