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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: September 1-3, 1864

Date: September 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>THURSDAY, 1 SEPT 1864<<

THE THREATS CASE - Thomas MURRAY, the man who was stabbed while resisting arrest about 10 days ago, was arraigned before Justice Brush yesterday on a charge of having threatened to take the life of officer B. McMAHON. At the time the Justice issued the warrant the principal witness for the people swore to some serious menaces said to have been uttered by MURRAY, to the effect that "Stockton couldn't hold" both McMAHON and himself, and vindictive remarks of a similar character. But when the case came up for examination yesterday his evidence was so different and had moderated down so like a summer storm, that Judge Brush, being somewhat dubious as to whether any threats ever had been made, concluded to dismiss the case.

THE OWENSVILLE SHOOTING AFFAIR - Will Hicks GRAHAM, arrested for shooting John McBRIDE at Owensville, was released on his own recognizance in the sum of $1000. The testimony of OSBURN, who was the only witness of the affray, is thus given by the Aurora 'Union:'

Albert A. OSBURN being duly sworn, testified that he was the only person present except 2 little girls when the shooting took place; that McBRIDE rode up and asked GRAHAM for some deeds, which he (GRAHAM) being Deputy County Clerk, had acknowledged; GRAHAM replied, "You can have them by paying for them;" McBRIDE replied that he had taken legal advice and was not obliged to pay for acknowledging the deeds, and that he would have them before leaving the town. At this juncture witness saw McBRIDE drop his hand and thought he dropped it on the stock of his pistol. He (the witness) then stepped behind GRAHAM for fear of being hit himself; GRAHAM said, "Don't draw on me," and then drew his own pistol and fired 2 shots; McBRIDE fell from his horse and he (the witness) with others took care of him. Witness further testifies that "McBRIDE's manner was threatening and arbitrary;" GRAHAM's manner was "kind, quiet and conciliatory;" "from the manner and actions of McBRIDE, I think he intended to attack GRAHAM and I got out of the way to save myself."

A BIRTH in YOSEMITE - Mrs. HUTCHINGS, the wife of Mr. H., who formerly published the 'California Magazine,' San Francisco, and who is now keeping the hotel in Yosemite Valley, has presented her husband with an infant, the 1st white child born in the valley.

MORTALITY - The Coroner and City Sexton, M.H. BOND, informs us that the interments for the month of August were 3 in all, one of which was the child of Mr. SHARP, residing at French Camp. The other 2 were from this city, both children, one 5 months old and the other still-born. The mortality in Stockton is less than that of any other city of the same size in America. People in Stockton may, during the hot weather, "dry up and blow away," but as for dying, das ist ausgespielt, as our 'foreign relations' could say.

>>SATURDAY, 3 SEPT 1864<<

CAVALRY ARRIVED - Company B, 2nd Cavalry Cal. Vols., under the command of Capt. James M. ROPES, arrived here yesterday from Camp Babbitt, near Visalia, Tulare county. They numbered about 70 men, and looked rugged, hearty and fit for service in any country. They crossed the Hunter street bridge and encamped near the grove occupied by the Sanitary Fair in July.

ROBBERY of TEAMSTERS - On Thursday evening, just before sundown, as 2 teams, under the management of Ira LADD, of this city, were approaching Knight's Ferry, they were attacked by 2 robbers on horseback who presented pistols and demanded their money. Seeing the pistols covering their forms there was no choice but to give up their money. LADD handed over $215 and the driver of the other team, $185. As soon as the robbers started away, LADD drew his pistol and loosed his nigh wheel horse, pursuing the robbers and firing at them. He hit the man who took his money and the fellow nearly dropped off his horse. A shot from his pistol ripped up LADD's trowsers leg but did no injury. LADD and his man chased the fugitives nearly 6 miles, when, finding the race ineffectual, concluded to return to their teams. The robbers were Mexicans and well mounted; one of them rode a horse that he stole from a Chinaman about an hour previous to the attack on LADD's teams.

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