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The Citizen
The Citizen
Contributed by Susan

Description: Advertisements

Date: December 9 1831

Newspaper published in: Frederick, Md.

Page/Column: 4/2


Dr. Hull's Patent Spring Truss.

Just received, by John S. MILLER, opposite the Market House, Frederick, a supply of Dr. Hull's Patent Spring Trusses for the cure of Hernia. These trusses are approved by all the eminent Physicians of the United States, as many be seen by a reference to the numerous testimonials in possession of the proprietor.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Fine Cutlery, Shovels and Tongs, &c. Just received and on hand, a large assortment of Hardware, among which are -

-- Fine Ivory Knives and Forks
-- Self Tip Knives and Forks
-- Buck-Horn Knives and Forks
. . . . in complete sets of 51 pieces each.
-- Fine pen and pocket knives
-- Razors and Scissors
-- Shovels and Tongs; Brass And-Irons; Fenders
-- Looking Glasses
-- Glass Commode Knobs; glass curtain pins
-- Superior Waiters; Bread Trays
-- Common & Very Superior Coffee Mills
-- Tea Kettles
-- Single and double barreled Guns, part fine twist
-- Pistols, Percussion Caps
-- Bird Bags, Shot bags, Powder Horns & Flasks
-- Brass and Silver Plated Saddlery
-- Eader's and Collins' Axes
-- The various kinds of Steel Hollow Ware; and a very heavy stock of Hoop, Sheet, Slit, rod & Bar Iron.
-- Together with the usual variety of Hardware for substantial service and ornament.

Caspar QUYNN
October 21

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Cogniac Brandy & Wines

The subscriber takes the pleasure to inform his customers and the public generally, that he has n hand superior old pure Cogniac Brandy, Old Fine Mellow Maderia Wine, in bottles, and on tap - best quality Port Wine, Old Holland Gin, and extra fine London Porter, all of which articles, with certainty of their purity and good quality, he recommends to the sick, or others who need such articles. Also, will open in a few days a large assortment of breakfast china, &c. together with a fully supply of groceries; and other articles in his line, which make his stock unusually large, all of which will be sold at a very small advance by the public's obliged servant, Stuart GAITHER. October 14, 1831.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

United States Clothing Store
Patrick Street 3d Down From Market

The proprietors of the U. States Clothing Store, being desirous of increasing the operations of their establishment upon just and equitable principles, pledge themselves to the public that they will make to order Gentlemen's Clothing, of every description, at much less than is considered regular prices.

Having furnished their establishment with a fresh assortment of cloths, cassimeres, vestings, &c., and continuing to receive weekly from the different markets and auction rooms, a supply of seasonable goods - they flatter themselves by such arrangements to merit a share of the patronage of a discerning public.

The strictest attention will be paid to every branch of the business by one of the proprietors in person.

Bernard McCAFFRY

N. B. Six good Journeymen Tailors wanted - and two Apprentices; boys from the country would be preferred.

The latest and most improved fashions just received.
October 21, 1831

Submitted: 12/20/07

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