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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: June 1-6, 1868

Date: June 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 1 JUN 1868<<

DEATH in Napa City, May 24th, A.A. HUNNEWELL, formerly a resident of Columbia, Tuolumne county, aged 37 years.

AT HALF-MAST On Saturday last, the American flag waved at half-mast on the premises of Captain WEBER; and likewise on the California Steam Navigation Company steamer 'Julia,' in respect to the memory of Major P.B. READING, who died at his residence near Clear creek, Shasta county, shortly before 3 o'clock on the morning of May 29th. Captain WEBER, of this city, was one of the early pioneers of California and an intimate acquaintance and friend of the deceased. In the San Francisco 'Times' of Saturday last, we find the following notice of Major READING: "He was one of the oldest residents of this coast, having arrived here in 1843, in company with the late Samuel J. HENSELY. Soon after his arrival he was employed as a clerk by General SUTTER, at his fort, and in the following year he was placed in charge of that post while SUTTER was absent on the Micheltoreno expedition. In 1845 Mr. READING engaged in trapping beaver, with a party of Indians, at a place near Rio Vista. On the outbreak of the Mexican war, in 1846, he was appointed Paymaster of the California Battalion, under FREMONT, and served with him until the termination of the war, when he returned to his ranch, and remained there until the discovery of gold, in 1848. He then made a thorough exploration of the Upper Sacramento, in company with Major J.R. SNYDER, and they worked a band of Indians, meeting with great success until their laborers sickened. He subsequently engaged in business at Sacramento, the firm being known as Hensley, Reading & Co., and continued there until 1850. In 1851, READING was nominated for Governor in opposition to BIGLER and was defeated by a small majority. Since that time he has devoted himself to agricultural pursuits, in which he took a keen interest. Major READING was 50 years of age and leaves a widow and several children. He was a man of extensive information, courteous in manner, affable in demeanor, honorable in conduct and enjoyed the reputation everywhere throughout the State of being a high-minded and upright citizen."

-A man named Charles O'NEIL pushed his wife off the balcony of his house in San Francisco on Saturday. When she struck the ground she fell on her head, breaking her neck and killing her instantly. O'NEIL was at once arrested.
-Christopher J. SIME was run over by a log on a sidehill, 1 day last week, and crushed to death, in Sonoma county.

>>TUESDAY, 2 JUN 1868<<

BIRTH in Columbia, May 27, to the wife of Emory OSGOOD, a son.

BIRTH in Mariposa, May 26th, to the wife of Herman SCHLAGETER, a daughter.

BIRTH in Mariposa, May 28th, to the wife of John WEILER, a son.

MARRIED at the residence of the bride's mother, Sonora, May 28, P.P. CIZEK to Catherine CONRAD.

DEATH in Fayette, Howard county, Missouri, April 24th, Henry GRIFFIN, a native of Virginia, aged 88 years.

DEATH at Sonora, May 27th, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Seth I. TOBY, a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, aged 56 years.

DEATH at the Pine Tree Vein, May 25th, Jo. SILVA, a native of Portugal.

DEATH in Mariposa, May 28th, infant son of Mr.&Mrs. John WEILER.

DEATH at Frankfort, Maine, May 18th, Jonathan TREAT, aged 81 years.

DEATH at 4th Crossing, Calaveras county, May 22d, Mrs. Lucretia C. GLOVER, consort of Edwin GLOVER, aged 23 years, 3 days.

-Estate of A.C. DAMON, deceased resignation of F.P. HOLDEN, Administrator, accepted. Petition of Susan C. DAMON, for letters of administration, de bonis non, granted and bond fixed at $1500. E.R. WEST, John PARKER and J.R. CROCKER appointed appraisers.
-Guardianship and estate of James PRATHER, a minor continued until Tuesday morning, 2d instant.
-Estate of J. POSEY, deceased continued until the 2d instant.
-Guardianship and estate of Lewis M. JOBE and Mady JOBE, minors continued until the 2d instant.

>>WEDNESDAY, 3 JUN 1868<<

-Estate of Theodore SMELLENBERG, deceased notice of hearing petitions for confirmation of sale of personal property ordered.
-Estate of J.W. PEAT, deceased order granted for notices for settlement of final account.
-Estate of John SHACKFORD, deceased petition for probate of will hearing set for June 13th.

ADMITTED to CITIZENSHIP Luis ARCE, a native of Mexico, was admitted to citizenship on testimony of A.T. GREER and J.W. WALDEN.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 2
-Mrs. Alicia Mandeville THORNE has obtained a divorce from her husband on the ground of desertion.
-The boy PATSEY, who was hurt on the Ocean House course yesterday, died at the County Hospital.

GEORGE CALLAHAN met with a frightful accident at Centreville on the 18th instant. He was engaged cutting hay with a mower and the machine running into a hole or rut, threw Mr. C. off the seat and he fell in front of the knives. Before the team could be stopped his left hand and right arm were badly cut great pieces of flesh being cut off the arm.

-On Monday, May 25th, Joseph L. MAJORS, an old resident of Santa Cruz and one of the pioneers of California, died at his ranch near that town. He was born in Tennessee in 1804 and in 1834 emigrated to California, arriving here that year before the rainy season set in. He was Alcade of Santa Cruz in 1847 and in 1850 was sub-Prefect. At this time he was considered one of the richest men in California, but owing to his unbounded liberality and various other causes, his estates have been nearly all lost or passed from his possession, leaving only his homestead and some little town property.
-Michael SCOTT was suffocated in a tunnel on the Basset claim, near this city says the Placerville 'Democrat' of May 30th, on Saturday last, 23d instant.
-Henry BEERMAN, a German who resides in Center township, Sacramento county, went to that city on Wednesday last and has not been heard from since. He disappeared under circumstances that indicate foul play.
-Austin, Nev., an old man named Jacob GEHRING was killed instantly by falling from the seat of the wagon he was driving over the summit, on the 23d.

>>THURSDAY, 4 JUN 1868<<

A CITY CLOCK Mr. HAAS, jeweler, El Dorado street, while on a visit to the Atlantic States, purchased a large clock from the celebrated watch manufacturers, E. Howard & Co., Boston, and brought it to Stockton. It can be seen at his store. The weight of the clock is about half a ton. There is not another like it in the State. To fit it up complete and put it in running order in the cupola of the Court House, including the price of the clock itself, would cost our citizens about $1000, which is $500 less, at least, than a similar time-keeper could be purchased for from parties in San Francisco. Some time ago, the people of Mariposa purchased a town clock at a cost of somewhere between 27 & 28 hundred dollars; and surely the citizens of Stockton should be not only willing but anxious to procure the best large clock ever imported to the Pacific coast, at $1000. The works can be seen at Mr. HAAS' store, where the clock will soon be in running order.

PERSONAL Judge TYLER, formerly of this county and at present a resident of San Francisco, is in this city attending the session of the District Court. His appearance indicates that the climate of the Bay city agrees with him. E.M. HOWISON, one of the early residents of this county, and for the past 6 years Chief Clerk in the State Controller's office, has also been spending a few days in town on a visit to his friends.

TOLL BRIDGE LICENSE GRANTED A license was granted Martin S. SCOTT, by the Board of Supervisors yesterday, to keep a toll bridge on Dry creek, known as "Scott's Bridge," on the Upper Stockton and Sacramento road. The license is for a period of 6 months, dating from May 8, 1868.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 3 FALKNER, who shot himself at the What Cheer House on the 24th of May, died this morning at the hospital.

>>FRIDAY, 5 JUN 1868<<

DISTRICT COURT SHEARER vs. SHEARER Ordered that defendant show cause for disobeying the order of the Court in not paying alimony as directed.

PERSONAL Among the passengers who left New York for California June 1st, we notice the names of Sidney NEWELL and Henry HODGKINS.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 4 William BANNISTER fell overboard from the schooner 'Dart,' yesterday, and was drowned.
-The report that the boy PATSEY, so badly hurt on the Ocean House Course on Saturday, had died was incorrect. He is likely to recover.

>>SATURDAY, 6 JUN 1868<<

BIRTH in Tuolumne City, May 28th, to the wife of John GEDDES, of a daughter.

MARRIED in Copperopolis, June 3d, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. MORGAN; Professor Albert A. SMITH to Miss Annie A. WIBEL, both of Copperopolis.

MARRIED in Tuolumne City, June 2d, Stockton BERRY to Miss Maggie GRIFFIN.

DEATH in this city, June 5th, Mrs. Ann F. WILLIAMSON, wife of P.L. WILLIAMSON, aged 38 years, 10 months.

DEATH near Stockton, May 29th, John SHACKFORD, aged 60 years. [Boston and Portland (Me.) papers please copy.]

DEATH in Tuolumne City, May 31st, Hattie Leora, daughter of Wm. J. and Elizabeth MAZE, aged 1 year, 3 months.

DISTRICT COURT Elizabeth GAHAN vs. James GAHAN decree of divorce granted

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 5
-James McKENNA was killed on the San Jose Railroad yesterday. He was about to man the breaks when he missed his footing and fell between the cars. The body was horribly mangled.
-Yesterday a man named PHELPS, at work in Cantrell, Dell & Co's lumber mill, stooped beneath the circular saw, which was in motion at the time, and forgetting himself for an instant, raised his head and brought it in contact with the saw, which cut a frightful gash from near the crown of his head almost to the neck, through the bones of the skull and into the brain. Singularly enough, he was not rendered insensible by the accident and it is thought his wound will not prove fatal.

A NOTABLE DEATH The Sacramento 'Union' says: "At Georgetown, in this county, Mrs. Eleanor WILLARD, widow of the late Alexandria WILLARD, deceased at her residence on the lower Stockton road. Her husband was the last survivor of the "CLARK and LEWIS Expedition" an account of whose death appeared in the 'Union' in March, 1865. She was a native of Kentucky and aged nearly 78 years.

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