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Crookston Daily Times
Contributed by Loren H

Description: 45 Year Residents

Date: July 1 1929

Source: my granary

Will Martin has operated a barber shop in the basement of the Hotel Crookston for the last 18 years. He was born in Elma, Iowa and came to Crookston April 3, 1884.

George Lally has run the Clevalnd house since December, 1928. Born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, January 6, 1876, he came to Crookston in Mmarch, 1884 and has been here ever since, except for eight years or so spent in Internaional Falls

Henry Walters has been janitor at the Wallace block for the last 20 years. He worked at a nursery before that and was born in Crookston August 24, 1884.

Mrs H A Stevens was graduated from the Crookston high school in 1903 and from ? until 1913 taught in the rural schools of Polk county. From 1913 until 19285, she lived in various places including Warren, Carp and Baudette in Minnesota, Tacoma, Washington, and Sand Point, Idaho. Mrs Stevens who before her marriage was Allie Brunner, as born in Crookston January 7, 1884.

Mrs A J Rossberg came to Crookston in January, 1884 and has been here ever since.She was born February 3, 1864 in Sweden.

Mrs O K Berget came to Crookston in ??(mice)
She was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin March 20, 1878 and married Mr Berget January 11, 1899 and has lived here since.

Mrs Steener Steenerson was born in Crookston June 5, 1884 and has lived here ever since. She married Mr Steenerson May 30, 1914.

Mrs Frank Page was born at Louquenil, Canada in 1854. She married Mr Page June 8, 1876. Three years later they moved to New York City and in 1884 to Crookston. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary three years ago.

Mrs Kate Martin was born in Elma, Iowa, and came to the city April 3, 1884

Frank Page built St Anne's Catholic church in 1901. He is a carpenter, born at Louquenil, Canada in 1852. In 1879 he moved to New York City and after five years came to Crookston in 1884.

Mrs Charles Musselman was born in Crookston, May 6, 1884 and has never moved away. She was married January 1, 1907 in Fairfax township

Hector Langevin was born in Canada and came to Crookston in (mice).. degree in (mice)McGill University March 27, (mice)Dr Langevin is one of the oldest practitioners of veterinary surgery in Minnesota.

A D Stephens took up his residence in Crookston in 1884 after spending five years at Fisher. Here he purchased an interest in the Merchants National Bank of which he later became president. He served the city of Crookston as mayor in 1893 and again in 1900. He was a state senator from the year 1902 until 1910. While in this office he was instrumental in securing Crookston as the location for the Northwest school of Agriculture. Mr Stephens was a delegate to the Chicago Republican National Conventon of 1904 which noninated Theodore Roosevelt. He was born in Carver county, Minnesota in 1855.

Mrs William Watts was born December 7, 1861 in Osceola, Wisconsin. She came to Polk county in 1879 and taught for four years. She married Judge Watts March 20, 1884 in Crookston and has lived here ever since.

W C Remshardt is a conductor on the Great Northern and hs been with the company for the last 35 years He was born at Red Wing, September (mice)

(mice)Remshardt came to Crookston with her parents in the spring of 1884 from Red Wing, where she was born June 13, 1877. She has lived here ever since and is now keeping house for her brother, W C Remsdardt.

William Munch once lived in a big white house where the Polk County State Bank now stands at the corner of Broadway and Roberts streets, today one of Crookston's principal business intersections. Mr Munch was born on Lake Pepin in southern Minneosta in 1875 and came to Crookston from Minneapolis in 1884. He moved with his family to Red Lake Falls, where he lived three years. His first school teacher was George Ralph, a relative of W R Lowe, present president of the Crookston city council. With 25 years service behind him, Mr Munch is the oldest game warden in point of service in Minnesota today and is considered an authority on all matters pertaining to the outdoors.

C C Hock arrived in Crookston in 1884. He was born at Wabasha June 15, 1863 and for the last fifteen years has been in the insurance business. Prior to that he ran a soft drink parlor.

Pul Cornelius was born October 17, 1884 on section 34 of Crookston township and has farmed there all his life.

Henry francis ws born in Crookston July 10, 1884. He was educated in the Crookston schools and began working for Keller, Ryan and Company grocers where the Dress Club now stands at the age of 17. In 1905 he started work for W E Slocum and in 1913 went in as a partner.

Mrs Ed Carlson taught school in this vicinity until she ws married June 2, 1911. She was born on a farm near the city July 11, 1884 and has lived here ever since.

Fred Walker came to the city from Toronto, his birthplace in 1883 and has lived here since..

Mrs J F Fournet was born in Crookston adn married Mr Fournet here in 1906

Miss ?Dolly bunell has worked at the Wallace Drug Company for the last 26 years. She was born in Crookston.

George Darkow was born in Crookston and has lived here since. For the past few years he has run Darkow's Hatchery and Poultry Farm, north of the city together with two younger brothers.


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