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Description: General Transcription - Weekly Publication

Date: May 1874

May 9, 1874
[note name change -- formerly Hollister Advance]

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Thomas RITCHIE who was indicted for counterfeiting, has been acquitted. He was defended by P.B. TULLY of this place who is fast acquiring a reputation as a successful criminal lawyer.

Birth -- to wife of Thomas RICHIE, a son

Police Court --
-Abram BARRETT, D, $6 or 2 days; jails

-James FITZGERALD, D&D, $6 or 2 days; jails

-Michael MURPHY, D&D, $6 or 2 days; deposits $2 & travels to find the residue, makes a circular track and brings up at the same place and for the same offense -- $6 more or 2 days; jails. His time up, walks around a little, but has become so infatuated with the good looks of our Judge that he pays him another visit and gets the same prescription -- $6 or 2 days; jails.

The Neptune Hose Company met Monday and elected Charles P. PIERSON, Foreman; J.M. KNIGHT, assistant; H.C. WARNER, secretary; Volney HOWARD, treasurer.

A code of rules regulating the practice of the County Court was approved by the Judge and the following gentlemen were admitted practice as attorneys: LEE, MURPHY, HUNT, and SHACKELFORD. On motion of Judge MAY, Mrs. HOLLOWAY was allowed to act as a sole trader.

**Hollister Library Association -- met Tuesday evening at Beatty’s Hall, very thinly attended owing to the rain which fell continuously during the evening. The following programme was arranged for next meeting:
-Piano Solo by Mrs. R.C. MILLER
-Select reading by Miss E. NORTHCUTT
-Solo by Mrs. EATON
-Declamation by A.L. SMITH
-Duet by Miss Lulu MONTGOMERY and Miss E. HOLLOWAY
-Essay by John KERNS
-Solo by Mrs. MILLER
-Debate -- Resolved that the right of suffrage be extended to females -- affirmative, J.I. McCONNELL, negative, N.C. BRIGGS

-Instrumental music by Mr. and Miss Belle MONTGOMERY
-Music, Mrs. SHACKELFORD and Mr. ELLIS

**Board of Supervisors --
-On motion of Supervisor FLINT it was ordered that the Assessor be allowed an additional deputy if he finds it necessary to complete the assessment within the time required by law.

-Petition for road leading from Quien Sabe Creek to Tres Pinos school house read and the same was received and ordered filed by the Clerk, and the following persons were appointed as viewers: J.P. McCRAY, William ADAMS and N.G. HARDWICK.

-Petition of DUNCAN and others for road from Quien Sabe Valley to Santa Ana road was received and bond of same fixed at $100, which was duly executed, approved and filed, and the following named persons were appointed viewers for same: Thomas MALONEY, Sheldon ALLEN and F.P. McCRAY.

-In the matter of appointing a Justice of the Peace, the petition of E.E. KILE was read and it was ordered that the said E.E. KILE is hereby appointed a Justice of the Peace for Paicines township.

-The petition of William G. LEE was read and it was ordered that he be appointed Justice of the Peace for Hollister township.

-Ordered that an allowance of $12 per month be made to Canoto BORONDA and his wife and that Maurice SULLIVAN be authorized to furnish them with supplies to that amount.

-The following claims were allowed:
A.L. BANCROFT for books, stationery, seals; $2,032

N.C. BRIGGS for services as District Attorney in the conviction of Ed. FULLER and Michael; $36

John MARKLEY for canceling names on Register; $66

J.B. SCOTT for making copy of delinquent tax; $36

John McGONIGLE for printing; $27

Thomas YOST for books and stationery ordered by the Commissioners for organizing the County; $128

Thomas YOST for stamps for Clerks office; $5

J.J. HUNT for criminal matters sent to County Court; $17

J. GOLDFISH for oilcloth table cover; $5

M.A. CASTRO for certified delinquent license list; $10

J.M. BLACK for furniture; $289

H.M. HAYES for registration of voters; $256

Levi BOSWELL for work on Court House; $427

T.S. BEATTY for supplies to indigents; $33

-Ordered that the claim of H. DOWDY for services as special constable be rejected, as also the claim of P. MONTAGUE.

-Ordered that the contract for printing be awarded to John McGONIGLE of the Hollister Enterprise for the term of 1 year, he being the lowest bidder.

-An election ordered held in the townships of Hollister, Paicines and San Benito on 6th day of June, 1874, between 8am & sunset; the question of liquor licenses or no liquor licenses within the said townships separately named. The following persons are appointed as inspectors and judges of said election:

*Hollister precinct -- polling place, J.J. HUNT’s office; J.J. HUNT, Inspector; L.B. AUSTIN, Judge.

*Pacheco precinct -- polling place, Pacheco school house; E.A. SAWYER, Inspector; E. NASON, Judge; R. PERRY, Judge.

*Emmett precinct -- polling place, McCLELLAN station; D.D. HENIN, Inspector; C.C. McCLELLAN, Judge; R.H. McILROY, Judge.

*San Benito precinct -- polling place, WILLIAM’s house; J.H. MATTHEW, Inspector; George BROWN, Judge; John JUSTICE, Judge.

*Erie precinct -- polling place, Erie school house; A.D.T. BUTTON, Inspector; John CHALMERS, Judge; J.V. MATTHIS, Judge.

-Petition of J.W. CAYWOOD and others, praying for a public road leading from the San Juan and New Idria road to T.S. BEATTY’s ranch be received and the bond be fixed at $100. It is further ordered that L.P. McCRAY, Wm. WEATHERS and P.L. NASH be appointed viewers of said road.

-Petition of Patrick CULLIN, J. MALSBORY and others asking for road on township is hereby referred to the County Surveyor.

-The petition of John CLARK asking to be appointed County Physician was laid over until next regular meeting.

-Petition of P.P. McCRAY asking to be furnished with an office was passed over until next regular meeting.

-Petition of J.G. WALKER and others asking to be set off in a school district was laid over for the present.

-Ordered that the claim of P. MONTAGUE for 4 weeks board of Patrick SWEENEY be allowed in the sum of $16 and rejected in the sum of $4, and that Supervisor WATSON be directed to see that the said Patrick SWEENEY has proper attention and care.

-Ordered that R.M. SHACKELFORD and W.E. LOVETT be appointed to adjust the indebtedness between Monterey and San Benito counties…

-In the matter of locating Court House, ordered that C.G. LATHROP, Levi BOSWELL and D.E. GILBERT be appointed to estimate the value of real property described in the propositions of sale to the county by J.M. BROWNE and James I. HODGES.

May 16, 1874

Born -- at Gilroy, May 1st, to the wife of F.W. BLAKE, a son.

Mr. Leo GREEN, a butcher of Hollister, whose family resides at San Juan, received the mournful news on Tuesday last of the death of his little girl who was about 3 years old. The child died from the effects of drinking a poisonous liquid used for cleaning knives, which had been left within its reach. This liquid is frequently sold by peddlers. Beware of it!

***Capture of VASQUEZ --
The startling news has reached us that Tiburcio VASQUEZ, the noted bandit chief, was captured on the 14th inst., at a hiding place some few miles from Los Angeles. In his attempt to make his escape he was shot through several parts of his body, but his wounds are not likely to prove fatal. To the brave posse of men dispatched by Sheriff ROWLAND to effect the capture, all honor is due. They deserve the praise of all law-abiding citizens for the masterly way in which they surprised and captured him. The people of Tres Pinos and the whole country south of us can now feel somewhat relieved from the dreaded prospect of other raids upon them.

A large additional force of Chinamen have just been employed at the San Felipe tobacco plantations. They are setting out young tobacco plants.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
The irrepressible Billy BERGER is again out in a letter, this time in the Mercury of the 10th instant. He had one in the Advocate of Nov. 22d, 1873, which he thinks did not do him much good towards gaining his point, viz -- pardon.

Our new Council met Saturday evening with Mayor FURLONG in the Chair. The bonds of J.C. WOODS, Marshal; J.M. EINFALT, Treasurer; and F. DYER, Clerk; were accepted. John DRYDEN was appointed by the Council as night watchman and the appointment appears to give general satisfaction.

Police Court --
-Jose SILVA, D&W, $6 or 2 days; paid

-William PIERSON, A&B with intent to murder, acquitted for want of evidence.

An Indian name Jim was cut by some party last night. It was only a skin wound. Jim says it was only fun, therefore no arrest.

Squire LEAVESLY has been circulating a petition praying the Supervisors to give the settlers in the Coyote a road to Gilroy.

Dr. MOREY has a splendid collection of foreign plants at his drug store.

HAWES and SCHROEDER’s photograph car levanted this morning for your city.

**Roll of Honor, Hollister Grammar School, J.N. THOMPSON, principal:
-For Deportment and lessons -- Willie MALCOM, Emma HENDRICKS, Bedson EARDLEY, Henry, EARDLEY.

-For Deportment -- Ardell WARE, Willie HUDNER, Daniel LEWIS, Hettie BREWSTER, Mary SULLIVAN, Ellen SALLIE, John VARCOE, George WALL, Emma BISBEE, Allie BISBEE.

-For Lessons -- Leander BREWSTER, Maurice DOOLING, Curtis MILLER, Edwin EATON.

Mr. W. SHAW, Sr., editor of this paper, started to the Eastern States and to Europe during the week. The business errand upon which he has gone will probably absorb his time for the next 2 or 3 months…

Henry ROUNDS starts today from Medina, Ohio, on his return here, accompanied by his mother and her adopted son, who intend to settle in Hollister.

On Tuesday our friend John MURPHY, the baker, killed a splendid hog which weighed over 400 pounds when dressed.

Insurance gives a provision to one’s family with more certainty than any other business investment. See F.W. BLAKE, agent of Charter Oak Insurance Company.

May 23, 1874

Married -- in Truckee, May 30th, 1874, by Rev. J.H. de la MATYER, Wm. EDWARDS of Hollister to Miss Laura E. KEISER of Truckee.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Your ever accommodating Sheriff, ROSS, in conjunction with your County clerk, was the cause of 2 of our young folks being fettered by the bonds of matrimony. In San Juan on 17th inst., Victor BASSIGNANO, to Mary E. CONNOVERS. They appeared willing captives.

Birth -- to wife of Z. HOUSE, a daughter.

A son of Thos. REA tried the difference of the resistive force between lead propelled from a pistol, and a finger, stationary. Result, score 1 for lead, and the doctor scored the remaining fragment of the finger.

Geo. HEADEN is building tobacco houses on the REEVES ranch.

**Board of Trustees -- [over several days]
-President BROWNE proceeded to appoint standing committees:
Finance, J.C. HAYES
Streets, O.D. PECK
Fire and Water, J. MALCOM
Police, S. WOOLERY

-Petitions of R.A. HARMON and CHURCHILL, requesting appointments as night watchmen, laid over until the 18th.

-On motion of J.C. HAYES, the street committee was authorized to have culverts covered.

-On motion of Tr. PECK, O. CHRISTENSON is permitted to grade San Benito Street north of Furlong Alley to the R.R. track according to the established survey at $15 per lineal rod, the town to pay for streets and alleys, property owners paying the balance.

-Petition of R.A. HARMON considered and petitioner appointed night watchman, at a salary of $30.

-Petition of H. CHURCHILL considered and request refused.

Mr. R.S. TUCKER lies in a very precarious condition. The Odd Fellows are faithfully performing their customary duty in providing nurses to wait upon him. We trust, with proper nursing, pure air and good medical attention he may yet recuperate.

Two new buildings are being erected by Jacob DORN on the vacant ground between Charley GOODHUE’s and SNIBLEY’s tin shop. One is for Mr. SHAW, tailor, of Fifth street and the other for Mrs. FLYNN, of Santa Cruz, a dressmaker and milliner.

Mr. Wm. EDWARDS of the Enterprise office has returned from Truckee bringing with him a wife. BENEDICT said the world must be peopled, and this is friend EDWARDS’ excuse for marrying. We congratulate the happy couple and smoke a cigar in honor of the event.

Geo. CLINE is an expert at house moving. This week he succeeded in setting LATHROP’s residence in motion and placed it in good shape at the SW end of town near the site of Mr. HAYES’ dwelling.

Ignacio SOTO was arrested for discharging firearms within the town limits. He plead guilty and was fined $12.

The following incident happened a few evenings since at Santa Cruz. Every traveler knows Tom SUTTON, the stage driver. He is known as a jolly, good natured fellow, and is popular with all. In the present crusade by the temperance people at Santa Cruz, the ladies have districts assigned them, and each is furnished with a list of names of voters, whom they are expected to influence in favor of Local Option. Two fair ladies waylaid Tom as he was approaching home, and made an unexpected raid upon his portly form, and did their utmost by the force of their persuasive eloquence to make him surrender and promise to forsake the use of the “creatur.” Tom looked amazed and suddenly became as solemn as a church door. He politely thanked them for their sisterly regard for his welfare but advised them to go home and not waste their sweetness on the foggy atmosphere so fruitlessly. He thought he knew when to drink whiskey better than they knew how to stay home, and their efforts to capture him was all durned foolishness. Poor Tom now walks across the street every time he meets a woman and he seems to be a sworn enemy to the enlistment process.

A corps of surveyors and engineers have been sent in the interest of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company to survey a route for a railroad to extend from the main line at Castroville to Monterey City. This is projected in opposition to the railroad company recently organized at Salinas City by Messrs. JACKS, ABBOTT and others, and it must have a damaging effect on their operations. Already the value of their stock is sadly depreciated, and STANFORD’s movement may yet cause them to abandon their enterprise.

Spanish language taught by Professor PEREZ. Also, music furnished for parties and soirees. Apply at the Eagle Hotel, corner of San Benito and South streets. 3 lessons per week at $4 per month.

May 30, 1874

Born -- at Hollister, May 24th, 1874, to the wife of W.H. ATCHISON, a son -- a “12 pounder.”

Born -- at Hollister, May 23d, to the wife of W. EPPEHEIMER, a daughter.

Born -- in Hollister, to the wife of Judge MURPHY, a son.

Died -- at Gilroy, May 28th, the infant son of W.W. HOOVER.

Died -- at San Juan, Mrs. Francisco BORONDA, aged 84. At San Juan, Mr. TAPIA, aged over 90 -- both Californians and early settlers of San Juan.

Died -- at San Juan, May 27th, Rosanna BEUTTLER, aged 16 years.

Died -- at Hollister, May 24th, Robert S. TUCKER, aged 39 years.

**Obituary -- The funeral of R.S. TUCKER took place on Sunday, May 24th. For the past 3 months he has been a victim to paralysis and on Saturday last, at midnight, he “shuffled off this mortal coil.” For several years Mr. TUCKER has been among us engaged in trade. He always bore an excellent moral character, was temperate in habits and generally commanded the respect of his acquaintances. He was a member of the Odd Fellows society and also a consistent member of the Christian Church. The funeral cortege proceeded first to the Christian Church where Rev. E.B. WARE, the pastor, held an appropriate service and made some commendable remarks. From there the funeral cortege, preceded by the Hollister brass band and the Odd Fellows, wended their way slowly to the Odd Fellows’ burial ground. Here Judge DAVIS acted as chaplain and very impressively read the fine ritual belonging to this secret society. About a year ago Mr. TUCKER was insured for $2,000 in the Charter Oak Life Insurance Company. The amount, we understand, will inure to the benefit of his aged mother.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
I am proud to see that our Consul JAMES, connected with the MAGEE affair has been honorably vindicated of any collusion with GONZALES.

Frank JAMES’ (no kin to the above) dray team on last Thursday tried to play truant, but were stopped without any damage.

Dr. MUNSON has returned from his trip to Calaveras Valley and looks rugged but not quite as pretty since he removed the hirsute appendages from his manly face.

Rev. IJAMS lectured to a very large audience on Sunday night, subject ‘young women.’ His remarks were more terse than poetical and were indeed to the point. Some of his illustrations were laughable but truthful.

B. STORM was thrown from a horse on Sunday last and severely injured. There were 2 of them on the horse and the other party escaped with torn pants and scratched hands…

Rev. Van De MARKS is again at outs with his congregation. Black sheep will mix in every flock.

Marriage -- John NORRIS to Miss P. MOREY.

Deaths -- infant child of W.W. HOOVER; infant child of Mr. FRANKLIN.

VASQUEZ passed through here today accompanied by Sheriffs ADAMS, SMITH and ROWLAND en route to Salinas City. He was recognized by many of our citizens. He looks pale and bleached and thin in flesh but there is no doubt of his being VASQUEZ.

At the Plaza Hall, San Juan, on Tuesday, June 5th, 1874, at half past 7 in the evening, the citizens of San Juan give a dramatic and musical entertainment for the benefit of Rev. John EDWARDS. Price of tickets, 50 cents. The reverend gentleman is so well and favorably known in Hollister that there is no doubt some of his friends will take a pleasant drive over there next Friday evening and help the people at San Juan in their effort to benefit a good and worthy man.

A meeting of the liquor dealers convened at the office of J.J. HUNT, Esq., Hollister, May 25th. Samuel WOLDENBURG was elected chairman and E.J. TOOLE secretary pro tem. An executive committee of 3 was appointed, viz: William EASTMAN, William PALMTAG and John MALCOM. The committee was ordered to negotiate with Frank PIXLEY or W.H. RHODES, (CAXTON) and secure the services of 1 on the 3d, 4th & 5th of June.

We noticed the presence of several friends from Watsonville during the week. Among them, David BREWSTER, Esq., merchant, who is down taking a view of the business prospects. Messrs. HAM and INGLES are also here buying large sized horses for the San Francisco market. They bought 3 horses from Greg SANCHEZ of San Juan for $750. One was an unbroken 4 year old colt. If any of our horse men want to sell now is the time to hunt them up.

Messrs. ANNIS and HAMILTON have returned from the Gilroy Hot Springs. They give a favorable report of the hotel accommodations. After mingling with the sick and crippled and getting into hot water and boiled to their heart’s content they returned somewhat improved in appearance, if not in health.

As Messrs. Samuel WOLDENBERG and Myron MALCOM, Hollister merchants, and their wives, were on their return trip home from San Juan on Sunday evening last, they were unceremoniously stopped by 2 greaser horsemen about the middle of the long road between the river and San Juan. One of the fellows displayed his pistol in a threatening way, but after conferring with his pal concluded to give up the tempting prospect of securing jewelry and coin, and allowed the team to proceed. The supposition is that they had other game in view. Mr. WOODS, of San Juan, a sheepman who was in possession of a large amount of coin which he had received from a wool sale was on his way home from Hollister. WOLDENBERG and party met him in time and persuaded him to turn back to Hollister. WOODS had been closely watched and importuned for assistance during the day by certain Mexican herders, who are suspected.

We regret to learn that Supervisor POMEROY of Santa Anna Valley in harrowing around his fruit trees met with a severe accident. One of the points of the harrow was forced into his ankle. It will require prudent treatment to prevent him from having a stiffened joint. Our Supervisors are having a rough experience. Take care of yourself, Watson.

The case of the people vs. Vitalle ROSETTA before the County Court, Judge BREEN presiding, was brought up for trial on Thursday 21, and Friday 22nd of May at the Court house Hollister. The indictment was transferred from Monterey county in which ROSETTI was charged with an assault with intent to commit murder upon the person of Gavindi MAGINI. The difficulty occurred last winter on the San Benito, then in Monterey count, now in San Benito county. The jury empanelled consisted of D.E. GILBERT, Silas WOOLERY, F. LATTURE, Wm. EASTMAN, David YOUNG, M.B. BAYLY, S. WILCOX, G.A. BOOTH, J. BRIETBATH and J. MAXWELL. Dist. Atty. BRIGGS and P.B. TULLY, Esq., represented the people and J.J. MAY the defendant. The lawyers were exhaustive in their examinations and expositions of all the facts, and the law bearing upon the case, and after a brief and impartial charge from the court, the jury retired about 6pm and shortly returned with a verdict in favor of accused.

Mr. VARCOE, proprietor of the Hollister brewery says he will require over 65 tons of barley this year if the Local Option law does not interfere with his business.

Mr. Henry ROUNDS returned home on Monday last from Medina, Ohio. His mother accompanied him to remain permanently in California.

While Charlie PECK’s team was standing near Tres Pinos a few days ago, one of the horses suddenly fell down and broke its leg.

A runaway occurred at Brown’s Valley on Wednesday last. A horse belonging to H. BROWN ran away with a mower; result, smashed machine and dead horse.

***San Juan Items --
John SULLIVAN’s small house was destroyed by fire a few days since, supposed to be the work of an incendiary. It is hard to fasten such a crime on anyone, but a certain person is suspected.

A son of George RUSSELL was kicked by a horse in the region of the heart. The little fellow is getting well. It was a narrow escape.

A foot race of 100 yards took place on Sunday last between Wm. HARRIS and Wm. BIGLEY. HARRIS was the winner and considerable money changed hands.

Another foot race on Sunday. Five of the fleetest rooted runners had an exciting race today. HARRIS came out ahead passing his contestants -- BIGLEY, MILER, Jim BREEN and Louis RAGGIO. Much excitement prevailed and betting was extensive. The next race is to take place on Sunday week at SANCHEZ’s race track about 1 mile north of San Juan.

Geo. BEUTTER, son of J.J. BEUTTLER [spelled 2 ways], brewer, was interfered with while milking the cows. John SLANKARD struck BEUTTLER and BEUTTLER Sr. in turn thrashed SLANKARD. They were brought before Justice WHITNEY and find BEUTTLER $20 and SLANKARD $5.


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