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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: July 13-18, 1868

Date: July 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 13 JUL 1868<<

MARRIED at Moore's Flat, Nevada county, July 1st, Mr. Matthew HARRIS (formerly of Mariposa) to Miss Aminda C. MOORE, all of Moore's Flat.

DEATH in San Joaquin county, July 11th, Jonathan PARKER, formerly of New Bedford, Massachusetts, aged 44 years. [>New Bedford papers please copy.]

DEATH in this city, July 12th, Pierre LARRAUDE, a native of France, aged about 58 years. [The funeral will take place from St. Mary's Church today at 3 o'clock p.m.]

DEATH in Visalia, June 29th, John T. DAVENPORT, aged 27 years.

MARIPOSA We gleaned the following items from the 'Gazette' of the 10th:
-On the 4th of July, Joshua GEORGE, whilst riding a horse race at Black's, above Coulterville, was thrown and received a severe cut across the forehead.
-The remains of Charles HARTMAN were found at Merced Falls one day last week. HARTMAN, in last May, was attending to Smith's Ferry, on the Merced river, on the trail to Coulterville, and Sunday, 7th of the above mentioned month, he was missed from the ferry; the goods in the ferry house were undisturbed, which led to the supposition that it was a case of accidental drowning. It is surmised by some that in attempting to push the boat off the bank he slipped and fell in.

SUICIDE at ANGEL'S CAMP "Coppersmith," a correspondent of the San Francisco 'Dispatch,' writing from Copperopolis, Calaveras county, on the 7th, informs us that "Mr. Michael COSGROVE, of Angels Camp, died last Sunday morning from the effects, it is supposed, of morphine. The facts in relation to the suicide, as it must be termed, are as follows: On Saturday morning Mr. COSGROVE procured a quantity of morphine at a drug store, for the purpose, as he said, of making him sleep well. It was divided into a number of doses, one of which was to be taken daily. He went to his room and locked the door without acquainting his wife of the fact that he intended to take the medicine. He was found about 1 p.m., in an insensible and dying condition, in which state he continued until Sunday morning, about 9 o'clock, when he died. As none of the morphine could be found about the room, it is presumed that he took the whole of it for the purpose of putting an end to his life. Deceased was about 45 years of age and leaves a wife and a large family to mourn his death." [see 18 July issue, below]

COUNTY COURT Innocenti GIANINI admitted to citizenship; witnesses, Philip BROSCHI and John GIANINI.

-Estate of Robert L. ROBERTS, deceased letters of administration granted to Catherine ROBERTS; bonds fixed at $560; G.A. SHURTLEFF, A. CLARK and William TROLINGER appointed appraisers; notice to creditors ordered
-Estate of Charles E. MORGAN, deceased Charles BELDING, Public Administrator, granted letters of Administration; Charles F. UNDERWOOD, J. LIVINSKY and A. McQUEEN appointed appraisers; notice to creditors ordered
-Estate of H. JENKINS, deceased petition of J.G. JENKINS for probate will and letters of administration granted
-Estate of Theodore SMELLINBERGER, deceased continued till 10 o'clock Monday morning, 13th instant

DETAINED LETTERS The following is a list of letters detained at the Postoffice in this city on account of the non-payment of postage. If the postage is not pre-paid within the present week, the letters will be sent to the Dead Letter Office at Washington:
Rev. H.H. BATES, N. Bedford, Mass
Mrs. Margaret FOX, San Andreas
Chas. B. HATHAWAY, San Francisco
John COLLINS, Jr., Somerville, Massachusetts
J.W.G. McLELLEN, Idaho
James W. VINCE, Moberly, Missouri
Mrs. L. RIGGS, Sturgeon, Missouri
Clara MYERS, Aurora
Miss Laura SMITH, Charlotte, N.C.
Rev. J.N. LOVELL, San Jose
James GRANT, Columbia
James OLIPHANT, San Andreas
A. EASTON, Stockton
Mrs. Lucie HILLYARD, Minneapolis, Michigan
J. MILLNERO, Copperopolis
Hall McLOUD, Stockton
Mrs. Mary Ann THOMAS, Hunnewell, Mo
Rev. John MILLER, Sacramento
Mr. W. WELLS, Mokelumne Hill
Mr. E.R. YOST, Australia
W. CONBEN, San Francisco
Geo DOUGHERTY, Woodbridge
Wm. NEHTHALL, New York

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 12
-Divorces were granted yesterday in the 4th District Court to:
E.V. AUGER vs. Victor H. AUGER, on the ground of willful desertion
Augusta MAY vs. Wm. MAY, on the ground of extreme cruelty
Ellen A DOWNS vs. Leo W. DOWNS divorce denied
Charles R. HALL vs. Julia HALL divorce granted on the ground of adultery
Cora A. WALTON vs. N.C. WALTON plaintiff's motion for alimony and counsel fees argued and submitted
-A German named ZAVERS, aged 21 years, was drowned above Saucelito yesterday. He was in a Whitehall boat and jumped out to avoid being capsized by the steamer 'Princess.'

>>TUESDAY, 14 JUL 1868<<

BIRTH in this city, July 12th, to the wife of F. ROTHENBUSH, a daughter.

BIRTH near Calaveritas, July 8th, to the wife of Edward F. WALKER, a daughter.

MARRIED at Jenny Lind, July 6th, by Rev. Father CASSIDY; Benedict ARATA to Theresa ARVISO, both of that place.

DEATH in this city, July 5th, Clara Ella; 13th, Laura Emma, twin daughters of Louis and Mary A. HAAS, aged 4 weeks. [Funeral from the residence of the parents, near corner of Fremont and American streets, today, (Tuesday) at 10 o'clock a.m. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.]
[They went forth together, they are not alone,
A sister and brother guided the little ones home;
Together they roam through the mansions above,
Together sing praises to the Savior of love.

Dear Ella, sweet Emma, your sufferings are o'er,
No anguish or pain can weary you more;
The Savior now folds you both in his arms;
Henceforth and forever you are safe from all harm.]

DEATH in Sonora, July 3d, Phillips MYERS, a native of New York, aged 41 years.

DEATH at Big Oak Flat, July 4th, Lockey HANCOCK, a native of Lebannon, Wilson county, Tennessee, aged 42 years.
[Lockey HANCOCK, of Big Oak Flat, was killed on the 4th instant at that place by being run away with by a fractious horse he was riding which ran against a tree, fracturing his skull.]

DEATH in First Garrote, June 12th, Katie LAURIN, youngest child of Holman C. and Sylvia G. ROLLINS, aged about 5 years.

DEATH at Chee Chee, July 3d, W.G. COLLINS, aged 36 years.

DEATH at Angels, July 6th, Michael COSGROVE, aged about 47 years.

DEPARTURE Henry H. HEWLETT, of the firm of Jones & Hewlett, and for many years the manager of the business of the firm in this city, took his departure on the steamer yesterday afternoon for San Francisco, where he intends to reside for the future and to conduct a branch of the same business in that city. His family accompanied him. Mr. HEWLETT is one of the best business men in this State and his absence will be greatly felt in business circles in Stockton. We wish him every success in his new field of operations.

APPOINTED The County Clerk, H.T. DORRANCE, has appointed E.E. HOOD, Deputy Clerk, in place of Charles E. WILSON, who resigned with a view of commencing the practice of law in San Francisco. Mr. HOOD assumed his new position yesterday and Mr. WILSON left on the afternoon steamer for the Bay. We sincerely hope the strongest storms both may encounter in the pilgrimage of life will be the breezes of good fortune.

A BOY BADLY INJURED Yesterday morning a little boy, son of H.W. SMITH, Jeweler, Levee street, was run over by a grocery wagon near the corner of Hunter and Channel streets, and his collar bone broken. One of the wheels, it is said, run over the boy's abdomen. The little sufferer was picked up by Mr. SHAW, one of the proprietors of the Channel street poultry market and Dr. LANGDON was called to attend him.

PERSONAL We yesterday had the pleasure of a call from Messrs. H.A. TODD and R.C. MOORE, of San Francisco, who were on a short visit to our city. Mr. TODD was in early times a resident of this county. He has just returned from a trip to the East by the overland route, having made the quickest trip ever made by any person from New York to San Francisco, viz: 13 days and 6 hours.

INSANE The insane man, named James McDERMOTT, who some time last Spring killed Sheriff COCHRAN, of Trinity county, was brought to this city yesterday in charge of Sheriff JOHNSON, of Tehama county, and placed in the Insane Asylum.

PAINFUL ACCIDENT On Sunday evening, a little son of Mr. DOWST fell from a fence on Hunter street, near Washington Square, and broke his arm. The bone was adjusted by Dr. SPOSATI.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 13
-Yesterday afternoon Alexander GREEN, Deputy Sheriff, shot and killed John LANNIGAN, alias Dublin Jack, a boot-black and notorious rough. LANNIGAN had insulted GREEN's little daughter by throwing a cranberry pie in her face. Mr. GREEN demanded an explanation, whereupon he was attacked by LANNIGAN and stabbed several times with a pocket knife. He then shot LANNIGAN 4 times with a Sharp's pistol, killing him upon the spot.
-This morning fire broke out in a dwelling house occupied by Mrs. Margaret KENNY, on Carlos Place, between O'Farrell and Mason streets. The house was entirely consumed, with its contents. A daughter of Mrs. KENNY, 12 years of age, was burned to death, and a son about 19 years of age badly burned in trying to rescue his sister from the flames. James McCANN and wife were also severely burned.

>>WEDNESDAY, 15 JUL 1868<<

BIRTH at Rock Creek, Stanislaus county, July 14th, to the wife of E. OLMSTEAD, of a daughter.

DEATH in this city, July 14th, Virginia Voris, twin daughter of Frank T. and Mary R. BALDWIN, aged 20 months, 17 days. [Funeral from the residence of the parents, corner of Main and American streets, at 10 o'clock a.m. today.]

DROWNED While Captain George THOMAS and Wm. COLE, a seaman, were endeavoring to get the sloop 'Maggie' off a tule island in the Sacramento river, between Vallejo and Antioch, on which it had grounded, the boat they were in foundered, and THOMAS was drowned.

-Estate of John SHACKFORD, deceased order made allowing sale of wheat crop at public or private sale
-Estate of John A. MEYER, deceased hearing of petition for removal of Administration continued until Monday, 20th instant

MARK TWAIN went passenger on the 'Montana,' Monday 6th instant, for the East. The 'Alta' says he will continue his letter to it.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 14
-Special detective officer BLITZ died at Warm Springs this morning of consumption. Deceased for a few years past has been Sergeant-at-Arms to the Board of Supervisors.
-A young woman named Mollie MOWERY attempted to kill herself by swallowing 2 ounces of laudanum. Her life was saved.
-A man named DENIO died suddenly at the Railroad House this morning.
-Some rascal tried to chloroform the servant maid of Mr. S. MARKS, at the corner of 14th and Folsom streets. Mr. MARKS fired several shots at the scamp but did not hit him.

MAN SHOT AND KILLED Lincoln, July 14 Last evening while Mr. FREEMAN was returning home on a load of wood, he was met by a sheep herder named SMITH, whereupon an altercation took place relative to land matters. It appears SMITH has been herding his sheep on FREEMAN's land, and FREEMAN demanded rent, and SMITH becoming enraged drew his revolver, fired and mortally wounded FREEMAN. The report of firearms caused FREEMAN's team to run away, which occurrence prevented SMITH from doing further violence. Precious to their meeting he had called at FREEMAN's house and inquired of Mrs. FREEMAN where FREEMAN was, and upon being told that he was not at home, he put his hand on his revolver saying, "this is a FREEMAN killer," and left the house. Through the exertions of Sheriff Small, SMITH was arrested and brought to town this afternoon. His examination will take place tomorrow, when circumstances connected with the case will be fully developed.

>>THURSDAY, 16 JUL 1868<<

PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY At an adjourned meeting of the Philharmonic Society of this city, held on the 14th instant, the following named persons were elected officers, to serve for the ensuing 6 months:
S.P. GORHAM, President
Mrs. S.J. DeLANO, Vice President
W. CROWHURST, Secretary
H.W. SMITH, Treasurer
S. JACKSON, Librarian
Professor Geo. P. NEWELL, Director of Music
Judge UNDERHILL, Organist
Executive Committee Amos DURANT, Richard CONDY and Albert ECKSTROM
The Constitution and By-laws of the organization have been ordered printed and an entire new set of books have been received from San Francisco. The Society is preparing to give a concert.

DROWNED A.B. LAWERS was drowned at Saucelito on Saturday. The steamer 'Princess' backed upon and swamped a small boat in which deceased was at the time. He attempted to clamber upon the steamer, lost his hold and sank in deep water.

BODY RECOGNIZED Mr. WOODWARD, of Sacramento, has recognized the body found in the Sacramento river, near Freeport, as that of his father, George WOODWARD, who had been missing since the 3d instant.

FATAL ACCIDENT E. BURNS was instantly killed in the Eureka mine, at Sutter creek, July 12th, while repairing the shaft, about 400 feet from the lower level. BURNS was a single man, about 35 years of age, very quiet and unassuming and respected by all his acquaintances.

>>FRIDAY, 17 JUL 1868<<

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, July 16 The funeral of the late B.S. BLITZ was largely attended today by the Police force, city authorities and veterans of the Mexican war.

ESCAPED FROM THE ASYLUM The 'Union,' of yesterday, states that "officers DUNLEVY and DOLE arrested a few days since a man whose appearance indicated insanity and who was partially paralyzed. He gave his name as Daniel TAYLOR, and admitted that he had had been in the Stockton Asylum. In answer to a dispatch of inquiry, Dr. SHURTLIFF of the Asylum telegraphed that TAYLOR was an escape from that institution, and requested that he be returned. Accordingly, he was yesterday morning placed in charge of Deputy Sheriff GENTRY of Nevada county, who was en route for that place."

MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT at FOLSOM The 'Union' says: "At Folsom, on Monday evening, an accident occurred to a daughter of James J. CARTER, formerly a resident of this city, which in its results, proved most distressing. We are informed that while playing in a room, the little one (a beautiful child about 18 months old) pulled over upon herself a lamp which had been standing on a table, thus setting her clothes in a blaze, and before those present could extinguish the flames, she had received injuries that proved fatal on Tuesday night."

>>SATURDAY, 18 JUL 1868<<

MR. COSGROVE'S DEATH Dr. Wm. A. KELLY, Coroner of Calaveras county, writes to the San Francisco 'Dispatch' that the statement published by that paper in regard to the death of Michael COSGROVE, at Angel's Camp, is incorrect. A Copperopolis correspondent attributed Mr. COSGROVE's death to an overdose of morphine, whereas the Coroner says: "The facts, as established at the inquest, prove that death was caused by apoplexy," as can be seen from the evidence and verdict filed in the office of the County Clerk in San Andreas.

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