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St. Louis Globe-Democrat
St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Contributed by jtait2581e9

Description: The Saddle of Santa Anna Found by Thomas McGehee

Date: March 24 1877

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

Source: TN State Archives

Page/Column: page 2; Issue 308; col G

The Saddle of Santa Anna - From the Augustus (Ga.) Chronicle
Mr. Thomas L. MCGEHEE of Barbour county, Ala. Found some time ago in his
father's house an old Mexican saddle, heavily mounted in silver. The
saddle being worthless, he cut the silver off, to the amount of fifteen
pounds, Tom says, and sold it to Mr. N. M. HAYTT, dealing in jewelry,
etc. at that time in Eufaula. It has transpired that it was the saddle
ridden by Santa Anna at the time of his capture at the battle of San
Jacinto, in 1836. It was sold after that memorable battle at public
outcry, and was bought by Gen.. LAMAR, of Georgia, for $325 or $350.

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