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Washington Times
Washington Times
Contributed by barbara-dave

Description: 1st Woman Lawyer Page 11

Date: August 28 1905

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C., USA

Washington Times August 28, 1905 1st Woman Lawyer Page 11

Canadaís Lone Woman Legal Light Casts Longing Eyes at Parliament

Toronto, Aug. 28 - The woman lawyer is no longer a rarity in the United States, but, apparently, the women of Canada have not been so strongly attracted to the legal profession, for the first and only woman lawyer of the Dominion is Miss Clara Brett MARTIN, of Toronto, who was recently admitted to the bar.
Since her admission she has been doing many things that entitle her to the publicity she has gained in her short career.
Miss MARTIN achieved her first victory when she succeeded in becoming a lawyer. In Canada there is an organization known as the Benchers. It matters not how brilliant you may have shown yourself in your preparation; if you would practice law, the Benchers must approve you. Miss MARTINís brilliance brought her the necessary diplomas and college degrees. Her preliminary examinations for the bar were exceedingly favorable. With all these things in her favor, she made her application to the Benchers. Her application was refused.
She laid the evidence of her eligibility before the International Council of omen, an organization comprising the leading womenís clubs of the English speaking world.
Wheels began to turn immediately. A series of resolutions were drafted, and from all parts of the world these poured in upon the Benchers. The press became interested and there followed a newspaper bombardment.
The Benchers reconsidered and decided to reverse their decision. Miss MARTIN then became the first and only woman ever admitted to legal practice in Canada.
It is not on record that she is a suffragette, but at the present time Miss MARTIN has an eye on the Canadian parliament.

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