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The Atlanta Daily Sun
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Description: Persons killed at Alamo under Capt. Fannin

Date: December 27 1872

Newspaper published in: Atlanta, GA

Source: TN State Archives

Page/Column: Issue 790; col C

If the children or heirs at law of any of the following persons who were
killed under command of Capt. FANNIN at Goliad, (the Alamo) Texas, in
1836, will give through box 97, Eufaula, Barbour county, Ala., their
names and post office address, they may obtain information very valuable
to them. The names of the persons, all of whom were from Alabama are:
William SMITH, Napoleon SCOTT, John R. JENNINGS, O. O. EBERLING, Dennis
MAHONEY, Jermiah TARBEE, William PRIEST, James. H. CARUTHERS, John
WILSON, John GASSNER, Alexander BELL, Joseph MICHEL, Henry MARTIN,
Absolom S. GRAY, F. A. GRAY, George GREEN, James DINKIN, Daniel BONNER,
and Robert EVANS.

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