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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: July 6-11, 1868

Date: July 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 6 JUL 1868<<

DEATH near Woodbridge, June 28th, Mrs. Jane POPE, wife of John H. POPE, aged 64 years, 5 months.

DEATH in Woodbridge, June 28th, Charles Edwin MORGAN, aged about 42 years.

PERSONAL David S. TERRY, recently returned from Mazatlan, arrived in this city on Saturday morning last. We learn that he will reside here in the future.

>>TUESDAY, 7 JUL 1868<<

MARRIED at Jackson, Amador county, June 30th, Mr. Joseph A. LEFOY, to Miss Anite M. ESTRADA, both of Mokelumne Hill.

DEATH in this city, July 4th, Mrs. Mary WILLIAMS, wife of Captain S. WILLIAMS, aged 49 years.

VENISON Frank HUGGINS, S.T. NYE and D.A. MEADER returned yesterday from a hunting excursion on the Upper San Joaquin and brought home 3 fine Antelope. Near the ranch of R.B. SMITH, the hunters observed as many as 200 antelope in a drove. We know that the venison is good and thank Mr. HUGGINS for our information. The venison steak was quite acceptable.

GRAND JURY The following named gentlemen constitute the Grand Jury:
Mr. LAMBERT was appointed foreman. The jury was empanneled yesterday.

ADMITTED to CITIZENSHIP Daniel O'CONNELL, a native of Ireland, was admitted to citizenship in the County Court yesterday on testimony of E.S. HOLDEN and B. McMAHAN.

-Estate of John A. MYER, deceased citation ordered issued to Administrator, to show cause why he should not be removed.
-Estate of J. POSEY, deceased decree of publication of notice to creditors granted
-Estate of D.C. NORTON, deceased decree of due notice to creditors granted; petition for decree of distribution taken under advisement, with leave to Administrator to present further proof
-Estate of William SCOTT, deceased decree of due notice to creditors granted; order confirming sale of personal property granted; order of distribution granted.
-Estate of Thomas JENKINS, deceased continued until Wednesday, July 8th.
-Estate of Theodore SMELLINBERGER, deceased continued till Wednesday, July 8th.

PEDDLING WITHOUT A LICENSE Yesterday afternoon officer Kerr arrested a man named John BURNES, on a charge of peddling in the city without a license. The accused was taken before Justice Brown, where he acknowledged himself guilty and was ordered to appear for sentence today.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 6 Further details of the recent terrible tragedy at Oakland wharf are as follows:
About 100 or 150 persons were precipitated into the water; 10 bodies have been recovered up to this date, viz:
Mrs. E.S. SAUNDERS, married
Julia WHELAN, aged about 20, domestic in the employ of W.H.L. BARNES
Catherine MULLEN, aged 21, nurse in the employ of W.H.L. BARNES
Albert HEYWOOD, aged 17
Wife of W.B. HEYWOOD, aged unknown
Maria CAMAINO, aged 23, a native of Italy
Alesso FERRIERO, aged 40, Secretary of the Garibaldi Society
A. BARTELLA, aged 27, a native of Italy
Cora HARRISON, a child 3 years old, daughter of Mr. HARRISON, 7th street
Carlo, aged about 35, an Italian employed as salesman by D. CHIRARDELLI

No one can tell how many are yet missing. The following persons are known to have been at the wharf:
Rosa, daughter of Mrs. CANNAIANA, known to have been drowned, but the body not yet recovered
2 little daughters of the brave FERRIERO missing.

Too much honor cannot be awarded to the brave fellow who jumped into the water and helped to save those who were unable to assist themselves. Among the number were the 2 Italians, FERRIERO and CARLO, who after saving the lives of nearly a dozen persons, were themselves drowned. Their remains laid in state at the armory of the Garibaldians until today, when the funeral took place with most solemn and impressive ceremonies. The procession was composed of the Garibaldians as an escort and about 500 citizens, principally Italians, on foot, followed by 100 or more carriages, forming in all a procession fully 1 mile in length.

THE MURDERER of DR. GRAY ARRESTED Marysville, July 6 Rufus SWETT, who murdered DR> GRAY on the evening of the 4th instant, was arrested about half-past 9 o'clock last night by officer DERRICKSON, on the outskirts of the city, north of the Oroville Railroad depot. It was thought that SWETT would probably endeavor to visit a house in that neighborhood during the night, and the place was closely guarded. The only weapon found upon his person was an empty derringer and he said it was his intention to come into town and surrender himself to the authorities when he could do so with safety, but after learning that GRAY was dead, and while being brought into town, he endeavored to make his escape by dodging behind a railroad car, and started to run, but was stopped by a discharge from officer DERRICKSON's gun, which took effect in his left arm, badly shattering it. He is now safely lodged in the Station House.

RAILROAD ACCIDENT At Folsom, on the 4th, Mrs. DUNCOMBE had her dress entangled in the wheel of a moving train and was violently thrown to the ground. She sustained a fracture of the right collar bone and an internal rupture in the vicinity of the heart, which may cause death.

DEATH FROM a FALL On the 4th, in Sacramento, a man named Richard BRAZILE fell down the stairs of the Brooklyn Hotel, and received injuries which resulted in death. He was a civil engineer by profession and aged about 60 years.

SUDDEN DEATH Recently, as Mrs. BALDWIN, mother of Mrs. J.R. WHITNEY of San Jose, was passing along 2nd street in front of the What Cheer House in that city, she fell in a fit of apoplexy and expired almost instantly.

>>WEDNESDAY, 8 JUL 1868<<

MARRIED in this city, May 30th, by Rev. James A. SKINNER; Le Grand B. BRIGHAM to Miss Mary Eda DOUGHERTY, both of Woodbridge.

REFUSE to EMIGRATE The Chinese lately employed in grading the Western Pacific Railroad in this county refuse to go to the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains to work on the Central Pacific. They are still residing in their tents along the line of the road between the Calaveras and Mokelumne rivers and say: "Bligham YOUNG no good man; no likee Mormon; too muchee snow; too muchee salt."

HELD TO ANSWER Hermann JOHNSON, arrested near the Stanislaus river by Constable LANGMAID, on complaint of Rudoph KRANISH on a charge of shooting the latter with shot from a gun, has been examined before Justice Brush and held to answer before the Grand Jury.

ACCIDENT Yesterday Albert WASHBURNE had the ends of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers of his right hand shaved off by the cutters of a planing mill while in motion. He narrowly escaped a worse injury, yet the present one is very painful.

SONORA ITEM From the Sonora 'Democrat' of the 4th About 10 o'clock p.m. Saturday, June 27, an Arab named Mohammed ABDALLAH, who lived in Sonora for 8 or 9 years past, dropped dead in the street, at the bridge near Monahan's stable. He was about 50 years of age and the cause of his death was supposed by Dr. WALKER to be disease of the heart. A Coroner's jury was summoned as quickly as possible by Coroner FRUEND. After hearing the evidence of Dr. WALKER and Mr. MONAHAN, the jury returned a verdict in accordance with the above facts. The deceased was an honest, inoffensive man who made a support by sawing wood and doing other little jobs for the citizens of Sonora.

>>THURSDAY, 9 JUL 1868<<

SUICIDE A telegram was published in the 'Independent' from San Francisco July 3d, mentioning the suspected suicide of J.P. PULASKI, at the Oregon House, by taking morphine. The deceased was about a year ago a resident of Stockton and was employed as a journeyman tailor. He was a Hebrew and from here he went to San Francisco and there was converted to Christianity. It is supposed he became a Christian proselyte under the belief that members of that religion would aid and assist him in business. His own religionists got down upon him for his apostacy and would not help him and not receiving such help as he expected from the Christian community, in his disappointment he committed suicide.

-Estate and guardianship of Jacob and David HOHN, minors petition of A. FAIRBANK for settlement of final account and letter of resignation, set for hearing on the 18th instant.
-Estate of John A. MEYER, deceased petition of Administrator and partner of deceased for partition between estate and partnership citation to parties interested ordered.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 8 Yesterday afternoon Mrs. TERRIERO, widow of the brave Italian who was lost at the Oakland disaster, attempted to throw herself overboard the steamer El Capitan. She was prevented by some bystanders.

FATAL ACCIDENT In Sacramento, July 7th, N.W CHISHOLM, a machinist, lately in the employ of the Central Pacific Railroad Company, was violently thrown from a bucking horse. He was mortally injured internally and died shortly after the accident.

>>FRIDAY, 10 JUL 1868<<

DEATH in this city, July 9th, Edward D., infant son of Peter and Adelia LESHER, aged 6 weeks. [Funeral from the residence of the parents, Channel street, opposite the Stockton Bakery Hotel, today at 10 o'clock a.m.]

DEATH of SENATOR PERLEY Hon. James E. PERLEY, of Woodbridge, who left some time ago on a visit to his former home in Canada, died at Woodstock, New Brunswick, June 17th, so the telegraph announces. He was elected Senator for this county last Fall and leaves an unexpired term to be filled by special election. Mr. PERLEY was in his 64th year.

FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT On Monday night last, little Frank, son of Mr. SMITH, who resides on Channel street, was kicked on the head by a mule, fracturing a portion of the skull on the left side of the temple, depressing it on the brain. The operation of exsecting and removing the fractured and depressed bone was performed by Dr. LANGDON, assisted by Drs. SPOSATI and CLARK. From the time of the accident until the operation was completed, the little fellow remained insensible; but no sooner was the operation performed than his senses returned. From so severe an accident, however, his recovery must be considered doubtful.

RETIRED N.E. WHITE, formerly of the 'Independent,' and latterly editor and proprietor of the Napa 'Register,' has retired from that journal. In announcing the fact, he states that he has not received adequate support to encourage him in publishing the 'Register' which is a shame to the Republicans of Napa county and will be superceded by R.T. MONTGOMERY, who was previously its conductor. We are sorry to learn that Mr. WHITE is unappreciated in his boyhood home, but the old saying is "that a prophet is no prophet in his own country." Success attend him in such venture as he may enter into.

DEAD BODY FOUND S. CLARK, who has just returned to Stockton from his ranch in Merced county, informs the 'Herald' "that about 2 weeks since, on the trail about 1 and a half miles from his ranch, a dead body was found. The dress denoted that deceased was a sheep herder. His appearance indicated that he had been dead bout 3 months. The clotted blood in his neck handkerchief and in his clothes about his breast denoted that his throat had been cut. His hands were tied behind his back. There was nothing about his persons to show who he was not a jack-knife, pencil, nor a piece of paper in his pockets that might lead to his identification. The deceased was a young man with black hair. His teeth were remarkable for their beauty, there not being a speck in any one of them. It is supposed that he was a sheep herder and had been paid off, and that he had been followed until he had left the settlement and entered the foot-hills, when he was murdered for his money."

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 9 Miss Annie ALDRICH, aged about 21 years, was found dead in her room at the Gahalliard Hotel on Pine street this morning. She retired as usual last evening, and in apparent good health. It is supposed she took an overdose of morphine pills which she probably took to induce sleep, which she has been for some time in the habit of resorting to.

ATTEMPTED SUICIDE The suicide mania existing in San Francisco seems to have extended to Sacramento. Within a short period a number of suicides have taken place there and Monday last a man named John KANE, aged about 45, threw himself into the Sacramento river, with the intention of "shuffling off this mortal coil." He was rescued and found to be repentant of his mad attempt at self-destruction.

>>SATURDAY, 11 JUL 1868<<

BIRTH in Tuolumne City, July 10th, to the wife of A.C. GLENN, of a daughter.

MARRIED in Trinity Church, San Francisco, July 8th, by Rev. Dr. WYATT; James S. DAVIS, of Stockton, to Miss Hallie HENSLEY, of Oregon City, Oregon.

A BATTLE WITH a BEAR Grizzly bears, it appears, are making quite free with live stock on the west side of the San Joaquin river. The Tuolumne City 'News' of the 10th instant say: "Last Saturday evening 1 of those monarchs of the California forest sauntered from its mountain den, attacked and killed a couple of yearling calves near the ranch of Mr. GRUNDIKE. Believing that the bear would return on the following night for another feast from the carcasses of its victim, Mr. GRUNDIKE and a companion came to the conclusion to lay in wait for the beast on the following night. Accordingly Sunday night the 2 well-armed hunters started for the spot, intending on taking a position in a friendly tree hard by the carcasses, but unfortunately they were delayed until a later hour than they expected, and on coming in sight they discovered that a large female bear, accompanied by 2 cubs, had arrived in advance of them and was quietly taking their evening meal. To reach the tree the sportsmen would have to pass near the bear. Here was a dilemma. By mutual consent the hunters agreed to make battle. Soon her ladyship discovered her foes and turning from her meal with a savage growl advanced towards her disturbers. The men stood their ground with a calm self-reliance in their ability to win the fight. On her reaching the distance of 15 yards the hunters fired simultaneously and the bear reeled over dead. A crack rifle shot by moonlight won the fight. Had not the shot proven fatal we might have chronicled a more interesting fight. On measuring the dimensions of the bear she was found to be one of the largest commoners that roam the Coast Range. The cubs took to the mountains and the hunters were unable to capture them."

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 10
-W.D. ORTON, who went to Oakland on the 4th, and has been missing ever since, is supposed to have been lost at the time of the disaster.
-Captain Robert H. PEARSO, of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, died today from heart disease.

SUICIDE of a COLORED MAN Marysville, July 10 A negro man named James MADDOX, aged 24 years, occupation of boot-black, was found dead in his bed at the Philadelphia House in this city [Marysville] about 10 o'clock this morning. 3 vials of laudanum, which he purchased last evening, and which were found empty in his room when he was discovered today, establish the fact that he committed suicide, but for what cause is unknown.

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