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The Pennsylvania Gazette
The Pennsylvania Gazette
Contributed by Susan

Description: Remarkable Instances of Longevity

Date: July 5 1786

Newspaper published in: Philadelphia, Pa.

Remarkable Instances of Longevity

Thomas PARRE, of Shropshire, died on the 16th of November 1635, aged 152. James BOWELS, of Killinworth, in Shropshire, died the 15th of August 1656, aged 152. ANONYMOUS, of Yorkshire, aged 140, and his son, aged 100, were both living, and attended to give evidence at York Assize, in 1664.

F. SAGAR, of Lancashire, died in January 1668, aged 112.

Henry JENKINS, of Yorkshire, died on the 8th of December 1670, aged 169.

Robert MONTGOMERY, of Yorkshire, was living in 1670, aged 126. Countess of Desmond, Ireland, aged 140. Mr. ECLESTON, of Ireland, died in 1691, aged 143. Mr. LAWRENCE, of Scotland, living, aged 140.

Mary GORE, born at Collinworth, in Yorkshire, lived 100 years in Ireland and died at Dublin in 1727, aged 125.

Mr. ELLIS, of Surrey, died about 1748, aged 137. Simon SACK, of Trionia, died on the 30th of May 1761, aged 141.

Col. Thomas WINSLOE, of Ireland, died on the 12th of August 1766, aged 156.

Francis CONSIST, of Yorkshire, died in January 1768, aged 150.

Francis BONS, of France, died on the 6th of February 1769, aged 124. Christopher Jacob DRAKENBERG, of Norway, a boatswain in the Danish navy, died on the 24th of June 1770, aged 146. Margaret FORSTER, of Cumberland, aged 136, and her daughter 100, were both living in 1770.

William MORTON, at Dalzell, near Hamilton, in Scotland, died in 1771, aged 179. It is remarkable, that several years before his death he ordered one Archibald BROWNLIE, a carpenter, to make his coffin; and, to prove his affection, he would never sleep without it was placed on the top of his bed. His dog, named Barti, assisted at the funeral, which brought his grey hairs with sorrow to the grave.

John TICE, of Worcestershire, died in March 1774, aged 125.

John MOUNT, of Scotland, died on the 27th of February 1776, aged 136.

A goldsmith, of France, died in June 1776, aged 140. Mary Yates, of Shropshire, died in 1776, aged 128. John BROOKLEY, of Devonshire, living in 1777, aged 134.

Miss ELLIS, daughter of Mr. ELLIS, of Surrey, died in 1781, aged 104. Mr. FROOME, of Holms-chapel, in Cheshire, died in May last, aged 125. Mary McDONALD, county of Down, in Ireland, died on the 16th of June last, aged 118. Mary CAMERON, of Invernesshire, in Scotland, died in July last, aged 130.

Gen. OGLETHORPE died in August last, aged 103.

Miss ELLIS, of Richmond in Surrey, living on the 16th of August last, aged 105. Mr. ROWE, at Nutwell House, in Scotland, died in August last, aged 106. Donald McKEEN, of Argyleshire, in Scotland died in September last, aged 109.

John BUTTON, of Liverpool, died on the 18th of November last, the oldest burgess of that borough upon record; he lived in six reigns, being born in the reign of James II. Mr. SMITH, a farmer, at Dolver, in Montgomeryshire, died in November last, aged 103. He was never known to drink any thing but buttermilk. John FOLLART, woolcomber, at Norney, near the city of Exeter, living and in good health on the 30th of November last, aged 121. He works still at his business, and retains his faculties.

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