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Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: December 5-10, 1864

Date: December 1864

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>MONDAY, 5 DEC 1864<<

MARRIED - in this city, at St. John's Episcopal Church, on Sunday, Dec. 4th, by the Rev. J.G. GASMANN; R.K. EASTMAN to Mrs. E. BARTLETT, all of Stockton. [Thanks for the wine: "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing." Prov. xvii, 22; and whoso shareth the wine findeth another. - Printers]

DIED - in this city, Dec. 3d, Edwin, son of Joseph and Charlotte RUSSEL, aged 5 years, 1 month, 1 day.

ACCIDENT - John DUBOIS, a Frenchman, had his leg broken, Nov. 25th, at Central Hill, Calaveras county, by the falling of a tub of earth into his mining shaft.

TWO MINERS KILLED - On the 1st instant, 2 miners named John McMANUS and Frank JEFFERSON were instantly killed by the caving of a bank of earth in the claim of R.H. PAUL & Co., at Chili Gulch, Calaveras county. JEFFERSON had for several years resided in San Andreas, where his father lives.

A FOUL MURDER - The San Andreas 'Register' of Dec. 2d says: "The body of a man named SMITH was found last Sunday near Angels. His head was severed from his body and both of his arms had been cut off and carried away, probably to prevent identification, as his name and other marks were stamped upon his arms with India ink. He had not been seen to town from some time past and he appears to have been killed several days ago. The circumstances of the case are such as to leave no doubt that he was murdered, but by whom has not as yet been discovered.

>>TUESDAY, 6 DEC 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, Dec. 2d, to the wife of Moses SEVERY, of a son.

BIRTH - in San Andreas, Nov. 29th, to the wife of Mr. J. GALLAGHER, of a daughter.

MARRIED - at Washington Ranch, Calaveras county, Nov. 24th, Col. Walter FRASIER to Mrs. THOMAS, all of Washington Ranch.

DIED - at Red Bar, Calaveras county, Nov. 30th, John Daniel, son of Mr. John KANE, aged 6 years.

DIED - at Cottle's Ranch, Calaveras county, Nov. 28th, Camelia, daughter of John COTTLE, aged 21 months, 11 days.

SOLDIER'S AID SOCIETY - A Soldier's Aid Society has been organized at Linden. The following named persons are the officers:
C.C. RYNERSON, President
I.S. SMITH, Vice President
John WASLEY, Treasurer
H.W. CHARLES, Secretary

Ladies' Committee:
Mrs. WASLEY, President
Mrs. P.D. FERRIS, Vice President
Mrs. W.B. PRIDDY, Secretary

Capt. P.R. TARR

POTTS and TURNER - POTTS and TURNER, the 2 colored men who had a difficulty with each other on Saturday, resulting in TURNER getting a slash on the left hip with a knife, was settled yesterday between the contending parties, assisted by a gentleman who volunteered his services as peace-maker. POTTS paid the costs and TURNER left "his mark" on paper to show that he was well satisfied with the arrangement.


DESCRIPTION of TWO MURDERERS - The Visalia 'Delta' of Nov. 30th publishes the following desription of the 2 secession guerillas and murderers who killed ROBINSON and 2 other men the day after the late Presidential election:

JOHN MASON - Thick set man; about 5 feet 7 inches in hight; weight, 165 or 170 pounds; age 30 or 32 years; limps one leg, and has a rocking walk; scar on 1 cheek; hair light color and very long; has it cut short underneath, so that he can tuck it up and give it the appearance of being short; small whiskers on the chin, redish color; small blue eyes, and have rather a glassy appearance; high, broad cheed bones. This man (MASON) lived at Fort Tejon about th year of '59 or '60, and says that he killed 1 man at that place; ans says that his name is John J. MONROE. MASON is light complexion; front teeth are black or decayed; wearing new boots; blue overalls; check shirt; hat made of Cayote skin with tail standing in front; 1 6-shooter and butcher knife.

McCAULEY alias James HENRY - Light florid compaction; full prominent forehead; dark gray eyes, large and prominent; dark hair, rather short; dark whiskers, rather thin; may have light moustache; hight, about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches; weight, 145 pounds; stooped shouldered; head thrown forward; brown coat; black hat, lopped down; had on boots; riding large flea bitten grey horse, shod al round, has collar marks; Spanish saddle, known as half ranger; no machios; small tipidarios; common bridle; Dragoon bit; had spurs; 1 6-shooter and common butcher knive; went by the name of Spotty, at Watsonville.

>>WEDNESDAY, 7 DEC 1864<<

BIRTH - in Woodbridge, Dec. 5th, to the wife of T.M. RANKIN, of a son.

SAN FRANCISCO DISPATCH, Dec. 6 - Fred. KOHLER, ex-Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, died today. The Fireman's Ball is postponed to the 29th in consequence.

>>THURSDAY, 8 DEC 1864<<

INSANE - J.P. CLARK, Sheriff of Sonoma county, brought up an insane man named John JAMERSON on the steamer yesterday morning and took him to the Insane Asylum. The poor fellow is laboring under the impression that he has been Constitutionally elected President of the United States and that the people have conspired to keep him out of his office.

COURT COMMISSIONER - Justice Baldwin who was appointed Commissioner of the District Court to take the testimony in a case wherein K. Maria PETERSON sues for a divorce from her husband E.H. PETERSON, has for several days been engaged in so doing, at the Justice Court room. [see next issue, below]

>>FRIDAY, 9 DEC 1864<<

BIRTH - in this city, Dec. 6, to the wife of Wm. M. KIERSKI, of a daughter.

DIED - in this city, Dec. 8th, Charles A. HUTCHINSON, aged 35 years, 8 months. [>Boston and New York papers please copy.] [The funeral takes place this morning at 11 o'clock from the First Presbyterian Church. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend without further notice.]

DEATH of MR. HUTCHINSON - Mr. Charles A. HUTCHINSON, connected with the 'Independent' from it's 1st publication in this city, as Carrier and solicitor, died at his residence yesterday morning, 8th instant, at 6 o'clock, after a painful illness of about 2 months, from disease of the lungs. For several years he was sensible of carrying about with him elements of death in his breast, which sooner or later must produce results beyond the reach of medical skill to avert. During all his suffering he was ever patient and cheerful and looked forward to the time when it might please Divine will to call his spirit into another sphere of action, with Christian resignation and manly fortitude. He was intelligent, kind hearted; of temperate habits and possessed all the attributes of an elevated moral character and Christian gentleman. He was a good business man and possessed in a high degree the happy faculty of making friends and of retaining their esteem. He was a native of Boston, Massachusetts and one of the early pioneers of Stockton, having come here early in 1850, and has constantly resided in the city ever since. He was an exempt Fireman of this city, having served out his full term as a member of Hook & Ladder Company No. 1. He was engaged in various branches of business, chiefly as a clerk until the year in which he became connected with the 'Daily San Joaquin Republican' in the year the lamented Mr. MANSFIELD died. He continued with the 'Republican' until 1857, when he disposed of his interest in that paper. At the time he connected himself with this paper he had just arisen from a bed of sickness, which lasted 11 months - a part of which time he was considered to be on the brink of the grave. But he was spared for the duties of active life, which he performed well, and to the society of his family and friends until yesterday, when the Angel of Death hovered over his couch and beckoned his spirit to follow the Divine Messenger into the beatific realms of another world. In the full possession of his mental faculties to the last moment of his life, and conscious of approaching dissolution, he affectionately bade his beloved wife "good bye," and leaving, with his last breath, a kiss with the mother for his little son who was absent, his spirit fled from its earthly tabernacle to mount in joy to regions where pains and sorrows are unknown. Mr. HUTCHINSON's age was 35 years, 8 months. He leaves a wife and little boy to mourn hi loss. His family and friends have our sincere sympathy in their sad bereavement. In respect to the memory of the deceased the flags on the various Engine Houses waved yesterday at half mast, and today all that is mortal of him whom in life we esteemed a warm friend and a good man will be convered from view by the clods of the valley. May he rest in peace. The funeral will take place this forenoon at 11 o'clock from the First Presbyterian Church.

DISTRICT COURT - PETERSON vs. PETERSON - Court Commissioner reported the evidence in the case and a decree of divorce was ordered.

ECLIPSE MINING COMPANY - At the annual meeting of the Eclipse Gold, Silver and Copper Minin Company, held Dec. 3, 1864, the following members were elected officers:
Chas. JOHNSON, President
W.M. STUART, Vice President
Jonathan MYERS, Treasurer
Willis WILLIAMSON, Trustee
Chas. WITTKOPF, Secretary

KILLED - Captain J.R. CARNES, a native of Mercer county, Pa., and late a resident of Nevada, Cal., was killed instantly by falling into a shaft concealed by snow, near Silver City, Na., on the 3d instant. Captain CARNES was 32 years of age, one of the 1st settlers of the new State of Nevada, and is spoken of as a man of great worth and energy of character.

INSANE - Yesterday morning an insane man named L.V. TOLES was brought up from San Francisco and taken to the Insane Asylum, by Thomas M. BRADLY, formerly a Police officer in this city. The 'Flag' of Tuesday last speaks of the case thus: "Mr. L.V. TOLES was examined before Judge Blake yesterday on a charge of insanity. His insanity is of a rather singular kind. He was attacked about 2 weeks ago, when it was noticed that he would accost women familiarly, as if he had known them for years, although perfect strangers to him. There is a story that he fell in love with a lady at one of our principal hotels, and receiving no requital or return of affection, his mind became confused. He is about 28 years of age, unmarried, and in all other respects perfectly sane. Nevertheless he was ordered to the Stockton Asylum."

REVERSED and REMANDED - The Supreme Court has reversed the case of BLACKWELL who was tried and convicted on a charge of rape, in this county, and remanded it for trial. The Attorneys for BLACKWELL - Judge TYLER and Gen. BOOKER - will endeavor to bring the case again to trial at this term of Court.

>>SATURDAY, 10 DEC 1864<<

GONE EAST - Judge UNDERHILL is on a visit to San Francisco to see his little son off on the next steamer for the East. Master H.B. UNDERHILL goes to attend [illeg] at East Hampton, Massachusetts. He is said to be a bright scholar for a lad not yet 13 years of age.


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