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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: March 22-27, 1869

Date: March 1869

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 22 MAR 1869<<

DIED -- in this city, March 20th, Mrs. Denasha BELL, a native of Louisiana, aged 56 years.

DIED -- at the Zinc House, French Camp road, March 20th, Mrs. Henrietta WAGENER, a native of Prussia, wife of Ernst WAGENER, aged 44 years, 2 months, 8 days. [Galena papers please copy.]

PERSONAL -- David SHEPPARD, who left his home at Murphy's in 1862 for the Atlantic States, returned by the last steamer and arrived in this city on Saturday last, on his way to his family in Calaveras county. He leaves on the stage for Murphy's this morning.

ADMITTED to CITIZENSHIP -- Henry THEIL, a native of France, was admitted to citizenship by the County Court on Saturday last, on testimony of Jeremiah GOOCH and A.W. HUNSUCKER.

-Estate of J.A. BENSON, deceased -- on motion of the heirs of said estate, it was ordered that citation be issued to the administrator to show cause why he should not render his account.
-Estate of John A. MYER, deceased -- ordered that the hearing of the final account of the administrator be adjourned until Tuesday at 9 o'clock a.m.
-Estate of Robert FISHER, deceased -- ordered that the executor be allowed until the 1st day of next term to present his final account
-Estate of John GRANT, deceased -- order for letters of administration, order appointing appraisers, order for notice to creditors and order fixing bond of Administratrix
-Estate of George STAMPER, deceased -- order for notice of hearing of petition for probate of will and the issuance of letters testamentary

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, March 21 -- A young girl named Cassy SWEENEY, living at No. 50 Natoma street, who was severely burned about 2 weeks ago, died yesterday from the effects of her injuries.

SAN FRANCISCO -- From the 'Times' of March 20th - Andrew ROMAN, while in the discharge of his duty yesterday morning at Alcatraz Island, was accidentally shot and instantly killed. He had been detailed on guard duty, and was proceeding up stairs to his post, when he slipped and fell on the stairs. In the fall his musket struck on the steps of the stairway and was discharged, the contents entering and carrying away the back part of his skull. Deceased was a brother of Mr. A. ROMAN, bookseller of this city, who has the heart-felt sympathies of his many friends throughout California.

>>TUESDAY, 23 MAR 1869<<

BIRTH -- in this city, March 21st, to the wife of C.F. WERSTER, a son.

BIRTH -- in Yo Semite Valley, March 8th, to the wife of Fred. LIEDIG, a son.

BIRTH -- in Mokelumne Hill, March 16th, to the wife of S.C. PEEK [or PECK], a daughter.

MARRIED -- in Mokelumne Hill, March 17th, Avery S. GILMORE and Mrs. Lucy GRAY.

MARRIED -- in San Andreas, Feb. 27th, Moses WASHBURN and Miss Mary Louisa McCARDLE.

DIED -- in Princeton, March 10th, Frederick HOETGER, aged 55 years, a native of Prussia.

DIED -- in San Francisco, March 11th, Mrs. Caroline S. SMITH, wife of Walter S. SMITH, late of Coulterville.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, March 22 --
-Great excitement was caused on Third street today by the sudden appearance on the street of a brutal looking fellow named John HURLEY, crazy drunk, and anxious to murder the 1st person whom he could lay his hands on. He ran into a butcher shop, drove the inmates out and came on the street again armed with a cleaver and long sharp knife. Everybody who came in his way, men, women and children, had to turn and flee for their lives, chased by the monster into shops and houses. Some proposed to shoot him down as he ran, but officer MAGUIRE, assisted by a civilian, took after him, and after a desperate struggle succeeded in disarming him. He was immediately handcuffed, but even then was so strong that 4 or 5 men were required to get him into the station house. His disposition was bad enough to murder any whom he might reach, and it is singular he did not succeed in striking some one.
-Yesterday the body of Martin TRAVES, engineer for a stevedore's engine at Vallejo street wharf, was found floating in the bay near North Point. Deceased was a native of Ireland, and leaves a wife and 4 children to mourn his loss.

>>WEDNESDAY, 24 MAR 1869<<

PERSONAL -- Charles HAAS, an old resident and highly respected citizen of Stockton, leaves today for a visit to the Eastern States. He will bear with him the best wishes of the community. James WADSWORTH also leaves today for a visit to his old home at Plymouth, Massachusetts, after a residence of 20 years in California, a greater part of which has been spent in Stockton. The wish of his many friends is that he may not need the aid of the beautiful little cork-screw so kindly presented by a thoughtful friend. May favoring breezes waft both gentlemen safely to their destination.

FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT -- Last Thursday afternoon, says the Santa Cruz 'Sentinel' of March 20th, while Thomas WEEKS was working with his horses, one of them kicked him on the side of the head. The ear was cut half off and the side of the face flattened, presenting a bruised and blackened appearance. He remained in an unconscious state, from a few moments after he received the blow, till 3 o'clock the next morning. Dr. ANDERSON was called and dressed the wound. The patient is doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

A SHOOTING COMMUNITY -- An exchange of shots between fellow citizens is becoming a favorite amusement or dangerous epidemic in Santa Cruz county, if we may judge by the following which we clip from the Santa Cruz 'Sentinel' of March 20th:
-2 neighbors, and residents in the foothills near Santa Cruz, and for some time on unfriendly terms, got into a shooting scrape on the afternoon of Saturday last, in front of J.N. BESSE's store, William DUFFIE doing the shooting at Daniel MONTIETH, the 1st cap missing fire and the 2nd shot sending its leaden missile harmless of the intended victim.
-On Tuesday of this week Mr. L. WHITE was shot in the back by L. BROWN. The difficulty originated about the cutting of some cordwood and above Soquel on the Soquel creek. The wound is a dangerous one and is feared will prove fatal.

FROM THE VISALIA 'DELTA' of March 17th -- On Saturday night, March 13th, a German, in the employ of Mr. SAMSTAG, by the name of Adolphe ENDERS, aged about 38 or 40 years, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a small 6-shooter. No tangible cause is assigned except temporary insanity.

SUDDEN DEATH -- Stillman FULLER, of Antelope Valley, Tehama county, died very suddenly in that place last week. He had been working hard, and being thirsty, took a drink of cold water, and was immediately seized with severe cramps and pains, and expired in half an hour.

>>THURSDAY, 25 MAR 1869<<

BIRTH -- in this city, March 23d, to the wife of Charles VIEBROCK, of a son.

WOMAN WANTED -- For General Housework. Must be a good Cook, Washer and Ironer.
Apply to H.H. HEWLETT

EUREKA DEBATING SOCIETY -- This society, consisting of young men who laudably aim to improve their minds, met at Hickman's Hall last evening and discussed the following subject: "Resolved, that Capital Punishment is in accordance with the laws of God and Humanity." It was decided in the affirmative. The following named persons were elected officers for the ensuing term:
E. KALISHER, President
Richard R.F. REIBINSTEIN, Vice President
E.F. WALKER, Secretary
H. LIEGINGER, Treasurer
The following was the subject chosen for debate at the next regular meeting: "Resolved, that the Eight-Hour law is beneficial to mankind."

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, March 21 --
-The sudden death of George C. HARRIMAN, noted yesterday, is stated to have been the result of suicide, from financial difficulties. An inquest is to be held.
-In the case of Robert LYONS, who died while being turned out of the Empire lodging house, the Coroner's Jury found that his death was hastened by James MASON, who ejected him.

WOMAN FOUND DEAD -- The Amador 'Dispatch' of the 20th instant says that a woman named Mrs. CURTIN, who has for some time past been living alone in a house in the upper part of Jackson, was found dead in her house last Tuesday morning, the 16th instant, and was taken charge of and buried by the Coroner at the county's expense. No statement as to the cause of her death has been made, as none of the neighbors appeared to be aware that she was seriously ill.

>>FRIDAY, 26 MAR 1869<<

PERSONAL -- James C. GAGE, for many years a resident of Stockton, and a highly respected citizen, took his departure yesterday afternoon for New York, on a visit to his relatives in that State. He intends to return in about 3 months. We join his many friends in wishing him a safe and pleasant trip.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT -- The Nevada 'Transcript' of March 4th says: On Sunday last, a serious accident occurred at the residence of N. CADWALADER, at Birchville. His wife had been confined on Saturday and she was sleeping while the nurse was holding the little one in her arms. A spirit lamp which was burning in the room caught on fire and the nurse attempted to put it out when the flame caught her clothes. At this juncture, Mrs. CADWALADER awoke, and springing from the bed extinguished the flames. When the excitement subsided she was taken with a severe chill and since that time has been in a critical condition.

>>SATURDAY, 27 MAR 1869<<

DIED -- near Paradise, March 24th, Eliza Jane BYRUM, aged 23 years. Same day, Verda Ellen BYRUM, aged 8 years, 3 month; and Pleasant BYRUM, aged 3 years, 5 months; children of Elijah BYRUM.

NOTICE of DISSOLUTION -- The partnership heretofore existing between F. MEINECKE and C.E. TAYLOR, in the Ferry and Grocery Business, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, F. MEINECKE withdrawing from the business. The business will hereafter be conducted by C.E. TAYLOR, who will collect all bills and pay all claims of the late firm.
March 1st, 1869

ASSAULT and BATTERY -- Yesterday, Ned HEUSTON, of Tulare Township, pleaded guilty before Justice Brush to a charge of assault and battery, preferred by James A. CONNELLY. HEUSTON was fined the sum of $65, which amount he promptly paid. The accused was arrested by Constable Langmaid.

PERSONAL -- John TILTON, for several years engaged in business in this city, takes his departure this afternoon for his former home in the town of Mexico, Oswego county, New York, where his family now reside. Mr. TILTON has been nearly 10 years in California, a large portion of the time having been spent in Stockton, where he leaves many friends who wish him all kinds of good fortune wherever he goes.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, March 26 --
-A man named John B. GALLET, known as 'Squealing Jack,' committed suicide at St. Mary's Hospital by cutting his throat. He went to a window, smashed a pane of glass, and taking one of the fragments inflicted the wound, of which he died in a few minutes. He was laboring under a fit of delirium tremens at the time.
-Jas. MASON, who ejected Robert LYON from the Empire Lodging House, has been held in $2000 bonds to answer on charge of manslaughter.

THE WARD-MOSES CASE -- The 'Bulletin' of March 25th contains the following synopsis of a singular case now pending in San Francisco:

The case of WARD and wife against Dr. B.F. MOSES for the possession of an infant female childe, Lizzie MOSES, aged about 4 years, was heard by Judge McKinstry in Chambers yesterday. From the testimony adduced on the examination, it appears the child is the offspring of Mrs. Adeline WARD nee HOWARD, before her marriage; the reputed father being a young officer of the army, stationed in Nevada. The child was born at Virginia City and by the mother exposed on a stormy night, when but 24 hours old, at the door of Dr. MOSES who compassionating the little waif, took it in and cared for it. Subsequently he ascertained through his wife that a particular friend of her, a Miss Adeline HOWARD, was the mother of the foundling. Mrs. MOSES pleaded that the little stranger might be adopted by them, as they had no children of their own. The papers were made out in due form, and the mother assigned all her rights to the MOSES's.

Subsequently, Miss HOWARD married Mr. WARD, and Dr. MOSES moved first to Portland, Oregon, where he was annoyed by Mrs. WARD, and subsequently to San Francisco, where they were followed by the WARDS. Recently, Mrs. MOSES, who was on familiar terms with WARD, committed suicide, as already noted by us. The WARDs now get out a writ of habeas corpus for the possession of the child which Dr. MOSES has maintained and which the mother abandoned.

BENJAMIN FOUND -- Hector BENJAMIN, the man advertised by the Grass Valley Postmaster as an heir to $23,000, has been found. The 'Record' says: We know BENJAMIN. He is a pioneer of Butte; lived a while in Nevada county, but is now, as we learn from Supervisor TURNER, engaged in mining near Turner's mill, Mountain House District, Bidwell Township. We also learn from Justice John DICK, that BENJAMIN was a partner of his for 5 years, 3 of which they were engaged in mining, and 2 in the Bald Rock Saw Mill. It is supposed that he has been working grub diggings for some time, and that this piece of intelligence will be quite as agreeable as the discovery of a rich pocket. Where will lightning strike next.


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