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Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton Daily Independent
Contributed by deesar

Description: June 1-5, 1869

Date: June 1869

Newspaper published in: Stockton, San Joaquin Co.

>>TUESDAY, 1 JUN 1869<<

MARRIED -- in this city, at the Weber House, May 31st, by Rev. J.H. MADDUX; P.J. GLASSCOCK to Mrs. H.M. HAMMOND.

MARRIED -- in Paradise, May 26th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. E.A. WIBLE; C.H. HUFFMAN to Miss Laura E. KIRKLAND.

DIED -- in this city, May 31st, Joseph Albert COTTLE, brother to Melville COTTLE, aged 26 years, 5 months. [Funeral will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10 o'clock a.m. from the First Presbyterian Church. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.]

>>WEDNESDAY, 2 JUN 1869<<

-Thomas CANTWELL had a thumb cut off by an accident on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad yesterday.
-Johnny FRENCH, a sporting gent, died with small-pox at Elko on Friday.
-Daniel KEEFE, an employee on the V.&T. Railroad, was found dead in his bed Sunday morning; death caused by an overdose of laudanum, self-administered.

>>THURSDAY, 3 JUN 1869<<

BIRTH -- at Lockeford, May 29th, to the wife of Dr. D.J. LOCKE, of a son.

>>FRIDAY, 4 JUN 1869<<

MARRIED -- at St. John's (Episcopal) Church, in this city, June 3d, by Rev. W.P. TUCKER; Walter A. CHITTENDEN to Miss Cornelia DELL, both of Stockton. [Mr. CHITTENDEN and his estimable young bride have our best wishes. The brightest and the best jewel in the crown on manhood is a good wife, and we are pleased to know that such an invaluable prize has fallen to the lot of Walter.]

MAN DROWNED -- A correspondent of the 'Evening Herald,' writing from Tuolumne City under date of June 1st, says: A young man by the name of HAVENAUGH [2nd A is iffy], 21 years of age, was drowned last Saturday, in a slough near the north bank of the Tuolumne river about a mile from Tuolumne City. The family, who live on the plains south of Paradise, were on a blackberrying excursion, when the young man undertook to swim the slough and get a boat that was on the opposite bank. When he was 15 or 20 yards from the shore, he was taken with cramps and was almost immediately drowned. His mother was on the shore and saw him go down, but was powerless to render any assistance. A man present did go in, but came near meeting with the same fate. I wish I could give his name. Justice Walden held an inquest on the body, when the facts elicited were in accordance with the statement. The mother when brought where the body lady, exclaimed, "Dead! My son dead!" It was a sad, sorrowful sight to see a fond mother and a doting sister weeping over their only son and brother, who but a few hours previous stood before them in the pride of early manhood. It melted the stoutest hearts present." The writer cautions all persons against entering deep slough, particularly at this season of the year, as they are deadly cold beneath the surface.

SHOCKING HOMICIDE -- Shortly after 12 o'clock yesterday, Judge George BELT, of Merced county, was shot and killed by Wm. DENNIS, of this city, on Centre street, in front of A.S. JACKSON & Co.'s office. The tidings of the tragedy soon spread extensively throughout the city, and but a short time passed after the sad affair transpired, before a large crowd had assembled at the scene of the homicide, every one manifesting eagerness to see the body, and ascertain, if possible, the cause of the shooting. Various rumors prevailed in regard to the matter, all showing that an old and bitter enmity had [illeg] between the parties for years. As the case will undergo a rigid legal investigation, and not desiring in any manner whatever to bias public sentiment in regard to it, we refrain from giving any of the vague and unsubstantiated rumors prevailing, but await the testimony of those cognizant of the facts in the matter. Coroner Bond soon arrived at the scene and took charge of the remains of Judge BELT. The Coroner, in removing the hand of deceased from his coat pocket found firmly held in its grasp a loaded derringer pistol. On the body was a bowie knife apparently new and a new scabbard. DENNIS, it is claimed, fired the fatal ball from a revolving pistol. The ball entered about 2 inches [illeg] deceased's left ear, severed the spinal column, ranged upwards and is supposed to have lodged in the brain. The remains were removed to the office of the Coroner, on Weber avenue, and the following jury of inquest summoned and sworn:
C.G. [illeg]
Patrick TYE
Benjamin CHADSEY

After examining the body, further investigation was postponed until this morning at 10 o'clock, when witnesses will be examined. Deceased was an old pioneer. He was the [illeg] that [illeg] and established a [illeg] in Stockton, having arrived in 18?8, and located his [illeg] on the corner of El Dorado and Levee streets; there occupying 2 lots given to him by Captain WEBER. Mr. DENNIS has been a resident of this city for many years, and is an extensive property holder. [illeg] sad affair should have occurred is [illeg] deeply deplored by the entire community, [illeg] the cause of much sorrow [illeg] intimate friends of both parties. Mr. DENNIS was arrested by Chief of Police FLETCHER and placed in jail.

>>SATURDAY, 5 JUN 1869<<

MARRIED -- at the residence of Major T. BITHER, Castoria, June 2d, by Rev. G. WOLF; John J. BAY [or RAY] to Miss Eleanor J. WILBORN.

FUNERAL TODAY -- The remains of Judge G.G. BELT will be interred in the Rural Cemetery this afternoon. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased are invited to attend the funeral at 3 o'clock p.m. from the office of Coroner Bond, on Weber avenue. The body has been placed in a metallic coffin, and those friends who called and could not obtain a sight of the body yesterday, can see the remains today any time before 3 o'clock.

CORONER'S INQUEST -- The jury, which had been summoned and sworn and had examined the body of Judge BELT the previous evening, [illeg] at the office of M.H. BOND, County Coroner, yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, when the following testimony was obtained:

LEVI [illeg], sworn: Yesterday (Thursday), about 12 o'clock, Mr. OVERHISER and I were walking by Mr. JACKSON's store; as we were walking past the door going towards Main street, Mr. BELT passed in front of us, angling across the sidewalk, with Mr. JACKSON and another man -- one on each side of him. I saw Mr. DENNIS about 3 or 5 feet to my right and a little ahead of me, on the sidewalk, near some sacks; I saw Mr. DENNIS present a pistol and he pointed it at Mr. BELT and fired it; I saw the deceased fall on the sidewalk, his head a little off the walk; deceased pitched forward on his right side -- his right hand in his pocket and his left across his back; Mr. DENNIS then walked from the sacks towards the deceased, on the south side, within 8 or 10 feet of him; I think at the time he (DENNIS) fired, he said "damn you!" Mr. OVERHISER said to DENNIS, "For God's sake, DENNIS, what are you doing?" or "What do you mean?" Mr. DENNIS then walked off with Mr. NYE; I did not see the deceased stir hand or foot, after he fell; Mr. DENNIS was within 4 or 5 feet of the deceased when he fired, and south and west of him -- a little behind; I do not think Mr. BELT saw DENNIS when DENNIS fired.

WILLIAM WOODS, sworn: Yesterday about 15 minutes past 12 o'clock p.m., I was in Mr. DELL's furniture store, on Centre street, when I heard the report of a pistol; went to the door and saw a man lying on the sidewalk bleeding profusely from a wound on the side of his head, below the left ear; I saw a man that they called DENNIS, standing next to the deceased's head, with a pistol in his right hand, striking his breast, "I am the one that done it," and then said, "I have given him what I promised him;" a short time after he said, "I will go and give myself up;" DENNIS then walked up the street, in company with another man.

JOHN S. [illeg], Sr., sworn: I know the deceased; his name is George Gordon BELT; I have known him about 35 years; he is from Baltimore, Maryland; he has a brother living in Baltimore, named Thomas R. BELT, M.D., and I think his father lives in the same place; his aged is 47 years; he has been residing in Merced county in this State; he has a family residing there; about 12 o'clock yesterday (Thursday, June 3, 1869), Messrs. BELT, McFARLAND and JACKSON were sitting and talking in Mr. JACKSON's store, on Centre street, in this city; I remarked if they would go across the street, they would get a good lunch; in a few moments the 3 started out, passing me and crowding me in the door and against a bale of sacks, Mr. BELT being in the middle -- Mr. JACKSON on 1 side and Mr. McFARLAND on the other; they walking quartering up and across the sidewalk; I saw Mr. DENNIS for the 1st time, on this occasion, walking past and opposite me and quartering and behind the deceased; I saw DENNIS put both hands to his left side and draw a pistol, which he presented at the deceased and fired; I do not think he was over 2 feet from me or the deceased, when he fired; I cannot tell which hand he had the pistol in; I saw Mr. BELT fall; I afterwards saw DENNIS changing the cylinder of his pistol, walk around by the feet of the deceased (or between his feet and the wall), and go on the south side of him; some one spoke at this moment and said, "Who done this?" DENNIS answered, "I did it" then slapped his hand on his breast 2 or 3 times, and said "I am the man that did it."

[illeg] A. JACKSON, sworn: When I came to the office yesterday morning, I found Judge BELT here; after a few minutes' talk [illeg] left the office, [illeg] be back soon; shortly after [illeg] walking up the street, in the [illeg] of the Weber House; when opposite D[illeg] & Black's store, corner of Main and [illeg] streets, Mr. HAMPTON called [illeg] and said that he understood that DENNIS had made some threats through or by in[illeg] and thought Judge BELT ought to be put on his guard; I walked up Main street when near the Odd Fellows' Building, I saw Judge BELT on the sidewalk, and told him, from what I could learn, DENNIS had made some threats; and that probably it would be as well for him to prepare himself, only as a matter of defense if DENNIS should [illeg] him; BELT answered that he did not [illeg] was any danger (or something to that effect), and that he had a Derringer, which I think he said he always carried in his pocket; I then started down Main street, toward my office; Judge BELT remarked, "hold on, I will go with you;" when near the Theater Building, he remarked that he had been having his pistol re-loaded; we then walked down El Dorado street to a gunsmith shop to unload and re-load his pistol; after this, we came out of the gunsmith shop; I went to my office and Judge BELT went up El Dorado street; all of the above took place between the hours of 11 o'clock a.m. and 12; about 15 or 20 minutes afterward, Judge BELT came into my office; we sat down in company with Mr. McFARLAND and talked about matters in general. Mr. BARNEY came in and remarked that there was a good lunch over at Smithson's; I then proposed that we go over and take lunch; we all got up and started, angling across the sidewalk in the direction of the place mentioned; I think McFARLAND was on Judge BELT's right and on his left, BELT being in the center; I happened to look around to my left and saw DENNIS with a pistol in his hand; I think he was 6 or 8 feet from us; almost in an instant I heard the discharge of a pistol, and Judge BELT fell instantly on the sidewalk; I then stepped toward his head, saw the bullet hole under his left ear, and remarked that he was dead; about that time I saw DENNIS on the opposite or upper side of deceased, with a pistol in his hand; some one asked who did that; DENNIS remarked, [large section illeg]

CHIEF OF POLICE W.F. FLETCHER, sworn: Yesterday about noon, Mr. BROWN told me that a man was shot; I saw the crowd on Centre street, in front of Mr. JACKSON's store; Mr. [illeg] told me that "Old man DENNIS has shot a man;" I followed after DENNIS and found him with Mr. NYE; Mr. NYE made the remark that he (DENNIS) was going to give himself up; I stepped up by the side of DENNIS and we went to Judge Brush's office; I then took DENNIS home to dinner; at his home, I asked him for his pistol, when he gave it to me; after dinner, I took him back to the office of Judge Brush; when at the house, DENNIS showed me a letter that he wrote to G.G. BELT; it stated that BELT owed him some money -- I think about $5000, and gave Judge BELT notice to pay the amount by the 1st of April; it stated the [illeg] of several persons that BELT had [illeg] out of their wages or money, and [illeg] had got no such person to deal [illeg]with him; DENNIS told me that it was purely a question or circumstance [illeg] which went first, as BELT had [illeg] against him.

After [illeg] the wound in the neck [illeg] of the deceased, Dr. HUDSON was called and made the following written statement "a pistol ball penetrated the head near the [illeg] of the left ear, [illeg], and then severing the spinal cord, at or near the base of the skull, and [illeg] under the [illeg] of the right side. The course of the ball was a little upward and backward -- nearly an inch from a horizontal line."

The testimony being closed, the jury returned the following verdict:

"We, the jurors summoned to inquire into the cause of the death of George G. BELT, do find that he came to his death on the 3d day of June, A.D. 1869, on Centre street, in the city of Stockton, about 15 minutes after 12 o'clock, noon; and we further find William DENNIS to be the person by whose act the death of the said George G. BELT was occasioned, he having shot said G.G. BELT with a pistol."

DISTRICT COURT -- SHAW vs. SHAW -- decree of divorce ordered entered

-Estate of James V. PETERS, deceased -- petition for Letters of Administration; notices ordered
-Estate of Benjamin McDONALD, deceased --petition for Letters of Administration granted, on filing bonds in the sum of $500. J.C. HALL, M. LANGLEY and Wm. SMITH were appointed appraisers.
-Estate of Theordore SMELLINGBERG, deceased -- decree entered settling final account; publication of notice to creditors ordered

YOUNG EAGLES -- Yesterday, Charles TUREMAN, of the Weber House, purchased 2 young bald eagles from a Chinaman. He paid $20 for the pair. 2 of the same kind of birds were purchased by Mr. BARKER, one of the proprietors of El Dorado Market.

DROWNED in BLOOM'S LAKE -- The Sacramento 'Union' of June 3d says: A boy named L.A. GEORGE, aged about 16 years, was drowned in Bloom's Lake, near Georgetown, Sacramento county, about 5 o'clock p.m., of Tuesday last, in consequence of his giving out while attempting to swim the lake in company with 3 men. His companions did their best to save him, but unsuccessfully. The body was found about 9 o'clock yesterday morning.

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