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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: June 13-18, 1864

Date: June 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 13 JUNE 1864<<

SERIOUS ACCIDENT - YON KOON, a Chinese doctor of more than ordinary celebrity, in this city, met with an accident yesterday afternoon, which it is feared, will prove fatal. From all we can learn in regard to the occurrence, it appears that he was driving a spirited horse attached to a buggy, along Sonora street, at a furious rate, and ran against a freight wagon, the collision throwing him forward and causing him to fall at the horses heels, when the animal kicked him on the head. His skull is badly bruised and his life is despaired of.

SAN FRANICISCO DISPATCH, June 12 - One night recently a young woman named Teresa FORD, from Dupont street, was waylaid by a hackman, James McKENNA, and another ruffian named Peter FULLY, forced into the carriage, and conveyed to the Abbey House, 2 miles from the city. They assaulted her in a shameful manner. Her clothing was completely torn from her body and she was bleeding, when she managed to escape their hands and gain the house. Here she was assisted to dress by Pete DALY, who rode to the house on the outside of the carriage with them, but did not take part in the assault. The victim was able to testify yesterday and the accused were fully convicted. They will be sentenced tomorrow.

>>TUESDAY, 14 JUNE 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, June 13th, to the wife of William T. COMPTON, of a son.

BIRTH - at Murphys, June 11th, to the wife of Samuel PARSONS, of a son.

BIRTH - at Mokelumne Hill, June 9th, to the wife of H. ERNE, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in San Andreas, May 28th, to the wife of John O'BRIEN, of a son.

BIRTH - at Central Hill, near San Andreas, June 6th, to the wife of E. RILEY, of a son.

BIRTH - in San Andreas, May 29th, to the wife of C. BROWN, of a son.

BIRTH - in San Andreas, May 30th, to the wife of Harvey HEDRICK, of a son.

BIRTH - in Quartztown, Mariposa county, June 4th, to the wife of Dan MAYON, of a son.

BIRTH - in Hornitos, May 27th, to the wife of John KELLETT, of a son.

BIRTH - in Coulterville, June 4th, to the wife of G. PENDOLA, of a son.

BIRTH - in Coulterville, May 28th, to the wife of Antonio TISCORNIO, of a son.

BIRTH - in Princeton, June 5th, to the wife of Wm. RICHARDS, of a son.

BIRTH - in Princeton, June 6th, to the wife of F.G. CLELLAND, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Princeton, June 8th, to the wife of Dennis DEVINE, of a daughter.

MARRIED - at Murphys, June 6th, J.D. GALRAND to Miss Jenny LEMONDS.

DIED - in this city, on the 12th inst., YON KOON, a physician and native of China, aged 46 years. [The funeral will take place at 3 o'clock from his residence on Hunter street, between Weber avenue and Channel streets.] [PROVED FATAL - YON KOON, the Chinese doctor, who was injured by a horse on Sunday afternoon, died at 11 o'clock the same night. He remained insensible from the time he received the injury up to the time of his death.] [see below]

DIED - at Stockton's Ranch, Mariposa county, June 1st, W.D. STOCKTON, a native of Kentucky, aged 55 years.

DIED - at El Dorado Camp, June 3d, Mrs. Susan THOMPSON, aged 47 years.

DIABOLICAL OUTRAGE - The Sacramento 'Union' of Friday contains the following account of a mysterious and diabolical outrage: Soon after 8 o'clock last evening a house at Poverty Ridge, occupied by a family named WALTER, was visited by 2 ruffians whose faces were blackened, and a child of the family, a girl 8 years old, was carried away by force in spite of the resistance of the mother and herself. The father was absent at the time. On entering, 1 of the men addressed the child by name. When the mother interposed, 1 of the men drew a pistol and the other brandished a club and compelled her to desist. She aroused the neighbors as soon as practicable, but not in time to prevent the escape of the men with the child. The father afterwards met the men in the eastern portion of the city, they still having possession of the child. When he attempted to rescue her they drew weapons upon him and kept him at bay, he being unarmed. At 10 o'clock, WALTER and his wife visited the station house to obtain the assistance of the police in recovering possession of their child, but were unable to obtain any, as there was but 1 officer in attendance. The stolen child lived until recently in the family of James BOWSTEAD, but had been taken home by the mother on account of ROWSTEAD's [spelled 2 ways] contemplated visit with his family to the East. Up to a late hour last night the kidnapped child had not been found, nor had any light been thrown on the mysterious affair.

LYING in STATE - More than 100 persons visited the medical office of YON KOON yesterday, to see the body lying in state and satisfy the cravings of curiosity by observing the pagan humbuggery of the living heathens that were hired to do the mourning. At the head of the body sat a woman with a capacious hood of white cotton sheeting on her head, keeping the flies off, while 4 others were appealing to "Josh" in a jargon only intelligible to themselves, but surely not to the heathen deity of their imagination. Near the body lay a dead hen and about a pint of nuts, chop-sticks and scraps of papers and trinkets of every imaginary shape and color, and any amount of other jimcrackery, gathered only by heathens in the chamber of death. Considerable tallow and oil were wasted in shedding light on the subject; yet after all it appeared dark and stupid to outsiders. But it is their way of doing such things, and they seem to spare no pains and efforts to accomplish enough. The body will be sent to San Francisco on the steamer this afternoon, thence to China.

SERIOUS CHARGES - The man arrested on Sunday evening by Chief of Police, Mr. Taber, on suspicion that he was in some way connected with a late attempt of burglary at Woodbridge, is thought to be Martin STANLEY, or the person who gave that name on his arrest in 1862 for breaking into the house of Mr. FANNING, near the Agricultural Society's Race Track, and who afterwards broke jail and escaped.

DISSOLUTION of COPARTNERSHIP - The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of MEEKER & Co., in the hotel business, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted by A.C. MEEKER, to whom all debts due the firm must be paid and by whom all debts against the firm will be settled.
Stockton, June 9, 1864

>>WEDNESDAY, 15 JUNE 1864<<

CHINESE FUNERAL - At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon a large concourse of Chinese, male and female, collected together at the house of YON KOON, Hunter street, to witness the funeral ceremonies performed in respect to the deceased doctor. Mr. Alfred N. BLAKE conducted the funeral. About 20 minutes past 3 o'lcok the remain, in a mahogany coffin, were carried out and deposited in the hearse, when the procession began to move to the steamer on which the body was taken to San Francisco. 2 carriages containing female mourners closely followed the hearse, and about 150 males followed on foot, each assuming, for the time being, a peculiarly downcast and melancholy phase of countenance. The remains being deposited on the larboard guard of the Cornelia, the chief mourner, a woman, was conducted from a carriage by 5 of her own sex to the boat. This occurrence attracted more notice from the crowd than any other thing connected with the funeral. The woman was dressed in white, and her head enveloped so completely in a capacious hood that her face could not be seen; and the stooping posture of her body while trying to walk brought her nose within a few inches of the ground. This ended the mummery, and shortly the steamer left and so did the crowd. This is the last of "YON KOON."

MAN DROWNED - On Monday as the steamer Lark, having barges in tow, was making her way to this city from the swamp and overflowed lands, one of the employees of Mr. DAMON fell overboard and was lost. The particulars of the occurrence we have been unable to ascertain; but it is reported that the poor fellow got accidentally struck in the breast with a beam, the blow knocking him overboard, when he sank to rise no more. His body was not recovered, though every possible effort was used to find it. His name is Andrew MILLER, and he was about 19 years of age. [see 17 June issue]

DISORDERLY HOUSE - There is a house on Centre street where the inmates (colored) are in the habit of making night hideous with loud and obscene language, which the Chief of Police has determined to stop. He arrested the proprietor, Joseph COOK, whose case received the judicial attention of the Police Judge. The establishment has become a nuisance and as such will be suppressed.

POLICE COURT - Yesterday Joseph COOK (colored) was fined $30 for keeping a disorderly house in violation of Section 1 of Ordinance No. 13. COOK's house is on Centre street.

>>THURSDAY, 16 JUNE 1864<<

-Estate of John B. LEWIS and Elvira LEWIS - on motion of M.G. COBB, continued to July Term
-Estate of Amasa VANNER - motion for settlement of final account and decree of distribution granted

RUNAWAY - A horse belonging to Mr. L.M. HICKMAN took it into his head yesterday morning to leave the street suddenly for his stall, sweeping such obstacles as barber poles, &c., out of his way as he went along on a keen run with a wagon attached to him. He did no material damage.

REV. DR. ANDERSON left on the steamship Constitution for the East, on Monday. He resigned his pastorate over his Church in San Francisco and intends to give his services to the Sanitary Commission during the continuance of the war.

FATAL AFFRAY at COULTERVILLE - On Sunday afternoon, 5th June, a Mexican, named Pancho, was shot and almost instantly killed at Coulterville by a white man named Jacob SHIMER. The Mexican and SHIMER had been heard to pass some angry words in a drinking house. A moment after they passed into the road, when the Mexican was seen with a drawn knife advancing on SHIMER, who drew a pistol and shot the Mexican twice, the latter still advancing with the knife in hand. The 4th shot took effect below the breast-bone, when the Mexican fell and expired in a few moments. Neither the Mexican nor the white man lived in Coulterville. SHIMER was arrested.

>>FRIDAY, 17 JUNE 1864<<

BODY FOUND - The body of Andrew MILLER, the person who was drowned in the San Joaquin river a few days ago from the wood barge of the steamer Lark, was found yesterday morning about 4 miles below the mouth of Old river. Coroner BOND held an inquest, the jury finding that deceased came to his death by accidental drowning. One dollar in silver coin and 6 new cent pieces were found in this pockets, beside some papers. It is supposed that he came to this State on the steamer St. Louis, on her last trip. The remains were brought to this city and buried in the Rural Cemetery.

TO LET - 2 room, furnished, in a hard finished house on Sutter street, near Main. For particulars inquire of P.L. SHOAFF, or on the premises of
Mrs. Ann FORD

FOR SALE, CHEAP - 100 acres of fine land, suitable for a vinery or orchard, located 2 miles north of Stockton, adjoining the ranch of West & Brother.

MURDER - Jose YAGO was stabbed and killed at a dance-house in Sacramento on Wednesday morning by one Jose RODREGUEZ. Both were Peruvians.

DIED of LOCKJAW - A man named KREAMER, who resided at Steamboat Springs, in Nevada Territory, died of lockjaw, June 13th, caused by his foot having been pierced by a rusty nail. He left a wife and 7 children.

RECOVERING - Joseph SIEGLE, a lad 13 years of age, son of Mr. J. SIEGLE, barber, Centre street, while bathing in Mormon Slough, below Chinatown, on Wednesday afternoon, ventured into deep water and would have been lost but for the timely effort of 2 Chinamen. One of the Chinamen dived 9 times before he succeeded in finding the lad, who, by the time he was found had been 5 minutes in the water. As soon as found he was taken to the bank of the slough and laid in a position so that the water could escape from his stomach, and his body rubbed, but without any signs of being able to restore animation, until the services of Dr. NORCOM, half an hour afterward, had the desired effect. He is now able to speak and complains of a sore throat and intense pain in the head. He has no recollection whatever of having been in the water.

DEATH of a PIONEER - Captain T.W. LYLES died, says the Sacramento 'Union,' at the Dennison House, in Portland, Oregon, on Monday, June 13th. He was a native of South Carolina and came from Mobile to California in the early days of the settlement of this State. Captain LYLES was one of the pioneer steamboatmen on this coast - ran the Bragdon for several years between this city and San Francisco, and afterward commanded the Eclipse while she was run as an opposition boat. When the Combination was formed he was the 1st agent of that company in this city. Subsequently he resided in Portland, and became interested in the Oregon Steam Navigation Company, in which institution most of his property is invested, he having acquired quite a competency in the steamboat business. His age was about 55. Captain LYLES was highly esteemed by his friends and possessed many excellent elements of character.

PREJUDICE - Joseph COOK, the man who was recently accused of keeping a disorderly house on Centre street, is defended by a friend who avers that COOK is by no means a man who disregards public morals, or has any disposition whatever to give offense to others. Living in a comparatively uninhabited locality, his friends frequently gather at his house for a jollification, and he does not consider himself responsible for any violation of the public peace and harmony that they may occasion. Regard for peace and morality are principles to which he wishes strictly and always to adhere. He thinks his arrest was wholly grounded upon prejudice, as he has no neighbors near enough to be disturbed by the loud laughing and jollity which occasionally prevails among his friends at his house.

EGGS STOLEN - A few nights ago person or persons entered the premises of Louis VILHAC, produce dealer on the Levee, and stole 50 dozen eggs. The box in which the eggs were locked was burst open and the lock broken to pieces. It is supposed that the thief or thieves approached and departed in a boat. This is not the 1st time that depredations of the same sort have been committed lately. There appear to be a band of miserable thieves who make a living by stealing eggs, small potatoes, and occasionally a sack or 2 of grain from the market stands on the Levee, carrying off their booty in boats in the night time.

RACES TOMORROW - 3 horses have been entered for the races at the Stockton Course tomorrow afternoon - RAYNOR & PATTERSON's horse Rattler; Clark SPAULDING's mare Nameless; and Charles BLOOD's horse Bald Hornet. There is every likelihood of a large crowd being present to witness the sport, as considerable interest is manifested in the result by the friends of the parties concerned. The race takes place at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

SAN FRANICISCO DISPATCH, June 16 - The little daughter of J.L. COLLINS was instantly killed by the Folsom street cars today.

PRIZE FIGHT - A dispatch from Virginia City, dated 14th instant, says: A prize fight between Bill DAVIS and Patsey DALEY came off at American Flat today, 6 miles from Virginia City. The fight only lasted between 8 or 9 minutes. Seven round were fought. DAVIS was the victor, receiving only a few scratches, while DALEY was terribly punished. The sum of $2200 was taken as admission, at $2.50 each.

>>SATURDAY, 18 JUNE 1864<<

MILITARY - Captain KETCHAM, of Company A, 3rd Infantry C.V., arrived in this city from Salt Lake yesterday, after an absence of nearly 2 years. He returned on recruiting service for his regiment, and will in due time open an office here for that business. Parties are allowed $10 each for furnishing recruits who shall pass inspection and be accepted.

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