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Description: June 15-20, 1868

Date: June 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

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>>MONDAY, 15 JUNE 1868<<

BIRTH - at Hornitos, June 5th, to the wife of Jacob KOCHER, of a son.

BIRTH - near Mariposa, June 9th, to the wife of Jas. C. HUMPHREY, of a son.

MARRIED - in Hornitos, June 7th, Ramon LUHAN to Miss Luisa AYALLA.

MARRIED - in Mariposa, June 7th, William STAHL to Miss Caroline BECKSTEIN.

DEATH - in San Francisco, June 13th, Rachel, widow of the late Chas. S. MORRIS, aged 56 years. [Mrs. M. was the mother of Mrs. M.L. ABRAMSKY, of this city.]

DEATH - in Hornitos, June 4th, Mrs. Henrietta Frideriha VELLGUTH, aged 66 years, 4 months.

MAN DROWNED - On Saturday last, a man named Washington CUMMINGS was drowned in a slough between the Mokelumne river and Dry creek, about 3 miles west of Woodbridge, while on a blackberrying excursion. The body of the unfortunate man was recovered immediately. He had been married about 2 months.

-The Mariposa 'Mail,' of the 12th instant, says: "We regret to announce the emigration this week of one of the earliest and most respected citizens in the person of Col. S. TERRY, who with his family, has departed from our midst to make the city of Stockton his future abiding place. The pleasant countenance and spirit-stirring *smile* of the hospitable Colonel will be sadly missed upon our streets, but ''Twas ever thus,' etc. The best wishes of his numerous friends for his future prosperity accompany him and his to their new home. The veteran 'Uncle Mac' MILLIAN, another pioneer of Mariposa, also left with the Colonel for the same destination."
-Ex-Lieutenant Governor PURDY, formerly a resident of this city [Stockton], and the 1st Mayor of Stockton, is on a visit to our burg, and is stopping at the Lafayette Hotel.

-Estate of J.W. PEST, deceased - petition for settlement of annual account; decree of settlement granted; also, decree of due and legal notice to creditors.
-Estate of John SHACKFORD, deceased - petition for probate of will; will admitted to probate; letters testamentary granted; A.R. ALLARD named as executor; Noyes BAILEY, E.R. EATON and Thomas BEACH appointed appraisers.
-Estate of Wm. B. SOUTH, deceased - petition for decree confirming sale of real estate, granted.
-Estate of A.R. CAMPBELL, deceased - petition for order of sale of personal property, granted.

AN OBJECT of CHARITY - On Saturday a woman, thought to be insane, was brought from Woodbridge and examined by DRS. SHURTLEFF and CLARK, before Judge GREENE. The physicians and the Judge sent the following note to the Board of Supervisors, in relation to the case: "Mrs. Nancy SUTHERS is a poor, destitute person, and feeble in mind and body. She has been quite sick and has not yet fully recovered. We think she is a proper subject for the County Hospital and *Christian charity.*"

BOUND OVER - On the complaint and affidavit of A. GRANDIAS, William JACKSON was arrested by Chief of Police Myers on Saturday, taken before Justice Brush and bound over in the sum of $300 to keep the peace for the term of 6 months. It is charged that JACKSON proposed to do some shooting and to use the body corporal of GRANDIAS as a target.

MARIPOSA - 'Gazette' of the 12th - Ed. REVERDY, who is charged with killing Daniel HUNT, in Hornitos, on the 1st instant, has been committed to jail by Justice Carr to await the action of the next Grand Jury.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 14 -
-Wm. BUTMAN, the man who was run over by a car at San Jose, died yesterday from the effects of his injuries.
-Wm. L. NEWELL, an inmate of the Home of the Inebriate, made an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide on Friday evening.

>>TUESDAY, 16 JUN 1868<<

DEATH - in Sonora, June 11, Henry ZIMMERMAN, a native of Danzig, Prussia, aged 48 years.

PERSONAL - We yesterday had the pleasure of a call from Noah BROOKS, of the 'Alta,' who has been on a visit, in company with General McCOOK and Mr. KING of San Francisco, to the Yo Semite Valley. The party were in excellent spirits and much pleased with their trip.

>>WEDNESDAY, 17 JUN 1868<<

DEATH of a PIONEER - On Monday morning last, J.M. WALTHALL, Senior, was found dead, with his shoulder bruised and neck broken, on his farm about 8 miles from this city, on the Copperopolis road. He was a native of Prince Edward county, Virginia, was born in 1793, and came to California in 1849. He was Collector of the Port of Stockton during President FILLMORE's administration and had resided upon his farm in this [rest cut off]

MORE INDIAN MURDERS - A letter from John C. SHEPHERD, of Blackwourth Valley to Joseph LEE, of Thompson's Flat, says the Oroville 'Record,' states that a man named BRONSON, his wife and daughter, were recently killed by the Indians near Buffalo Springs. The same letter also states that Dave PATTERSON, formerly of Oroville, had been killed by the Indians.

>>THURSDAY, 18 JUN 1868<<

BIRTH - in this city, June 16th, to the wife of Laurent BARADA, a daughter.

PERSONAL - S.W. SPERRY and family arrived at home yesterday after an absence of a few months to their old home in the Eastern States. They return in good health and greatly pleased to be again in California. They were kindly welcomed home by a large circle of friends.

STABBING AFFRAY - It appears that we were incorrectly informed in regard to the place where the stabbing affray among colored residents took place on Tuesday night last. It did not occur at the 2nd Baptist Church, but at a house near it. The 'Herald,' of last evening, gives the following account of the affair: "It appears that George BURK had, about 11 o'clock, returned to his residence on Washington street, between Commerce and Beaver streets, and then retired to bed, leaving his wife still sitting up. Soon after he had gone to bed, his house was entered by Billy HYLTON and Bill BROWN, who succeeded in brewing a storm. BURK told them to leave his house; they refused and a fight took place, BROWN and HYLTON attempting to clean out BURK in his roost. To this proceeding BURK took a decided dislike, and then drew a dagger, the blade of which measures about 5 inches in length, and looks as if it could do its purpose of giving a person an instant permit to evacuate this 'vale of tears.' BURK shoved this little instrument quite lively into the corporosity of Billy HYLTON, cutting 3 different wounds in his back, near the left shoulder blade, and making a hole in his side. When this performance was finished, hostilities ceased. HYLTON and his friend BROWN left the house and BURK went and surrendered himself to Chief of Police Myers. As no complaint was entered against him, he was released from custody this morning. We are informed that it is the culmination of an old feud, coupled with the fact that BURK objected to BROWN and HYLTON associating with either his wife or daughter. HYLTON has thus far refused to prefer any charge against BURK."

SUDDEN DEATH - The 'Sentinel' of June 13th says: We regret to record the sudden death of Mrs. May RESSER, at Soquel, on Wednesday last, while present at a picnic near the town. The deceased was in good health up to the moment when the icy hand of death interrupted the festivities. She was seated with friends in cheerful conversation and in an instant was struck with heart disease, and fainted away, ending in death. 3 years ago, her sister, Mrs. RAGELS, died as suddenly, with similar disease, while at a picnic near the same place.

>>FRIDAY, 19 JUN 1868<<

TEDIOUS TRIAL - The trial of Frederick SCHULTZ, charged as being accessory to the stealing charged against Rachel SCHULTZ, occupied nearly the whole of yesterday before Justice Brush, and was continued until this morning. E.S. PILLSBURY conducts the prosecution and Judge BUDD and General BOOKER the defense. The greater portion of the time yesterday was occupied in the examination of 1 witness.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 18 -
-One of the crew of the schooner 'Sarah Louise,' named George WILLIAMS, was drowned yesterday at Antioch.
-Ex-officer NOLAN was stabbed by a fellow named Mose EMERY, whom NOLAN ordered to desist from abusing a woman. His wound is not serious.

TERRIBLE FALL - A dispatch dated Gold Hill, June 16th, says that a miner named Robert POWERS was instantly killed this evening in the Imperial-Empire new shaft. He fell off the cage when 100 feet from the surface, falling 800 feet.

>>SATURDAY, 20 JUN 1868<<

DEATH - in Sacramento, June 18th, Rev. James S. COTTER, Pastor of St. Rose Church, a native of Doneraile, county Cork, Ireland, in his 34th year.

DEATH of Rev. FATHER COTTER - Rev. Father COTTER, of Sacramento, died of apoplexy in that city about 1 o'clock on Thursday last. The 'Union' of the 19th thus speaks of the deceased: During the evening of Wednesday he was taken very ill and as the hours passed the symptoms grew more alarming, till at the time mentioned he breathed his last. The rites of the Church had been administered to him in the afternoon before his death by Rev. Father SLATTERY. The deceased was a native of Doneraile, county Cork, Ireland and was educated at All Hallows College, Dublin. His first official duties in this State were in the parish embracing the counties of Amador and Calaveras; afterwards in San Francisco, he became 1st Assistant in St. Mary's Cathedral, and was for a time the Archbishop's Private Secretary; thence he went to Aurora, then again to San Francisco and became Pastor of St. Francis Church. In 1865 he was appointed Pastor of St. Rose Church in this city, where he remained until his death. Archbishop ALLEMANY was telegraphed to and will arrive in the city this morning. Mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock a.m. in St. Rose Church. Tomorrow the "office of the death" will commence at 9 o'clock a.m. after which a protifical high mass will be celebrated by the Most Reverend Archbishop ALLEMANY. The funeral procession will then form and escort the remains to St. Joseph's Cemetery.

PARTNER WANTED - To take charge of a threshing machine. Capital required: 4 horses & $100. Apply to this office or to
Living 2 miles east of Stockton, near Sonora road.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, June 19 -
-William HOWES, a stevedore engaged at the Mechanics' Pavilion, fell this morning a distance of 50 feet to the ground and was instantly killed.
-Francis BREMEL, a drayman, died yesterday evening from the effects of injuries received by his horse falling upon him, Wednesday last.

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