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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: April 19-24, 1869

Date: April 1869

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>MONDAY, 19 APR 1869<<

MARRIED -- near Visalia, April 7th, by Justice VAN TASSEL; J.M. SAMPSON and Miss L.A. AUSTIN, all of Tulare.

DIED -- near Mariposa, April 7th, James M., son of Mr.&Mrs. J.C. HUMPHREYS, aged 10 months.

DIED -- near Hornitos, April 10th, James, son of Mr.&Mrs. James SIMPSON, aged 2 years, 2 months.

MARIPOSA -- From the 'Mail' of April 15th -- The man found dead a short time since about a mile from Hildreth's ranch, San Joaquin river, with his throat cut, was named James HARRIS, an employee of J.R. JONES, at Converse's Ferry.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, April 18 -- A woman named Catherine THOMPSON was found dead in the Eureka saloon, No. 130 Jackson street, yesterday morning; cause, intemperance. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon her husband, proprietor of the saloon, was found to be suffering from the effects of poison administered by his own hand, as shown by a letter written by him. He cannot possibly recover.

>>TUESDAY, 20 APR 1869<<

BIRTH -- in this city, April 19th, to the wife of C. C----L, of a son.

BIRTH -- in Calaveras county, April 8th [or 9th], to the wife of Charles H. HATCH, of a daughter.

HOOKED by a COW -- The Amador 'Dispatch' of April 17th says: We learn that Mrs. SURFACE, wife of J.W. SURFACE, of Ione City, was run over and hooked by a cow on last Wednesday and was very seriously injured and probably would have been gored to death by the vicious animal, had it not been for the presence and heroism of her daughter, who rushed up and took the cow by the horns and succeeded in driving her away.

>>WEDNESDAY, 21 APR 1869<<

BIRTH -- on the Chowchilla river, Merced county, April 8th, to the wife of C.W. APPLING, of a son.

MARRIED -- in Sacramento, April 19th, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Frederic Charlton; Joseph L. RUSSELL to Emma C. HOWE, both of Sacramento.

DIED -- on the Merced river, April 5th, Louisa Jane, daughter of Samuel and Mary J. GIBSON, aged about 3 years.

FATAL RESULT -- James McNULTY, who was terribly burned in this city on Monday evening, April 12th, died at the County Hospital last evening at half-past 6 o'clock.

>>THURSDAY, 22 APR 1869<<

DIED -- at the County Hospital, near Stockton, April 20th, James McNULTY, a native of Ireland, aged 27 years.

FUNERAL TODAY -- James McNULTY, who died at the County Hospital on Tuesday evening last, was a native of Ireland, aged 27 years. He leaves a wife and 1 child. The funeral will take place from St. Mary's Church at 10 o'clock this morning.

MRS. CONNESS -- The Washington correspondent of the San Francisco 'Chronicle' has the following in his letter of March 25th: The prominent Californians have received the cards of Mr.&Mrs. John CONNESS. The pair were safely married last week at Greenfield, Massachusetts, at the residence of the bride's father, Wendell DAVIS. The lady is an estimable and lovely person, about 22 years of age -- a blonde, with black eyes and a profusion of auburn hair. Several of the Senator's personal and political friends from California went up from Washington to attend the wedding. It is not certain what CONNESS will turn his attention to in the future, but I understand it is more than probably he will return to California during the coming Summer, there to reside.

>>FRIDAY, 23 APR 1869<<

BIRTH -- in Stockton, April 20th, to the wife of D.A. LEARNED, of twins, boy and girl.

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, April 22 --
-8 sailors deserted from the British steamship 'Zealous.' While the officers were at dinner last evening with a party of visitors, they took possession of the visitors' boat. When 50 yards from the ship the guard saw them, fired and hit 1 of them in the forehead, inflicting a slight wound. The boat containing a dozen officers started in pursuit. The deserters reached the wharf and every one escaped. So far none have been retaken.
-A man named Henry BUCKMANN, proprietor of a grocery store, corner of Fourth and Freelon streets, was found dead in bed this morning with the top of his head blown entirely off, it is supposed, with a Colt's revolver which was found lying on his breast.

PAINFUL ACCIDENT -- The 'Examiner' of April 20th says: Mr. Samuel LOWRY, employed in Flint, Peabody & Co.'s stave factory at the Potrero, met with a very serious accident yesterday afternoon. At the time he was engaged in making staves, and held in his hand a piece of oak wood, about 2 feet long, which he was about to slope at the 34-inch circular saw, the piece of wood slipped out of his hand, which was caught by the saw. The fingers were nearly cut off and the palm cut open. Dr. MURPHY found it necessary to amputate 3 of the fingers.

>>SATURDAY, 24 APR 1869<<

BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, April 23 -- Bernard McDONALD, an employe at Monihan & Atkins' boiler works, was killed yesterday by a boiler falling, knocking him down and rolling over him.

OUT of DANGER -- The Oakland 'Transcript' of April 21st says: George F. LYNDE, of Fruit Vale, while on his way to White Pine a short time since, met with a severe and painful accident at Woodbridge. In taking his rifle from the wagon the hammer caught against the seat, exploding the gun, the ball entering the palm of Mr. LYNDE's hand, and traversing the whole length of the forearm, came out at the elbow, inflicting a most terrible wound. The injured man was sent to San Francisco, where he received the necessary surgical attendance. He is now doing well and the danger apprehended of the loss of the arm is now past.


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