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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: November 14-19, 1864

Date: November 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 14 NOV 1864<<

LARGE FUNERAL - The remains of Martin GLEASON, recently stabbed and killed at Washoe, were interred in the Catholic Cemetery in this city yesterday. The funeral was largely attended.

ACQUITTED - The case of M.D. CASE, charged with carrying concealed weapons, was tried by jury a 2nd time before Justice Baldwin on Saturday and the defendant acquitted.

>>TUESDAY, 15 NOV 1864<<

DIED - in this city, Nov. 14th, Frank W., 2nd son of Moses and Margaret J. SEVERY, aged 9 years, 9 ½ months.

DIED - on the same day, Adena, only daughter of Moses and Margaret J. SEVERY, aged 3 years, 9 months. [Boston and Maine papers please copy.] [Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Presbyterian Church.]

COUNTY COURT - People vs. David HUTCHISON and James HUTCHISON - Indictment for murder in 2nd degree. Transferred to District Court for trial.

PROBATE COURT - Estate of Catherine GLEASON, deceased - Letters of administration ordered to be issued to Patrick GLEASON on filing bonds in the sum of $1000.

>>WEDNESDAY, 16 NOV 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, Nov. 14th, to the wife of H.V.B. BARRICKLO, of a son.

BIRTH - at Mokelumne Hill, on Monday, Nov. 7th, to the wife of Charles DESIRE, of a son.

BIRTH - at Mokelumne Hill, on Thursday, Nov. 10th, to the wife of H. COHEN, of a daughter.

BIRTH - at San Andreas, on the 8th inst., to the wife of John STEELE, of a son.

DIED - at the residence of his parents in this city, at 1 o'clock a.m., Nov. 15th, Francis A. LYONS, son of William H. and Georgia A. LYONS, aged 9 years.

DIED - at La Grange, Nov. 11th, John M. CARTER, a native of New Hampshire, aged 64 years. [Salem and Lowell, Mass., papers please copy.]

NOT in SESSION YESTERDAY - The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Mr. SEVERY, on account of death in his family, could not attend to official business yesterday and the other members of the Board adjourned until 10 o'clock this morning.

ACCIDENT - Captain J.W. SMITH, commanding the cavalry company now stationed in Bear Valley, Mariposa county, was thrown from a wagon in which he was returning from a Union meeting on the night of the 5th instant, and had his leg broken above the knee.

>>THURSDAY, 17 NOV 1864<<

LARGE BIRD - A.A. HECOX, of Santa Cruz, one day last week shot a California condor on the Refugio ranch, which measured 10 feet from tip to tip of its wings.

>>FRIDAY, 18 NOV 1864<<

DIED - in this city, Nov. 16th, Frederick Irving, 2nd son of Henry and Esther HODGKINS, aged 4 years, 5 months. [Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral today (Friday) at 10 o'clock a.m. from the residence of the parents, Miner's Avenue.]

90 DAYS - John A. DAVIS, convicted in the Police Court on Wednesday of petit larceny in stealing a coat, was sentenced yesterday by Judge Brush to 90 days in the County Jail. On receiving sentence, DAVIS shed a profusion of tears.

FINED - AH LUNG was fined $10 in the Police Court yesterday for peddling cigars without a license. He was detected and arrest by officer Myers.

A HUSBAND TAKES HIS WIFE FOR a ROBBER and SHOOTS HER! - The Carson City 'Post' of 12th November says:

This morning about 2 o'clock, Mrs. LITTLE, wife of Martin LITTLE, residing on a ranch between this place [Carson City] and Washoe Valley, had occasion to get up from her bed and anxious not to disturb the slumbers of her husband and child, did so very quietly, and passed into an adjoining room. While morning about there, Mr. LITTLE was awakened by the sound of her footsteps and mistaking them for the cautious tread of a robber, drew and cocked his pistol. At this moment Mrs. LITTLE opened the door to return to her bed. Mr. LITTLE fired, the ball taking effect in her arm near the elbow, it is thought passing between the bones. A 2nd shot fortunately missed its mark. Dr. THOMPSON, who was called to attend the suffering lady, pronounces the wound, though very fearful, not a dangerous one. Mr. LITTLE's lack of caution is explained by the fact that he had received a considerable amount of money the evening previous, and known that the country was filled with cut-throats and robbers, he wrought himself up to expect a burglarious attack.

>>SATURDAY, 19 NOV 1864<<

DIED - at Woodbridge, on Friday, Nov. 18th, John Marshall, only child of John M. and Elzia A. BURT, aged 3 months, 7 days. [Funeral will take place at Woodbridge on Sunday (tomorrow) at 12 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.]

LATTER DAY SAINTS - Elders E.C. BRIGGS, late missionary in Utah, and E.H. WEBB, both of the denomination of religionists known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, will hold services at the City Hall this evening at 7 o'clock a.m. and at 7 o'clock in the evening. The above missionaries represent that branch of the Mormon Church at the head of which stands the son of Joseph SMITH, who was killed about 20 years ago at Carthage, Illinois, and who deny the authority of Brigham YOUNG as their prophet. In other words, they are seceders.

H.G. STEBBINS, of Tuolumne county, and in 1862 Clerk of the State Senate, about 18 months ago went to New York and enlisted as a private in the 2nd Mounted Rifles. He became a captain in the regiment and was unlucky enough to be taken prisoner on the 30th of September last. Captain STEBBINS was trained as a soldier in the Columbia Home Guards and will be remembered as a king, genial and intelligent gentleman, by hundreds of Californians.

DID NOT COMPLY - The Board of Supervisors did not comply with the request of G.T. MARTIN and others, to recount the vote of the county, on the ground that it required a specific demand for each precinct separately. They counted the ballots from Woodbridge precinct on the demand of J.M. HOGAN. The reason, as we learn, why these demands are made, is to see if there cannot be some means found of evading the payment of lost bets.

CASE of MANSLAUGHTER - The United States District Court Grand Jury have found a bill of indictment against Thomas WILSON, mate of the ship Shirley, for manslaughter. It appears that he caused a seaman to fall overboard while the vessel was at sea, and then refused to render him any assistance and he was drowned. WILSON's bail was fixed at $6000.

SAN FRANCISCO DISPATCH, Nov. 18 - The funeral of John P. BUCKLEY was numerously attended today, the procession being upwards of 2 miles long.

REWARD for MASON and McHENRY - Governor Low has offered a reward for the arrest and conviction of the 2 secesh murderers, MASON and McHENRY, who on the night of election and next day, killed 3 men in cold blood. The circumstances connected with these murders are such as call for the speedy extermination of these 2 wretches. They are thus related to us by a gentleman from Kings river:

On the evening after the election MASON and McHENRY went over to Dutch Charley's, against whom they had a spite, and killed him. From his place they went to Mr. HAWTHORNE's, knocked at the stable, where 3 hired men were sleeping, and after cowing these men, obtained their pistols, went to the house and murdered Mr. HAWTHORN [spelled 2 ways]. They then returned to the stable, telling the men what they had done, and that they intended to kill all the Republicans they could. They took HAWTHORN's watch, double-barreled shot-gun, and 2 horses from the stable. From HAWTHORN's they proceeded to the house of Mr. ROBINSON. After obtaining a drink of water they asked Mrs. ROBINSON where her husband was. She replied that he had not yet come home from the election, but that a wagon was coming up the road and she thought that was him. They set out for the wagon. MASON first came up. He accosted ROBINSON with - "I am told that you said there was not a decent woman in the South. Did you say so?" "No, I did not," replied ROBINSON. "You are a liar, and I am going to kill you," said MASON. ROBINSON then jumped for him. MASON snapped his gun, which missed fire, and then fired with the other barrel, breaking his victim's shoulder and arm. ROBINSON then ran, but was pursued by McHENRY, who shot him twice, 1st in the hand and then in the back of the head, killing him. The murderers then told the man who was in the wagon with ROBINSON that he might go on to the house and tell who killed R., and moreover, what they did it for. MASON also told him that he was the man who had killed 2 soldiers at Fort Tejon and 1 at Camp Babbitt, and that MASON was not his real name; that he was after Republicans and intended to kill all he could. The murderers were well armed, having each a double-barreled shot-gun and 2 6-shooters. They did not appear to be influenced by motives of plunder, but solely by malice against Republicans. They have both for several months been around Gilroy and on Wednesday last, were seen near South San Juan. It is to be hoped they will not long escape their just deserts. They are of the worst species of the guerrilla, as cruel as Apaches, and as fanatical as crusaders.


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