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Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: May 11-16, 1868

Date: May 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 11 MAY 1868<<

JOHN BIDWELL, of Butte county, was married at Washington, April 16th, to Miss Annie E. KENNEDY, of that city, the marriage taking place at noon. Bridesmaids were numerous and altogether it is represented as having been a very grand affair. The President, General GRANT, and several other dignitaries being present.

BIRTH-DAY TREAT – The 22nd anniversary of the birth of Mac GLENN, of the 'Independent' typos, was celebrated yesterday and the occasion marked by plenty to eat and drink. The cake was excellent and "slashings" of it, and the libations were wholly confined to lager, by those who "had a mouth" for it, which he kindly presented to his companions of the craft. His liberal disposition prompted him to send the frothy liquid in a large keg, showing none of that narrowness of soul which induces some to
"Measure it in glasses or in gills;
But sent it round in tankards
And bade them drink their fills."

>>TUESDAY, 12 MAY 1868<<

-Estate of Theodore SMELLINBERY, deceased – letters granted to F. ROCK, and bond fixed at $850
-Estate of Francis L. GUERNSEY, deceased – letters of administration granted to A.A. GUERNSEY; bond fixed at $3600. B.P. BAIRD, J.S. BUCKNER and E.R. STOCKWELL, appointed appraisers.
-Guardianship and estate of Lewis M. JOBE and Mary JOBE, minors – hearing continued until Monday, June 1, 1868
-Guardianship and estate of Hattie A. KEEP, minor – petition of guardian for settlement of final account – hearing continued until today.

>>WEDNESDAY, 13 MAY 1868<<

MARRIED – at Mariposa Creek, Merced county, May 7th, by Rev. G.E. DEAN; Colonel W.A. McCREARY to Miss Nancy A. GIBBINS.

-Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting W.W. HATCH, who has been on a visit of a few months to his native town, Woodstock, Vermont. He was pleased with his trip, but glad again to enjoy the genial climate of California, which is all the better appreciated by a visit of a few months to the Eastern States.
-A. STARKWEATHER, an old resident of this county, with his family yesterday, started for the East, where he intends to reside in the future. Failing health is the cause of his departure from California. The best wishes of a large circle of friends attend him.
-Last evening we had the pleasure of receiving a call from Judge DEERING, Judge JONES, Mr. MILLER and Mr. HARRIS, of Mariposa. The latter gentleman is one of the proprietors of that excellent journal, the Mariposa 'Gazette,' and will remain in the city a day or 2 on business connected with his paper.

-Estate of John B. MONDON, deceased – petition of Administratrix for allowance for the support of herself and family was granted.
-Guardianship and estate of Hattie A. KEEP, minor – petition of Clara GAGE, guardian, for settlement of final account, granted.

>>THURSDAY, 14 MAY 1868<<

DEATH – in this city, May 13th, Paula MUNOS, consort of C.C. BRUCHMANN, aged 35 years. [Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend the funeral, at the residence, corner of Lafayette and Beaver streets, THIS (Thursday) MORNING, at 10 o'clock.]

ILLNESS of RASEY BIVEN – On the 4th instant, Mr. BIVEN, editor of the 'Evening Herald,' received a telegram from Monterey, informing him that his brother, Rasey, was dangerously ill. Mr. BIVEN has returned and gives the following account of his brother's illness: "We immediately (on receipt of the dispatch) started to Monterey, and the news we received at Gilroy, San Juan and the intervening towns between that place and Monterey, were of utter hopelessness of the life of Rasey being preserved. We knew Rasey's vim, and that made us hope he would live a day or 2 longer than was supposed possible by those attending him, so that we could be with him at his last moments. Upon arriving at Monterey, we found that the last rites of the Catholic Church had been performed upon Rasey; he had received extreme unction, and the night previous to our arrival a large number of friends had remained with him, expecting he could not possibly survive until morning. After our arrival, a change for the better ensued. The dropsy that extended from his feet to abdomen, ceased increasing, medicines had the effect, and on Sunday morning, Dr. CANFIELD felt confident that Rasey was in no immediate danger, and he believed he would have him up by the end of 3 weeks, so that it was no longer necessary for us to remain, and as the steamer 'Senator' was ready to start for San Francisco, we concluded to start on her on our return home, coming back with a light heart, in strong contrast with the heavy feelings that weighed us down on our way to Monterey." [see 25 May issue]

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, May 13 –
-A soldier named SCHOGER, of Company A, 2d Artillery, U.S.A., hung himself at the Presidio yesterday. No reason for the act has been ascertained.
-The body of John WILLIAMS, a sailor belonging to the ship 'Gilroy,' who was drowned at North Point on the 3d instant, was found in the Bay this morning.
-Yesterday the little daughter of George ANDERSON fell from a balcony, a distance of 20 feet, breaking her jaw and inflicting internal injuries, which it is feared will prove fatal.

>>FRIDAY, 15 MAY 1868<<

SURPRISE PARTY – On Wednesday night some 50 or 60 persons, male and female, made a raid on the residence of Rev. J. Henry GILES, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, taking the reverend gentleman and his estimable wife completely by surprise. The large quantities of sweet "provender" suddenly spread on the tables by the raiders, at once convinced the inhabitants of the dwelling that pillage was not the purpose of the unexpected visitors. Altogether it was one of those pleasant affairs that foster friendship and create pleasant remembrances.

>>SATURDAY, 16 MAY 1868<<

RIVER RISING – Mr. KYLE, who resides on the Mokelumne river, a short distance above Benson's ferry, visited the city yesterday and from him we learned that the Mokelumne river is rising very rapidly. Fears are entertained that much low land will be overflowed, and the crops injured.

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