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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
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Description: September 1-5, 1868

Date: September 1868

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>TUESDAY, 1 SEPT 1868<<

BIRTH - in Sonora, Aug. 24, to the wife of Harris JOSEPH, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Mokelumne Hill, Aug. 27, to the wife of H.B. DISBROW, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Chili Gulch, Aug. 22, to the wife of August AHNERT, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Chili Gulch, Aug. 22, to the wife of F. LEBEAN, of a daughter.

BIRTH - in Chili Gulch, Aug. 22, to the wife of T. HUTCHINSON, of a son.

MARRIED - at the residence of the bride's father, Sonora, Aug. 23d, 1868, by Rev. C.L. FISHER; Bernard I. MADISON and Miss Elizabeth A. GRIBBLE, both of Sonora.

DEATH - in this city, Aug. 31st, Reverdy S., son of R.S. and Elizabeth C. ELLSWORTH, aged 2 years, 2 days. [The funeral will take place from the residence of the parents, San Joaquin street, between Church and Sonora streets, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends of the family are invited to attend.]

DEATH - in Sonora, Aug. 28, Frances M., youngest daughter of Terrance and Ana BRODIGAN, aged 2 years, 4 months.

DEATH - in the mountains above Sonora, Aug. 26th, P.J. DOLL, a native of Bavaria, aged 43 years.

DEATH - at Mokelumne Hill, Aug. 26, Jules DAY, aged 30 years.

DISTRICT COURT - People vs. Philip DICK sentenced to be hanged on Oct. 16th, 1868.

SUICIDE of a PIONEER SACRAMENTAN - Aug. 31 - A lamentable occurrence took place in this city [Sacramento] this morning, between 8 and 9 o'clock at the head of Twelfth street and just north of the line of the Central Pacific Railroad. Some men engaged in removing soil from the old bed of the American river saw a man who was bleeding from the throat. It was discovered that it was Thomas ROSS, a well known and respected citizen. His place of business was at the NE corner of J and Eighth streets. Mr. ROSS had cut his throat with a razor, the cause being financial difficulties, as we are informed. He was attended by Drs. SIMMONS and OATMAN and lingered till nearly noon, when he expired. Everything was done to save him, but without avail. Mr. ROSS was a pioneer and a highly esteemed citizen. He has in this city a number of relations, who will feel keenly his departure. He was high in the order of F.&A.M., and a member of the Order of Odd Fellows. His life was insured for $2500 in the office of the North Western Mutual Life Insurance Company.

>>WEDNESDAY, 2 SEPT 1868<<

PERSONAL - Mr. COFFIN ("Carlton" of the Boston 'Journal') remained in this city yesterday and will leave this morning on a trip to Yo Semite. He is accompanied by his wife and several friends from San Francisco. On his return from his trip to the mountains he will start for his home in Boston. When he reaches that place he will have completed a journey around the world. Accompanied by Dr. HOLDEN, Mr. COFFIN and lady visited the Pavilion yesterday and were much pleased with the exhibition, particularly with the fruit. We wish them a pleasant trip to the mountains and a safe return to their home in the East. "Carlton's" impression of California will be anxiously looked for and read by the many admirers on the Pacific Coast of a writer of his experience, extensive travel, descriptive power and reliability.

MRS. HEIDENGER, the unfortunate woman who killed her child and attempted her own life in San Francisco, seems to be recovering, greatly to the surprise of her physicians. She is to be held on a charge of murder.

-Mrs. J.S. TROWBRIDGE, of Jackson, Amador county was shockingly burned by the explosion of a fruit can which she was in the act of sealing on Tuesday last.
-John W. WHITTLE, while at work in the shaft of the Badger claim, on Tuesday last, fell some 80 feet, striking a beam and was killed.
-Henry J. MOORE has been arrested for mayhem in San Francisco, he having attempted to bite his wife's nose off in his reverence for her constitution.
-Robert TYLER (colored) was convicted of rape in the Nevada County Court on Thursday last. His trial lasted 3 days.
-From the Grass Valley 'National' of Aug. 28th: A young man named Williams H. JENNINGS met with a serious accident at 8 o'clock this morning on Massachusetts Hill. He was being drawn up from a shaft 80 feet deep by a rope which run over a pulley the end of the rope being attached to a horse. When near the top of the shaft the whiffletree broke and the unfortunate man fell to the bottom of the shaft. His right leg was broken just above the ankle, his head badly cut and it is supposed he sustained serious internal injuries.

SAN MATEO - The Redwood City 'Gazette,' of Aug. 29th, has the following: Mr. George F. WITHRAM, of Woodside, is engaged in teaming in the redwoods, and on Saturday last was descending the mountains in the vicinity of Paddock's mill, when the wagon was capsized, WITHAM [spelled 2 ways] falling under the wagon, receiving terrible bruises about the face and head. We learn that the bones of his nose were entirely broken off and crushed to pieces. On Monday of last week, Mr. WITHAM had an only child drowned at Woodside, aged about 3 years.

>>THURSDAY, 3 SEPT 1868<<

BIRTH - at the K ranch, Calaveras county, Aug. 25th, to the wife of William H. LOCKWOOD, of a son.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Sept. 2 -
-Mrs. Mary HEIDENGER, who killed her infant son and then attempted to kill herself, died this morning.
-Today the body of James CONRAY was found floating in the bay. Deceased was one of the crew of the United States ship 'Independence.'

>>FRIDAY, 4 SEPT 1868<<

LETTER FROM MR. PATTERSON - J.M. PATTERSON, of Alameda, writes to Mr. OVERHISER stating his inability to attend our Fair. He says: "I regret to inform you that I shall not be able to attend the Stockton Fair this season. I had looked forward with much pleasure to the time of your Fair and the meeting of many of our friends who visit your city on such occasions. My brother (J.D.) has gone to Los Angeles and business compels me to remain on the ranch. Remember me to Mr. DOAK, President of your Society, and say to him that I would have liked to be present and contributed our mite toward number, if nothing more. Hoping the San Joaquin District Fair will, as ever, be a success.
I remain, with regard, yours, &c.,

BOOTS and SHOES - Fred ARNOLD (successor to Nash & Fogg), has removed his Shoe Store to Theatre Building, Main street.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Sept. 3 - Mr. PELTZ, Chief Engineer of the United States steamer 'Lackawanna,' died at sea Aug. 21st, and was interred at La Paz with military honors.

-Charles W. FOSS, who was severely hurt by a plank falling on him, died in Nevada on the 31st ult.
-Wm. C. GUIREY has been appointed Collector of the port of Sacramento, vice Lorenzo HAMILTON, deceased.
-Thomas HANSBROW, ex-member of the Assembly from Sacramento, inventor of the Hansbrow pump and sundry other valuable mechanical improvements, died in Sacramento on Monday.
-A dispatch to the 'Bee,' dated at Brown's Valley, Sept. 1st, says: "J. LANDERMAN's hotel, 3 miles above here, on the Downieville road, was burned last night at 11 o'clock. His little girl, aged 6 years, was burned to death. Miss Katy DAY was badly burned, but may recover.
-N.B. GARBRICK, a public school teacher of Alviso, was drowned while bathing in the slough near that place on Saturday last.
-The adopted son of M. TOWNSEND, of Mormon Island, met with a sudden death a short time ago, by a horse trampling on him, while leading him to water. He was an only child, 4 years old, and remarkably bright for his age.

>>SATURDAY, 5 SEPT 1868<<

SUICIDE - Between 5 and 6 o'clock last evening, a German named Henry H. HERTZER, committed suicide by taking poison. It appears that he lately had some domestic trouble, which he probably took so greatly to heart as to cause him to put an end to his life. He went to his own house on Lafayette street, between El Dorado and Hunter streets, and asked his wife to forgive him for the injures he had done her. She replied that she was perfectly willing to forgive him if he would only behave like a man. Shortly afterward he was found on the south side of Mormon slough, near Centre street bridge, a corpse. The body is at the office of the Coroner, where an inquest will be held today. That he poisoned himself is concluded from the fact that in his pocket was found a letter addressed to his wife stating that he had purchased and intended to take the fatal dose.

DISTRICT COURT - Orpha WILSON vs. Williams WILSON - order entered granting care of infant child to plaintiff.

ADMITTED to CITIZENSHIP - In the District Court, Sept. 3d, Abraham LEVY, a native of Prussia, was admitted to citizenship on testimony of J.C. SMITH and H.T. DORRANCE.

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