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Georgia Weekly Telegraph And Georgia Journal & Messenger
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Description: Bible of Mrs. Margaret Rumph Stolen by James S. Brown During War

Date: May 14 1872

Newspaper published in: Macon, GA

Source: TN State Archives

Page/Column: Issue 46; col B

Clayton, Ala. April 30, 1872

Editors Telegraph and Messenger:

In your Weekly Telegraph of April 2d I
see a quotation from a Kansas paper in which is the acknowledgement upon
the fly-leaf of a Bible of its having been stolen from the house of a
widow lady in Orangeburg district, South Carolina during Sherman's march
through that State.
That lady (Mrs. Margaret RUMPH) was my grandmother, and I the little girl who begged for the Bible with tears in her eyes. Twas on Monday , February 13, 1865, as he
says, and his name was BROWN.
I have since removed to Alabama; but the events of that terrible day
are so burned in my memory I can never forget them. I remember at last
carrying him a beautifully bound and much finer little Bible and begging
him to exchange with me; but he rudely repulsed me by telling me that
one suited him best. I then told him if he would read it he would find
where it said "Thou shalt not steal"
Three years ago a letter came addressed to my grandmother (who had
recently died), from the identical James S. BROWN, reminding her of the
circumstances and acknowledging his guilt and repentance. It also
expressed a desire to keep it, as he said it had been the means of
making him a better man; but gave her directions by which she could get
it, if she preferred to do so.
The family of Rev. S. L. LITTLE, of the South Carolina Conference,
then resident in our family, can testify to the truth of this statement.
Respectfully, Carrie E. RUMPH

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