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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: August 8-13, 1864

Date: August 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 8 AUG 1864<<

BITTEN by a DOG - An impromptu dogfight occurred about dark last evening at the corner of Hunter street at the Levee and as William ATKINSON, who keeps a saloon near by, was trying to disperse the canine belligerents he was severely bitten in the leg by one of the furious beasts. We call the attention of the Common Council to the case and hope that a dog tax of $5 per capita be levied on every dog, and $15 on each female dog in the city limits at once. The hundreds of mangy curs that infest our streets are fast becoming intolerable nuisances. "We'll have more sich conducts as those."

DIED in a FIT - A German named John HENRY was found dead in his bed at his residence on Eighth street, San Jose, on Sunday morning last. He was a teamster, and had been drinking hard the night before. Coroner CORY held an inquest over the body and came to the conclusion that death resulted from apoplexy hastened, no doubt, by an excessive use of intoxicating drinks.

>>TUESDAY, 9 AUG 1864<<

DIED - at the residence of her father, near French Camp, on Aug. 8th, Miss Olivia SHARP, aged 20 years. [The funeral will take place from St. John's Episcopal Church, on Tuesday, the 9th days of August, at 3 o'clock p.m. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.]

-Estate of H.W. COLLINS, deceased; hearing for probate of will and letters testamentary set for Saturday, 20th ints.
-Estate of Wm. O. WARE, deceased; letters of administration granted to J.H. SMITH, on filing bonds in the sum of $600; S.D. COMPTON, --- FENTON and J. MAGLEY appointed appraisers
-Estate of Bridget DECKER, deceased; decree of confirmation for sale of real estate granted

LAUNCH - A beautiful little yacht, the property of Mr. Joseph MEADER, assayer, of this city, was launched at Lindsey Point yesterday and the friends of that gentleman had quite a jubilee over it. We regret that a press of business at the time prevented our attendance at the scene of amusement.

PROLIFIC PEACH TREE - Mr. Thomas BARNES yesterday presented us with a branch of a peach tree, 2 feet 9 inches in length containing 62 peaches and weighing 20 pounds. Beat that.

RETURN of PROSPECTORS - The Mariposa 'Free Press' says: Judge FITXHUGH, of Merced county, returned on Monday last from a trip to the head waters of the San Joaquin. The Judge was with a party prospecting for silver mines, and has some pretty good reasons for believing that they have discovered a continuation of the Silver Mountains district. Specimens of ore brought in are rich in mineral of some sort, which will be properly tested and further steps taken towards developing the mines. The district lies south of the south fork of the San Joaquin and has never been prospected.

SAN FRANICISCO DISPATCH, Aug 8 - Mathias KOHN fell down a basement on Saturday and was found dead this morning.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE - In pursuance of the order of the Probate Court of the County of San Joaquin, heretofore made, authorizing a private sale of the real estate hereinafter mentioned, the undersigned will received bids at his residence in Castoria Township, in said county for the space of 1 week afer the 29th day of August instant, for the purchase at private sale of all the right, title and interest which William D. SPERRY had at the time of his deceased in and to the following real estate, to-wit:
-320 acres of land situated in Castoria Township, San Joaquin county, and being the NE quarter of Section 18 and the NW quarter of Section 17, in Township No.1, South Range No. 7 East in Diablo meridian
Terms and conditions of sale - Cash in gold coin of the United States; 50 per cent of the purchase money to be paid on day of sale, the balance to be secured on mortgage of the premises after confirmation of sale by the Probate Court
Administrator of Estate of W.D. SPERRY
Castoria Township, Aug. 8th, 1864

>>WEDNESDAY, 10 AUG 1864<<

HOMICIDE - A Chinaman named QUOK LEON was killed at Chinatown near Columbia on Thursday night last, by another Celestial named George KOWGAN. He was twice stabbed and shot at, as KOWGAN alleges, because he had entered his house for the purpose of robbery. The 'Courier' says: "The deceased was a resident of Coulterville, but had been stopping in Columbia for the 2 weeks previous to his death. Chinese George is an old resident of this city and kept a restaurant on State street in 1852. He has always held the position of "Big Injin" among his countrymen and is noted by Americans as a quiet, peaceable man and always prompt and liberal in his contributions for a patriotic and charitable purposes.

CALIFORNIANS on the KEARSARGE - We are informed on what we deem to be reliable authority that Mr. E.M. STODDARD, who was Acting Master's Mate on board the Kearsarge during the memorable battle off Cherbourg in which she sunk the Alabama, was formerly in the employ of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company on this coast, and served on board the ill-fated steamer Golden Gate, as 2nd mate, in 1855-56. Captain WINSLOW and executive officer THORNTON have already been identified as old Californians.

>.THURSDAY, 11 AUG 1864<<

RARE MOUNTAIN FRUIT - We have received a basket of rare mountain fruit, including apples, peaches and grapes, raised on the ranch of Mr. R.W. CLOYD, near Upper Calaveritas, Calaveras county. This ranch has for years enjoyed the distinction of producing the earliest and best fruit grown in Central Calaveras. The donor has our thanks for the present.

>>FRIDAY, 12 AUG 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, Aug. 11th, Mrs. Jno. M. BURT, of a son.

DISSOLUTION of COPARTNERSHIP - By reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. A.B. RAYNOR, of the well known El Dorado Street Stables, has disposed of his interest in the same to Mr. M. MAGNER, the new firm being PATTERSON & MAGNER. Mr. RAYNOR expects shortly to visit the Atlantic States, and, as he is one of our oldest and best citizens, we hope he will speedily return to his home in California.

PERSONAL - Hon. Wm. HIGBY, just returned from Washington, paid us a visit yesterday, looking in good health and talking for an hour very hopefully and confidently of the prospects of the Union cause. We are not in the habit of devoting these columns to the indiscriminate praise of public men, but in the case of the gentleman of whom we now speak, praise is not flattery. We have known him for years and even when he was our political antagonist, were compelled to recognize his sterling worth and rare example of good faith among the faithless. Mr. HIGBY is one of those public men to whom the people can afford to trust their great cause in times like these, which test human courage and integrity. His friends who know him best, desire that he shall be re-elected to Congress, and we are sure that in this community the wish will meet with the unanimous favor of the Union party.

>>SATURDAY, 13 AUG 1864<<

DISTRICT COURT - G. VLUTZAM was admitted to citizenship

FATAL AFFRAY - Copperopolis, August 8, 1864
Editor, Independent: A shooting affray took place yesterday at Bostwick's Bar on the Stanislaus river, between Thomas HAWKINS and David D. SHAFF, in which HAWKINS was killed. It appears that the parties concerned were old acquaintances and friends up to within about 2 months from the time of the shooting. HAWKINS for some cause did not recognize SHAFF when he met him, though no words had ever passed between them. On Sunday SHAFF was setting in front of a store and in conversation with a Mr. CALLINGWOOD, when HAWKINS came across the street, walked up within 3 feet of SHAFF and said, "You are the man I want to fight," and presented a Colt's 5-shooter at SHAFF's breast and snapped it twice before SHAFF was able to draw his own pistol. SHAFF fired 5 shots rapidly - 4 of them taking effect - before HAWKINS fell. HAWKINS' pistol - although every barrel was loaded - was not discharged once during the fight. He only lived 10 minutes after he fell. SHAFF was arrested and taken before G.W. ROGER, Magistrate at Copperopolis, and an examination was had today. SHAFF was discharged.

MURDERER LYNCHED - James LINN, a gambler who murdered Mr. DOYLE, a citizen of Dayton, N.T., was hung by a Vigilance Committee on the morning of the 9th instant. Soon after a mob of LINN's friends rose and threatened war upon the Committee. Governor Nye was telegraphed to and immediately ordered out some companies of militia, who, with some U.S. troops from Fort Churchill, arrived by evening and checked further disturbance.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT - Virginia City, Aug. 12 - A horse ran away this evening with a buggy containing Samuel W. LANGTON, of Langton's Express. The buggy was upset and LANGTON very seriously injured.

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