Woodston Saw
Woodston Saw
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Description: Busisness Directory

Date: November 5 1886

Newspaper published in: Woodston

Source: 35mm reel micro film

Page/Column: pg 4 col 3

Business Directory
J. S. Chandlier, proprietor Woodston elevator pays "top o' the market' for all kinds of grain....John Shorthill sfockdealer (should read stockdealer) will give as much as you can get anywhere in the country for hogs and cattle....McNutt & Son blacksmiths and machinists; have an excellent shop and are now preparing to put in a plow and wind-mill factory.. H. C. Smither & Bro., general merchants, hardware, furniture etc. keep an immense and varied stock...Smither & Hannah meat market; fresh meats always on hands, prices reasonable...W. V. Wolf, general merchant, is enlarging both building and stock, and doing a rushing biz...Dade Douglass & Son, Keep the billiard hall and furnish amusement for the boys... O.W. & G. C. Woods, dry-goods, groceries, boots and shoes etc.; sell cheap for cash, prices as low as the lowest...South & Woodward, hardware; stoves, tinware and cutlery also handle the Leach wind mill; the nobbiest store in the valley, have in iron building of goodly dimensions...John Huffman, meat maket and contracting plasterer, ...Martin League harness maker is one of the most important men in town; keeps a full stock of harness, blankets, robes, saddles and whips, and belongs to the band...Frank Bales, barber, will shave you "too slick."... Woodstin House, J. H. Carmony proprietor; where you can get as much as you can eat for 25 cents...Royal Eastman, agricultural implements; keeps a complete stock in his fine new building....Mixer & Cooper are the boys that keep the livery on the Northside and furnish good rigs at fair prices... Blake, at WWells Bros old stand let good livery at reasonalbe rates... Howell Bros, lumber lime, cord, ect, first class stock, low prices... J. M. McKain manager...Chicago Lumber Co., keep everything usualy kept by lumber dealers ans sell as ep aply (-word hard to read) as any...P. A. McPherson, manager...Cormany and Ireland, blacksmith; make a specialty of horseshoeing...Mrs J. Welch, dry goods, groceries and flour, hays (pays) highest prices for produce...Hotel DeCole, D. E. Cole proprietor; a "boss" good house...P.C. Dunlap, dry goods, groceries and feed; good stock for low prices...J. M. Hornish, Notary Public...Frank Lewis, drugs, books, stationery, etc., real estate broker...J.J. Lane, real estate and insurance...C. Lawrence M.D., physician and surgeon...Mrs McFerren, Millinery...J.M. Wilson P.M. and dealer in organs... A.P. Clark, shoemaker...Geo..Allen, city drayman...M.J. Wells, loan broker and civil engineer...Bailey's Nursery, W. A. Bailey proprietor; grounds 1/2 miles west...C.C. Thompson loan and insurance agent and publisher of the Saw.

Walter McNutt and wife are vistiting friend in Nebraska

Mr Jones of Ash Rock, has a sick child. Dc Lawrence attending.

Mr Kempton 7 miles South of town, is sick with cramp colic. Dr Lawrence in attendance.

John Huffman, our efficient plasterer, fell from a scaffold, Wednesday, bruising him severely.

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