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Description: Embezzlement Page 4

Date: June 23 1907

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C., USA

Washington Times June 23, 1907 Embezzlement Page 4

Jones, Now in Prison at Atlanta, Tells of Robbery.
Charlotte, N. C., June 22 - In a statement given out here, Franc H. JONES, who has begun a six-year sentence in the Federal prison of Atlanta for robbing the Charlotte National Bank, says that demands made by his distressed mother for needed funds for his invalid father led him to take the first fatal step. Once started he said he could never recover, sinking deeper and deeper in debt.
One day recognized in the best social circles of the city, looked upon as a leader in church affairs, the moving spirit in the Y. M. C. A. work, former Sunday school superintendent of one of the largest Sunday schools in the city, and the next day the object of everybody’s condemnation, sought by officers of the law, and fleeing as a “thief in the night,” with funds of the bank that had given him employment for years - such is the story of franc H. JONES.

Jones Tells the Story.

To a court room, crowded to the limit and in the presence of many ladies. Jones related the story of his life and of its end in disgrace and crime. He traced inch by inch, degree by degree, the evolution of his theft, from the time he first began to speculate with the bank’s funds until the night of march 16, when he fled covertly from the city, leaving the bank short in the extent of about $80,000. The story he told to the court was full of sensational statements, and chiefly because of his testimony, implicating Perry FONVILLE and C. B. BELL, former bucketshop men., warrants have been issued for these two, and they are out on $10,000 and $5,000 bonds, respectively, now, awaiting their trials for complicity with JONES in the embezzlement.

Left Wife Sick.

When JONES left Charlotte the night of the 16th of March, he left his wife sick in the Presbyterian Hospital. Nothing was heard of him by the general public until later, after traveling in twenty-six States and riding 10,000 miles, he, in company with his attorney, C. D. BENNETT, and his wife, returned to the city from Appalachicola, Fla., and surrendered to the authorities.
JONES estimated that his losses were between $70,000 and $75,000, and declared the night he left Charlotte he carried with him only $7,000. During the progress of the trial this week JONES returned $5,000 to the bank, saying that he had spent the other $2,000 while away. JONES declares he resolved to return and surrender after he had been away ten days, but that he delayed in order to hear of his wife’s condition.

Secret Services Men’s Work.

The Government Secret Service men were hot on his trail when he returned, and would have arrested him the day after he left, at Appalachicola, Fla., had he still been there.
After JONES had made his statement he was followed on the stand by his aged and heart-broken mother and wife, both of whom corroborated his story, and testified in his behalf.
JONES has lived in Charlotte for twenty years, coming here from Franklin county, N. C. He is thirty-four years of age, and has a wife and three children.

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